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Happy 71 birthday to Freddie Mercury!

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When I first really recognised Queen, it was already August 2016, so about a year ago. Sure, I´ve heard songs of them before (just like ´We will rock you´, ´We are the champions´ and ´Who wants to live forever´), but I´ve actually never really cared if there were other songs too. 

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So I´ve wasted exactly 16 ½ years of my life, thinking that I already knew what good music was like.

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But then, my family´s holiday trip to Italy happened. One day, I saw a man at the beach. Tanned skin, jet black hair and a moustache; he reminded me of someone. But who? So back home the first thing I did was to look for almost every celebrity who I thought was wearing a moustache and I found Freddie. So I decided to listen to a song of Queen called ´Love of my life´ and to say I was enchanted was a plain understatement.

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His voice captured me, made goosebumps appear on my skin, send a chill down my spine and I knew that in this very moment, I fell in love. With his voice, his persona and with him.

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For me, Freddie´s a great inspiration and sometimes the only source of motivation. He´s making me feel sad but too reminds me that there are better times to come. And even if I know, that he´s not here anymore, I know deep inside that his body might left this earth, but never did his soul.

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Freddie still lives upon us. In all the lines he wrote, in every song he sang in the message he gave us, maybe without even having the intention. 

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Dear Freddie: I´m thankful to have found you and I´m sad to have lost you. But you are there. For me, for your fans, for all of us and that´s something we will always be thankful for.

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Happy birthday my love

Wammy House Headcannons (Part 3)

((For those of you who don’t know these are based on my high school… and right before the holidays is always the craziest time so this was my week:))

• One teacher never let Matt go to get a drink during class so one day he made a break for it and she just shut the door and put his vocab quiz in the window

• Matt once asked to go to the bathroom and came back five minutes later with a large cheese pizza

• Mello and Matt played a game where you see how many clothes pins you can get on a person without them noticing - they once got twelve on Roger

• Wammy’s only had a blood drive once - Near passed out from blood loss, Matt fainted at the sight of the needle, Mello punched a nurse, and B went nuts and was banned from the room

• Mello won the award for most detentions ever given to a single student

• There was one really exclusive club called the MPV that everyone wondered about but no one knew what it was for or who was in it - just that you could only be accepted by invite, and Mello spent four years trying to get in

• MPV stood for “Matt Plays Video games” and it was literally just Matt playing video games in the av room for an hour every Wednesday for his required extracurricular

• Near fell asleep in the library one day and the librarian just took a blanket from her office and draped it over him

• Mello once threw Near out of the window and their teacher didn’t even stop his lesson

• Matt brought in a ukulele and played it throughout the halls

• The physics teacher once asked if anyone had a pair of scissors and B pulled a hunting knife out of his boot

• They had nature hikes every once in a while instead of gym, but one time they lost track of Near and found him three hours later in the middle of the woods surrounded by squirrels and chipmunks

• Near had this weird habit of taking naps in random places around the school and no one really bothered him

• Mello was so addicted to coffee that he had a stack of mugs lining the back of his locker - one day Matt slammed the door shut and everyone froze as the sound of breaking ceramic filled the hall

• B was that one kid who ran everywhere, like the bell would ring and he just booked it - knocking kids out of his way like bowling pins

My Steve/Tony Masterpost...

…for @stonystonysto​ and “Plan X”:

But I Know (It’s Nobody’s Fault) (link):

(Explicit - Steve/Tony - 3.6k)

It’s a spectacularly bad idea. The whiskey doesn’t even burn anymore as he swallows it down, down to the bottom of his second bottle. Not that anyone would notice or care; certainly not the bartender whom Tony is sure to tip well. The guy’s gotten used to seeing Tony these past few weeks, knows Tony isn’t there to cause trouble or get sloppy drunk.

Joke’s on him.

It’s What’s for Breakfast (link):

(Explicit - established Steve/Tony - Steve/Tony/Bucky - 3.1k)

"What the fuck, Barnes?” Tony starts, eyebrows furrowed in annoyance as he stares straight at Bucky.

“That’s our cue,” Natasha murmurs as everyone else sighs and starts filtering out of the kitchen, Steve staying behind. Clint looks forlornly at the platter of bacon still on the table as he trails out.

