roger starling

What’s In The Cake?

Pairings: Charles Xavier/Steve Rogers, Pepper Potts/Tony Stark (mentioned)


It’s Tony’s birthday and the team is having a party at the new Avengers Tower. Tony’s best friend Emma Frost is there too, and along with Pepper have a special birthday present for their favorite genuis millionaire playboy philanthropist - a giant birthday cake, complete with an absolutely gorgeous looking stripper.

Steve Rogers finds himself just a little bit in love.

Finally finished this for a prompt from X-Men Rare Pairs 2017! Have 3.4k words of pure unadulterated crack! Stripper!Charles! Emma+Tony+Charles as childhood best friends! The Avengers having a party! Steve being a smitten kitten (and kind of a pervert)! Aka all my favorite things lol.

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