roger zelanzy,

It’s not the unicorn playing chess that I object to, but the smug douche bag he’s playing against.

Also: What’s up with the towel over the unicorn’s shoulder?  Is he the barkeep and that’s for “cleaning” the glasses?  If so how does he do that with hooves? Maybe he’s just keeping it there so he can surrender?

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I found some wonderful books today!

Stuff by Roger Zelanzy:

  • Sign of Chaos
  • Blood of Amber
  • Prince of Chaos
  • Hand of Oberon
  • Sign of the Unicorn
  • The Guns of Avalon
  • Trumps of Doom
  • The court of Chaos

Most are From the Nine Princess in Amber books, and a few are from the adjoining series after it, which is about Corwin’s son, Merlin. They are really hard to find, and I was so giddy~

I also found “Reaper Man”, by Terry Pratchett. I am doing a tiny happy dance! It was like less than two bucks to fill up my book bag, and I think I found some valuable plates to sell there too!

The stars blazed like the love of God, cold and distant.

Roger Zelanzy, Isle of the Dead

I didn’t realize it until now, but “Far Beyond the Stars” (one of the best episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) used to be titled “The Cold and Distant Stars” after this quote. It makes sense it was going to be named that, since it was about a science fiction writer who seeks to grasp something larger than himself, to extend beyond the boundaries of the time.