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petvengers: bucky and steve get sucked into the Grid and meet Tron and Quorra, also in pet style?

Like there was any remote chance I wouldn’t be tempted by this prompt :D 

As for animals of choice (as far as animals work for technically aliens from world with no animals in it, but who cares for logic when it comes to petvengers. rule of cute overrules everything else)  Quorra with her bob-cut ended up as bob-cat because I’m an idiot. besides cat theme fits her. With added bonus of wild animals for ISOs and domesticated ones for Programs. Kinda makes sense to me?

With that line of thought Tron would be obviously guard dog. First default guard dog thought was German Sheppard but upon further review that could suggest solid police work and Tron, honey, you did your best but just no

Holiday’s With The Rogers

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing

A/N: This a Blue Stick Holiday Story, just for fun. Hope you enjoy

A series of Winter Related Fluffy, Snow filled Fics. Short little drabbles, each with different pairs, and plots.

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“Sam be careful with her!” You point at him as your daughter sits on his shoulders clapping her hands ready to put ordainment’s on the tree.

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If you love someone

Request: You’re dating Daveed and playing Eliza, and Lin is pining for you like nobody’s business.

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader, Daveed Diggs x reader

Warnings: piiiiining, drunkenness 

Word count: 2,187

A/N: let’s hear it for day five (sorry it’s published on day six because life got in the way) of the @hamwriters​ writeathon… also known as “reverse pov” day. title from the Sting song “if you love somebody set them free”

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Lin didn’t fall in love with you right away. When you auditioned for the ensemble, he was pleased with your skills and your potential. When you became fast friends with everyone and started to turn up in whatever dressing room the cast was crashing in during the afternoon, he laughed and got to know you. When you became the alternate for the Schuyler sisters, he was a little nervous, but you never seemed to be needed on the nights he was there.

When Pippa decided to take a month off, making you the full-time Eliza, he realised he was screwed.

The night of the first performance, Lin was uncharacteristically nervous. Groff sauntered into his room about an hour before places, most of his costume on though his hair was still brown and loose. “Hey,” he grinned and flopped on Lin’s couch, “you look nervous.”

“No more than usual,” Lin insisted, gaze fixed on the video game he was playing. Groff picked up a controller and joined in, a little player two has entered the game notification flashing at the corner of the screen.

Groff smoothly vaulted over an obstacle and grabbed the coins stashed there. “Is it Y/N?” he asked conversationally. Lin promptly dropped his control. He scrambled for it, swearing as his character was killed. Groff laughed, “How apt.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Lin said resolutely, quickly regenerating his character. His slight blush gave him away and Groff smirked triumphantly.

“Someone has a cru-ush,” he said in a sing-song voice. Lin shoved him lightly.

“I do not have a crush,” he said, “Crushes are for high-schoolers.” He just enjoyed your company, had grown used to having you curled up in a corner, reading or chatting. You were kind and funny and of course he liked you. Just not like that, right?

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Charity Christmas

Pairing: Steve x Reader

A/N: A series of Winter Related Fluffy, Snow filled Fics. Short little drabbles, each with different pairs, and plots.

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“Pepper look at you!” You squeal with joy as Pepper and Stark make their way to you and Steve. Pepper grins at you, a hand on the large bump she has grown under her black dress, her red hair hanging down her shoulders, Stark’s hand on the small of her back as he leads her through the throng of people.

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Cool! Another One Piece blog! Any cute or funny Headcanons for Shanks when he was a kid on Rodger's boat?


Kid Shanks on Roger’s crew:

  • “the weathers pretty neat, and we got some simply treasure- HEY, SHANKS GIVE US BACK THAT-”
  • once they found old baguettes in their kitchen, Shanks ended up using them as weapons to attack enemies. no one took him seriously until they got whacked in the nuts with an overdue baguette.
  • his laugh will haunt you. everywhere. in the dead of the night, you can literally hear his wheezing. no one knows why.
  • “hey, where’s that prick Shanks?”
  • “he’s at a bar.”
  • really liked to dance around the deck, not the ballerina or ball type of dancing, extreme dancing where paces around the whole fucking ship.
  • has a habit of screaming “hell” whenever he stretches. he stretches throughout the day and everyone is suffering.
  • Shanks cannot find anything. he lost his shirt once, while he was wearing it.

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Even years after coming out of the ice, Steve frequently has moments where he just can't seem to get warm. The Avengers decide to fix this by learning how to knit and making him nice warm soft things.

Steve doesn’t think much of them in the beginning. The random pair of knitted socks that appear in his living room. Clint knits more often than he expected, so he just chalked it up to Clint trying to be a good friend. Steve definitely appreciates it. In fact, he wears them to sleep.

This one is purple with white stripes. He makes sure to stop by the shooting range to thank Clint.

The next item to appear is a big, soft dark green scarf that seems to warm his entire torso…a day after he found the striped socks. There’s no way Clint could have knitted this scarf in a day. Right?

He finds Clint in the kitchen this time and believes Clint when he says he’s not going through some massive crisis of mind. Steve mulls over his next move before it hits him to ask JARVIS.

He stops by Natasha’s floor with flowers and waffles from Clint’s favorite diner the next day…and comes back to a bright red and gold sweater waiting for him inside of a large Captain America paper bag on his coffee table.

Steve can’t stop the smile that settles on his face.

