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Did Colin told you guys anything more about captain swan besides the scarf scene and the bed scene? Thank you for everything!

During panels:

What was going through Killian’s mind when Emma said I love you

Colin’s opinion on Emma and Killian watching the sunset from The Jolly Roger

If Hook and Emma had a baby, what would be his/her name?

Which song would Hook sing for Emma?

During his M&G in the second day of the con:

Colin answered if he knew from the beginning that Hook would be with Emma

Story about the bed scene being improvised by Jen

Colin commented on his improvisation on the scarf scene at the top of the beanstalk

Colin said that Killian would have wanted to say I love you back to Emma

Colin’s opinion on Coward!Hook possibly thinking Henry was his and Emma’s son

What does Colin think Killian loves the most about Emma