roger road trip

Road Trip

Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers

Summary: The title is self explanatory.

Word Count: 2,968

Warnings: Language, Light grinding, Light M/M 

A/N: This is my thank you to the +500 little cupcakes who clicked the follow button. This is a domestic polyamory fic. I love you guys so much! Also I’m going to be 25 tomorrow so I might get really drunk tonight. 

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You had spent the weekend with your boyfriends in a nice cabin at the edge of the woods. It was now time to go back to the compound. You walked to the back of the car and put your backpack in the trunk.

“Everything’s here?” Steve asked, his footsteps made a soft crackling sound as he crossed the porch. You turned around and glanced at the trunk’s content.  

“Yeah, I just need to warn Nat that we’re heading out.” You pulled your phone from your back pocket and unlocked it. “I’m driving. Want to be my co-pilot?”

“Sure thing, sweetheart.” Steve smiled, it was so contagious that you couldn’t help but giggle.

After a quick call to your mum-friend, you sat behind the steering wheel and waited until your two super boyfriends were inside to pull out of the driveway.

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Road trips with Sam, Steve, and Bucky would include...

(Gif credits to owner)

  • You and Sam fighting over shotgun
  • You always getting shotgun after the first trip
  • “Can you put your seat up?”
  • “No.”
  • “Can we listen to something other than the Trouble Man soundtrack?”
  • “No.”
  • Cliché road trip car games
  • “Punch buggy no punch backs!”
  • “Why in the hell do you always use your metal arm!?”
  • Rapping Monster with Sam and always slaying Nicki Minaj’s verse
  • “Language!”
  • Going to every diner you see and Sam always asking for a coloring book and crayons for Bucky. Bucky gets revenge by giving the middle aged, fake tanned cougar his number.
  • You and Steve taking turns driving
  • Singing along to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy just to see Bucky and Steve’s faces light up
  • “Hey, Steve, remember that time when we were kids and you got so scared you-”
  • “Don’t.”
  • “Come on, Stevie, it’s a classic-”
  • “Bucky.”
  • All four of you sharing a room in a mildly sketchy motel
  • Catching Sam and Bucky cuddling in their sleep (Sam is always the big spoon)
  • Always saying that you’ll never go on a road trip with the dorks again, only to do the same thing every weekend
Let’s Get Out of Here  Part 10: Magic Kingdom

Summary: Bucky and Y/N spend their last day at Magic Kingdom. But there are a few surprises in store for them today!

Characters: Bucky Barnes, reader, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson

Warnings: none

Word count: 3270

A/N: Sorry this part took so long! It’s the last part, and I really wanted to get it right. An epilogue is coming as well. Thanks for reading!

Read previous parts here

“Come on, Bucky! We’re going to miss it!” You grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the approaching monorail. Bucky had insisted on going back to the room so you both could wear the Mickey ears you bought last night. He also decided to change into one of the tshirts he brought. Today was going to be a scorcher, and even he couldn’t deny the benefits of short sleeves. Thankfully, since you were in such a rush to catch the monorail, he didn’t have time to doubt his decision or change his mind.

You managed to run in just before the doors closed. “Whew!” you gasped, leaning against a pole.

Bucky gave you a toothy grin and held out his arms.  “See? I told you we’d be fine.” He watched the scenery pass by outside. “So Magic Kingdom for our last day, huh?”

You nodded and stood next to him, curling naturally into his side. “Yup. It’s THE park everyone thinks of when they think about Disney World.” You leaned your head back against his shoulder, grinning at the sight of him and the Mickey ears.

As he got off the monorail, Bucky was determined to make this experience at Magic Kingdom better than the first night. He pulled you over to Minnie and Mickey and asked for a picture. You giggled at his enthusiasm as a random stranger took a picture of the four of you.

“Okay, I know it’s probably going to look cheesy,” you said, walking towards the center of the park, “but this is one of my favorite rides and it gets crowded really quickly.” You got in the line for a ride called It’s a Small World and waited to get to the front. Bucky was surprised to see small boats instead of roller coaster carts. When it was finally your turn, you both scooted to the back row of one of the boats.

“Is this ride fast?” Bucky asked, as the boat began to move.


“Does it have any drops?”

“No, you adrenaline junkie!” You giggled.

He leaned close and whispered in your ear, “Then what does it do?”

“Just watch!” You poked his shoulder and turned to the front.

The small river widened as the scenery began to change, and Bucky heard music flow softly through speakers attached to the ceiling. You began singing softly under your breath, eyes darting left and right to soak in the sets around you.