I Want You to Fly (link):

(Teen - Steve/Tony - 16.1k)

Steve is on a trek through a jungle when Steve encounters the lost Tony Stark. Torn between his familial responsibilities at home and helping Tony integrate back into civilization, Steve leaves Tony in a hospital’s capable hands and returns home with his friends, but a story never ends that quickly.

Contains artwork from @zombietonbo and @hello-shellhead

A Dash of Pepper (link):

(Explicit - Steve/Tony/Bucky - 2.3k)

It’s all fun and games until someon- “Oh god, Tony, don’t you dare!”

Sound Off, Soldier! (link):

(Explicit - Steve/Tony - 3k)

Tony is pretty sure Steve is actively trying to kill him. Well, best to help him out then.

Fer Ciel (link):

(Mature - Steve/Tony - 43.7k - cowritten w/ @it-just-slipped-out)

The adopted son of the most powerful man in town, Steve Rogers-Stark left Heaven, Louisiana to make a name for himself. Now a crisis has brought him home to an ailing father, a logging empire on the brink of disaster, and a secret in the bayou that threatens his very way of life.

–Contains artwork from @garnetquyen 

Summertime Sadness Series (link):

(Explicit - Steve/Tony - 7.1k)

Kiss Me Hard Before You Go (Link)
“Look, Tony. I don’t… I’m not mad at you,” Steve said, suddenly sounding exhausted. He dragged a hand through his hair, shoulders tense. “I was, but I understand where you were coming from. I do. I don’t blame you for this mess. You just… overreached.”

“Is that why you left?” Tony found himself asking. “Because I overestimated my abilities?” He tried to laugh, but the sound was shaky to his own ears. “I mean, we both know you’re way out of my league after all. It’s a wonder we stayed together for as long as we did, really.”

I Just Want You to Know (Link)
“Why can’t you trust me?” Tony cut in with a tired mutter.

“Tony,” Steve sighed. “I do. I do trust you, but-”

“No. No buts, Steve. Do you trust me? Right here. Right now. Tell me you trust me. Tell me you know that I’m doing what I can to help us.”

Requiem Mass (in D Minor) (link):

(Teen - implied Steve/Tony - 1.5)

In hindsight, Tony should’ve have seen it coming. Nothing ever good happened around Christmas. To be fair, though, he’d just been a kid, plagued with nightmares.


Why the gauntlet never comes off.

The Sleeping Protocol (link):

(Mature - Steve/Tony/Bucky - 1.4k)

You set fire to an invention one time and it’s the end of the world.

Steve just wants Tony to have a decent sleep in an actual bed.

Acing History (link):

(Explicit - Steve/Tony - 6.1)

“So, he’s probably some stick in the mud. Blah blah stereotypes, blah blah. What can I say that’ll offend you the most, so I don’t have to do this?” Tony shoved the pen into his hair, took the pick from his mouth, and strummed his guitar a little.

It Starts with a Drink (link):

(Explicit - Steve/Tony - 3.4k - cowritten w/ @it-just-slipped-out)

Chapter One: Like all of Tony’s questionable life-choices, it starts with a drink.
Chapter Two: Like all of Steve’s restless nights, it ends with a nightmare.

Letting Go (link):

(Teen - Steve/Tony - 1.8k)

Some say it happens quickly. They say your life flashes before your eyes and it’s over.

Tony disagrees. Each time, it’s been agonizingly slow. He’s not surprised this time is the same.

I Want to Be Steve Rogers (link):

(Teen - Steve/Tony - 1.1k)

Steve asks for Tony’s help with a makeover.

Break the Mold (link):

(Teen - Steve/Tony - 1.3k)

Tony visits the new tailor.

Titanborn (link):

(Teen - Steve/Tony - 2.7)

“I tried to be a good soldier, but the rest of the unit…they treated me like a freak. I think they were afraid of me. They liked to hide my armor so I’d fail inspection. Bastards. In a camp full of people, I never felt so alone.” - Lyris Titanborn

Stephanie might not fit in, but she’s not the only one, and she finally meets the illusive Natasha Stark.

He Waits (link):

(WIP - Mature - Steve/Tony - 1.7k)

Steve wakes up to a new world and is greeted by a familiar scent.