“So, is everyone knitting now?” Steve leans on Tony’s desk as the mechanic sketches on his tablet.

Tony’s nose wrinkles in slight disgust. “God, no. Stitch knit that sweater for you.”

“Your robot?”


“And why did your robot knit a sweater for me?”

Tony sighs and looks up from his tablet. “You think we didn’t notice JARVIS turning up the heat in every room you walked into? This way, we didn’t have to suffer with you, Cap.”

Steve smiles. “Thanks, Tony.”

Color rushes to Tony’s cheek. Steve couldn’t resist kissing one cheek…and leaving Tony Stark behind with his mouth hanging open.

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Just kind of curious, what do you guys think about an AU where some (or maybe all) akuma victims have retained their powers to some degree even after being purified? Am I the only one who thinks an AU like that would be pretty awesome? By the way, I really love this blog and all the stuff you guys post. Keep up the good work!~

Aw, that’s so sweet of you to say! At the moment, it’s only me who’s running this blog. And yes. Totally. I saw a post like this a while ago (I can’t find it) and it was really cute and I really want to do my own take on it and stuff.

Honestly, I think that how much power remains in them is relative to how long they were akumatized. Stormy Weather wasn’t akumatized that long - maybe fifteen-twenty minutes, whereas Robocop and the Evillustrator were akumatized for several hours.

Okay I’m only going to do a few, if that’s oka.y

  • Stormy Weather - She is more in tune with the weather. She can tell when the weather is about to change and can accurately predict what is coming. She feels more at home in the cold.
  • Copycat - Imitating people is easy for him. He can do voices and expressions so well that it’s actually kind of scary.
  • Time Breaker - after being akumatized, Alix’s already astounding reflexes got even better. Time seems to slow down around her when she wants it to, and the seconds tick by even more slowly for her than for the average person. You know how they say that time flies when you’re having fun? That doesn’t really apply to Alix anymore. She can savor every moment that she chooses, and she can let time speed right by her if she wants it to.
  • Mr. Pigeon - Xavier Ramier was able to communicate with his pigeons pretty well before, but now he can practically tell what they are thinking. He can understand his pigeon pals perfectly.
  • Pharaoh - Nothing really changed for him. He was already immersed in the history of Egypt, so when he started to understand hieroglyphs as well as he could read French, he honestly didn’t notice until he happened to look at an “untranslatable scroll” and told his father what it said.
  • Robocop - He becomes, I don’t know, more commanding I guess. People end up doing what he tells them to do, regardless of whether they want to or not. Generally they want to, because he radiates a type of energy that just makes people want to listen to him. But he never takes advantage of that.
  • Evillustrator - He gets a better understanding of how 3D models work. His drawing skills rapidly improve and it’s easier for him to visualize images in his head and replicate them on paper


“S’gonna rain, Steve! And I really think I was faster on foot!”

“If you can keep up, we’ll be home before we get wet. And we are on foot!”

“Ok, it may sound like a diabolical cliche these days to say that Patrick Macnee is John Steed, so I’ll go one better: after reading his autobiography, I’m convinced that John Steed is also, in large measure, Patrick Macnee.”

(Geoff Barlow and Dave Rogers, The Weather Merchants, 1989).


Rest in Peace, Daniel Patrick Macnee.

6th February 1922 - 25th June 2015


The man who promoted on-screen equality with dignity and gentlemanly grace. You have always been such an influence to many people.

But you will be hugely missed by me.


So, according to today’s New York Times, this wretched winter is the coldest February since 1934.

1934. *coughs*

Where, you know, Steve would have been fifteen with terrible asthma and apparently a nonexistent immune system, his Ma working extra hours at the ward for money just to get by, because FDR might have had the first 100 days of magic in 1933, but it sure ain’t done any good in the Brooklyn slums yet, a few months down the line.

And Bucky is barely sixteen, had started tenth grade in the fall even though their school stopped at ninth, because Mrs. Rogers had gotten into it with Bucky’s Da, who thought his only son would do more for the Barnes name at the docks and not sitting in a classroom. Mrs. Rogers had dumped his Da’s whiskey down the sink, stuck her face right in Mr. Barnes’ reddened nose and fetid breath, closer than Bucky ever dared to get. “You have seen that boy’s report cards, haven’t you?” she demanded, with the lilt Steve hadn’t inherited, her cheeks flushed. “He’s smarter than every other child in that school. And if you’re too blind to see that, George, then I’ll march the lad home with me right now, and find the money to send him on to college.” And when George Barnes started guffawing at the idea of poor, widowed Sarah Rogers having enough money for anything more than laundry soap and doctor’s bills, Mrs. Rogers had done just that.

But now it’s February, and Steve hasn’t been to school in over a month, Bucky reviewing most of ninth grade (and some of eighth that Stevie missed the year before) in the evenings when he comes home. And he’s delivering milk in the mornings, even though it’s frozen solid some days, and so is he, and Mrs. Rogers is working herself ragged, hiding a cough she thinks that Bucky can’t see … but there’s still not enough money for coal, and baby Gracie had told Bucky last week that their Da had lost another job, and their Mam was too sick to take in sewing.

Stevie’s the only one who’s not freezing, and that’s just because his temperature is over 102.

It’s February, 1934, and some days Bucky thinks none of them will make it to spring.