roger troutman


A Michael Jackson emergency: in 1985 Michael sought out the guitarist on the song “Dancefloor” by Zapp, who was Roger Troutman, who did end up doing some work on the Bad album with MJ, reportedly on a demo version of Smooth Criminal.

Roger, Spin, 1988:

“Michael Jackson called me to work on Bad. He said he was impressed with my song ‘The Dance Floor’ and liked its guitar sound. I actually went to his house and worked with him. Everybody kept telling to be careful and not to rub him the wrong way, but I just acted like myself-it tickled the hell out of him, I was just cussing and being myself, doing different things, wandering off into some crazy episodes.”

On “Zapp V”, released in 1989, Roger had this message for MJ in his liner notes:

“Thanks also to Michael Jackson for giving so many of us that continued hope, and for being the ever-bright shining star; and thanks for allowing me the great privilege of visiting your home and studio. Thanks, Michael, also for honoring my music by putting it on your "bad” Bad album.“

I Can Make You Dance
  • I Can Make You Dance
  • Zapp and Roger

Zapp - I Can Make You Dance

I know the world’s in a real bad way but I can make you better, let me show you what it takes, baby. Now I got a thang that’s sure to make you wanna move. It’s controlled by Roger and it’s right here in this tube. Now I can set you free from your trouble, double time, baby. Just lend me your ears and let your feet keep time; and here’s what you’ll find about this music of mine: I can make you dance if you want me to. Now they can raise the price of the food and the drink but what I offer you won’t cost a doggone thing. You can dance in the morning when you eat your cornflakes, cause God gave me rhythm and that’s all it really takes. Forget about your nine to five, I can make you dance.