Kiki aka #MiniHeatherWebber #HeatherWebber #GeneralHospital #GHObservation

I’m loving how #GH is making the new Kiki seem like a young #heatherwebber with the whole attacking Nina & then her aunt suggesting she should get a career in cosmetics (makeup is art/Franco’s an artist & so is Heather) & then her love for Kelly’s BLTs. I wonder what’s GH is going to do next that make her seem more Heather like.

The #GH3 have Returned!

So today #MichaelEaston , #KristenAlderson , and #RogerHowarth returned at the end of today’s episode!

I was so excited to find out who the actors would be playing, and I can’t wait to know for sure!

So first on our screens was Michael Easton’s new character. Sam walked into a Hospital in Manhattan NY, trying to help Carly look for her son Morgan. Sam and Carly decided to split up to cover more ground, and decided to ask for help from a doctor. But this doctor wasn’t just another person to Sam. This doctor (Michael Easton’s new character) drained the color from Sam’s face and left her in shock.

So all we know so far is that Michael Easton’s new character is a doctor, who Sam believes to be the supposedly dead Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay. (As is obvious by the 5/14/13 promo) But the question is, is he? or isn’t he?

Next on our screens was Kristen Alderson’s new character. Moments after Sam and Carly showed up at the hospital looking for Morgan, it was revealed that Morgan had snuck out behind Michael’s back. Michael started to get angry that his brother, was once again trying to hide from his family and returned to the place he found his brother injured. (The apartment of Ava Jerome (( AKA The mother of Lauren Frank)) where he was hiding out) Michael began banging on the door expecting Morgan to be the one on the other side. But when the door opened (Kristen Alderson’s new character (Most likely Lauren Frank) Michael was greeted by a girl.

So all we know so far is Kristen Alderson dyed her hair brown for the new role, and that she answered the door at Ava Jerome’s apartment.

And finally on our screens was Roger Howarth’s new character. AJ and Tracy had finally made it to “The Chew” and were being judged to see which relish was better. But as soon as the results were in, before they could be read, “The Chew” became The Puke! Tracy and AJ began bickering over whose relish caused the foul twist as the rest of the cast took for the bathroom. In the next scene Elizabeth became sick as well after eating the poison relish and ran out of the green room with Nikolas following close behind. A man then was shown walking down the hallway,  entering the green room and then locked the door behind. The man (Roger Howarth’s new character) began to watch the disaster of an episode and smiled a smile that could only mean trouble.

So all we know so far is that Roger Howarth’s new character has something to do with the tainted relish disaster.

What do you think of think of the new characters so far?

Todd and Blair, 8/5/13
  • T:Something to tell you.
  • B:Okay. What?
  • T:We're doomed.
  • B:Don't joke.
  • T:Why not? It's just something I do. It's my tell. Like you, you put your hair behind your ear.
  • B:You do that when you're lying.
  • T:I do that when I'm hurting.
  • B:It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay, Todd. It will. Everything you've done, for me, for the family, I'm happy, I haven't seen this Todd, ever, something I never thought would happen, I mean the self-sacrificing Todd . . .
  • T:Sure, now who's telling jokes?
  • B:I have hope that fate has another ending for us. I do.
  • [kiss. shows hands with wedding bands]
  • [Later, at door]
  • B:Todd . . .
  • T:Nothing to say. I love you, Blair Manning.
  • B:I love you, Todd Manning. I always have, and I always will.

Amazing new video.  Wow.