roger waters birthday


“Us and Them” by Pink Floyd

The Dark Side of the Moon (1973)


“People have said to me very often in the past, “Why do you write such dark songs?” And I want to shake them and say, “Are you insane? You think that artists get to choose what work they do?” We don’t get to choose. It’s there before us and we pick up the brush and paint … It’s there, something is inside you and there is a need to express it.”
♡ Happy Birthday, Roger Waters! (6 September 1943)


Happy 73rd birthday, Roger Waters!  Here to speak intelligently about Waters, I give you this stamp enthusiast’s Floyd enthusiast friend’s take on Waters and Pink Floyd (despite, as he says, how difficult it is “to write a blurb that’s short and blunt about someone with whom I’ve shared my life almost daily since I was a child…”):

George Roger Waters was born in Great Bookham on September sixth in 1943.  His father died in Anzio in February 1944.  This loss informed much of Roger’s lyrical content throughout his career.  Playing bass, he teamed up with Syd Barrett, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason in 1965 to form Pink Floyd.  Their first album, Piper at the Gates of Dawn (top left stamp), was well received.  David Gilmour joined the band after Syd suffered a mental breakdown and left, never to return. Syd continued to inspire some of the finest songs and albums of Pink Floyd.

Moderately successful releases followed but mainstream acceptance eluded them until Dark Side of the Moon (second row stamp), a concept album which remains one of the most popular records of all time.  Producing records with songs that explored common themes and ideas became part of the band’s identity, even after Roger split from the group.  It was a bitter departure but fans still hope for a reunion.

There is no denying Roger Waters is one of the greatest songwriters and wordsmiths in the history of rock and roll.  Soothing, cerebral music combined with pure poetry are why many label Roger a true genius.

Stamp details:
Issued on: July 7, 2016
From: London, England