Avengers Drabbles (link):

Chapters 1-8 are Steve/Tony - various short scenarios.

Mafia Princess (1/?)

Steve x Reader
Summary You’re the well-known daughter, Mafia Princess, of high-profile mob boss, Tony Stark. When Stefano “Steve” Rogers comes to town to conduct business for his father, your father insists that you spend time with him, showing him the town. You know that there’s more to it than just that and you’re determined to find out what’s going on between the families before you get in over your head with Steve but he’s certainly going out of his way to entice you. When you learn what’s in store, will you fight your fate or accept your destiny as Mafia Princess?
WC 1817
Warnings Swear words, mafia related issues
AN This was written for @whotheeffisbucky ‘s challenge. It was meant to be a one-shot but… it got away from me (sorry). I’m tagging my usuals but Tagging is open. I’m not sure if there will be smut so… be aware I may change the warning to NSFW.
Also, there will be Italian sprinkled here and there but I’ve provided translations. I’ve also used the Italian translations/versions of people’s names (Anthony/Tony: Antonio, Phil: Filippo, Steven/Steve: Stefano, James: Giacomo)

Bella literally translates to beautiful but it’s used here as a term of endearment, like sweetie 
Bella, vieni qui per favore - Sweetie, come here please
Si, papa - yes, father/daddy
Ciao - hello/hi
Bella, rimani qui - Sweetie, stay here
Voglia un espresso, papa? - Would you like an espresso, father/daddy? 

“Bella, vieni qui per favore,” your father called to you from his office.

“Si, papa?” although Italian was your second language, when he spoke to you in it, you knew he expected to be answered in the same manner. And no one disobeyed Antonio Stark, Don Antonio to his business associates.

You found him sitting behind his mahogany desk surrounded by cigar smoke and he motioned for you to approach.

Sitting across from him, as usual, was Bruce, his consigliere, but next to Bruce was a man you had never seen before.

You approached your father, kissing him in greeting, then you turned to Bruce, “Ciao,” you kissed him on the cheek as well.

“Y/N,” he began, “you know Don Filippo; I’d like to introduce you to his son - Stefano Rogers.”

The man stood up and you had to look up at him, he was easily six feet tall. He held out his hand and you shook it, feeling a pulse of electricity shoot up your arm.

“Pleasure to meet you, Stefano.”

“It’s Steve, and the pleasure’s all mine,” he smiled at you, causing your father to frown slightly.

You removed your hand from his and turned to your father, “Voglia un espresso, papa?”

He nodded and that was your cue that you were dismissed.

Heading over to the kitchen, you smiled to yourself. Tony only brought you out to his associates when he wanted to show you off or if he needed you to be a distraction. You weren’t involved in the family business at all but you did know most of his associates, if only to keep yourself protected and safe.

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This day in toon history

8/11/1991: Today, the three most iconic shows of the early 90s air at the same time. ‘The Ren and Stimpy Show’, ‘Doug’, and 'Rugrats’ all premiered on this day in 1991, and it was one of the most profitable days in toon finance as well. Whenever two or more anticipated shows air on the same day, profits for businesses all over Toontown go up. And to commemorate the anniversary of these three shows, those same businesses honored the cast members by having “StimpDougRats Day”, with crazy sales, discounts and all sorts of free stuff! Guess who stocked up on chocolate milk in bulk?? This guy!! -Stupid

Director Barry Levinson, writer Roger Towne and Robert Redford…
…on the set of ‘The Natural’ (1984)

Roger Towne: A week or so later she (Towne’s agent) calls and says, “Roger, Robert Redford wants to do ‘The Natural’.” I was stunned. Inconceivable. Lightning in a bottle.

I called Buddy (Kahn - Producer) and told him. He chuckled and said, “Roger, you’re so gullible, you can’t believe everything that people tell you.” And I said, “No, really, Buddy, he’s interested.” Buddy said, “Look, if Redford is so interested, he’s got an office here in New York. Tell him to come on over and tell us face to face.” I passed that on and as I understand the story, Redford got in his car, drove across town, walked up the stairs unannounced into Buddy’s offices, extended a handshake and said, “My name is Bob Redford and I want to do ‘The Natural’.” I only wish I could have been there to see their jaws drop. Within five months principal photography began.