roger's laugh tho

You've heard of gal pals now get ready for:

your pal, your buddy, your bucky


While everyone was getting their Laser Packs on you walk up to Clint.

“Hey Birdie, your aim is good right? Wanna team up?” 

“Nice try, (Y/N), I know you will always say that and then shoot me repeatedly,” pulling out his gun he walks out towards the door.

“So, you have to shoot the packs? Does it hurt the person?” Steve questions Tony.

“Yes and no it doesn’t hurt. It will hurt all of you when I am the victor,” he stares at everyone, “Sure thing Stark but we all know who is going to be the real winner here.”

Looking over at Natasha you see a smirk on her face, she mumbles something indecipherable under her breath. 

3…2…1…. Lights off!