Vibrant, multi-colored backdrops covered the walls, and Bucky admired the detail of all the different scenes. As your boat traveled down the river, each location changed. The Swiss Alps, Antarctica, Asia and more came to life as you traveled to all seven continents. Animatronic people dressed in their culture’s local garb danced along to the music, and Bucky noticed the song lyrics changed to match the country they were in. He couldn’t help but start to hum along with the catchy tune.

By the time the ride ended, Bucky was full out singing next to you. You grabbed his phone from your backpack and recorded a quick clip of him singing. He could see why you liked this ride. It was beautiful and spread an awesome message of equality and friendship. People might be different, but that doesn’t mean they can’t come together. You hopped off the boats and headed to your next destination.

You flew high with Peter Pan, rode magic carpets with Aladdin, and spun around like Mad Hatters. You both had a sharpshooting rematch during the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger ride, and, once again, tied. You managed to scare Bucky during the Haunted Mansion ride, and he got you back as you traveled through a particularly dark part of the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride. His left arm had crept up behind your back and the cool touch of metal on your neck had made you shriek as a pirate jumped out of nowhere.

You took a break from rides to get a picture with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. Bucky was really getting into the character greetings, and he insisted on visiting Merida as well. He pretended to shoot a bow and arrow with her while you snapped a pic. If he was self-conscious about showing his arm, he didn’t let on. You smiled at his enthusiasm and felt happy that no one had made any rude comments.

Thankfully, as Bucky’s stomach started to grumble, you declared it was time for your lunch reservations. You flipped through the pictures on his phone as you made your way to Cinderella’s castle. “This one is still my favorite,” you declared, holding his phone out. It was the picture of you two by the dock from last night.

“Mine too,” Bucky agreed. “The Mickey ears definitely make the picture.” You giggled and gave him back the phone.

Walking up to Cinderella’s castle made it seem even more gigantic than the first night here. A sign welcomed you to “Cinderella’s Royal Table” and you both walked into what felt like a literal castle.

High ceilings were accented with latticed glass windows. Small stained glass coat of arms decorated the top of each panel of glass. Bucky’s head swiveled around and admired the solid wood tables and fancy chairs. Knight armor guarded each entryway, and the paintings on the walls were just as royal as the other decorations. Napkins were delicately placed in the center of each plate, and families were already seated. You smiled at the little girls, and even a few boys, dressed in princess gowns and tiaras.

“Hi, my name is Y/N, and I have a reservation,” you told the host. She checked her book and nodded. “Yes, Y/N, here you are.” She looked at you and Bucky. “Would you like to wait for the rest of your party or be seated right away?”

You and Bucky shot each other confused looks. “Rest of my party?” you asked. Before the host could respond, a familiar voice called out.

“Y/N! Bucky!”

You both turned around and your mouths opened in shock. Tony, Steve, Wanda, Nat, and Sam walked up to you.

“Stylish Mickey ears there,” Sam snickered. Wanda elbowed him in the side.

“I think they look adorable,” she said, ignoring the look on your faces.

You and Bucky tried to find words to speak

“How are you-?” you started.

“We took a jet here this morning,” Nat replied smoothly.

“How did you-?” Bucky began to ask.

“FRIDAY found your reservation for lunch, and a quick phone call upped your number,” Tony said, shrugging his shoulders as if it were an obvious answer.

“Why?” you both asked in unison.

“I told them this was a bad idea,” Steve said, quickly. “It’s your vacation, not ours.” He glared at Tony and Nat during his last sentence. They looked away, pretending not to notice. “We don’t have to stay with you past lunch,” Steve continued. “But your pictures did look amazing, and we were…well, a bit jealous.” He rubbed the back of his neck and blushed sheepishly.

You and Bucky gave each other knowing smiles. Just the two of you had been fun, amazing even, but it would be nice to share the last day with your friends. Bucky walked up to Steve and clasped his shoulder. “Of course we want you to stay!” he said. Everyone breathed a small sigh of relief. The host politely coughed.

“May I show you to your table?” You nodded and led the way to a larger table in the back.

After you sat down and ordered, the team wanted all of the details from your trip so far. You regaled them with tales of your adventures, obviously leaving out the negative encounters Bucky had. Bucky stared at you adoringly as you told your stories, a look that did not go unnoticed by Steve or Nat.

“Stevie, you’re never going to guess who we saw yesterday!” Bucky exclaimed suddenly. He pulled out his phone and showed Steve the picture of Mary Poppins.

“No way! From the stories?” Steve took Bucky’s phone and examined the image more. “What was she like?”

“She sounded just like my ma when she read the books to us. It was amazing!”

Just then, a line of Disney princesses walked in the room to greet all of the guests. Your eyes lit up when you saw Rapunzel, and she graciously came over to take some pictures with your table. Nat had to get a picture with Ariel, and Wanda smiled alongside Snow White. Not to be left out, Tony and Steve got their picture with Cinderella, and Bucky posed with Aurora. After a delicious dessert of white chocolate in the shape of a glass slipper, you headed back out for more rides. You whispered an idea in Bucky’s ear, and he grinned mischievously.

You led the team over to Splash Mountain. Once Sam saw the huge drop on the mountain, he quickly shook his head.

“No way, I don’t do heights,” he said, firmly. He crossed his arms and planted his heels.

“What’s the matter, Pigeon, you scared? Don’t you fly for a living?” Bucky taunted.

Sam pointed a finger at him. “It’s Falcon, and you know it. And no, I’m not scared.” His eyes looked up at the ride uncertainly. “I just don’t like getting my hair wet.”

Bucky scoffed. “Come on, let’s leave the chicken behind.” He pretended to walk away.

Sam huffed. Being called pigeon was one thing, but chicken? Sam Wilson was no chicken. He rushed past Bucky to get to the line. You shook your head with Wanda and Nat. “Children,” you muttered. Steve couldn’t help but laugh, and Tony decided to join in on the fun.

“You see, Wilson, this ride doesn’t have lap bars like the other ones. You’ll just have to hold on to the one in front of you.” Tony pretended to look back down the stairs you had come up. “Hope no one falls out.” Sam’s face turned ashen.

“Not so confident without your wings, huh?” Bucky asked. You shoved both men aside and put your hands on Sam’s shoulders comfortingly.

“Sam, this ride is perfectly safe,” you assured him. “The only people that are going to fall out are the ones I’m going to throw out.” You looked back between Tony and Bucky. “Clear?” They both nodded, and Bucky at least had the decency to look guilty.

By the time it was your turn to get in a boat, Sam was a nervous wreck. He fidgeted in his seat next to Wanda, and cringed when it finally began its ascent up the hill. You gripped Bucky’s hand as you got closer and closer to the top. Nat and Steve sat together, and Tony lounged in the last row by himself. At this height, you could see the whole park, and everyone briefly admired the view.

Suddenly, your stomachs dropped as the boat careened down the hill. You all screamed until it reached the bottom. A huge wave of water crashed over you, soaking every possible piece of clothing. Bucky looked ridiculous, his long hair dripping. He shook his head like a dog and you squealed as you got even wetter. Sam just kept looking around, repeating, “Okay, we’re good,” over and over again.

When you got off the ride, Wanda discreetly used her powers to wring all the excess water out of your clothes. While they were still a bit damp, it definitely wasn’t as bad as before. The cool water felt refreshing on your skin in this heat. Bucky was definitely content with his decision to wear a tshirt.

Space Mountain was your next destination. When you told Bucky it was an indoor coaster, his face lit up. The carts only had three seats, so you all had to split up. Nat, Sam, and Tony took one car, Bucky and Wanda took another, and you and Steve paired up.

“Take off your ears!” you yelled at Bucky as he stepped into his seat. He complied, and tossed them to you for safekeeping.

“So Bucky seems really happy,” Steve commented as you waved the others off. Another cart pulled up and you sat down in the front. You took off your Mickey hat and held it protectively in your lap with Bucky’s.

“Yeah, he’s been having a lot of fun,” you smiled. Steve stared at you intently. “What?” you asked.

“Are you two…?” You quickly shook your head.

“It’s not like that,” you replied.

“Do you want it to be?” he asked. You paused and considered his question.

“I’m good with what we are right now,” you finally responded. “Maybe one day. Who knows?”

Steve nodded, but secretly, he hoped you two would become more. Bucky was a totally different person around you. The Bucky he knew wouldn’t just get up and go on vacation like this. And he definitely wouldn’t be posing for pictures with Disney princesses or wearing short sleeves. He wasn’t the same Bucky he knew back before the war, but he also wasn’t the shell HYDRA controlled.

Steve couldn’t think of a good way to verbalize all this to you, and he didn’t get the chance to since the ride began to move. Your cart rode through a tunnel with blinking lights, and Steve could hear space sound effects above him. You went up, up, up until you reached the apex of the track.

“Oh my gosh!” Steve yelled as you went down, the cart speeding up each second.

Space Mountain may have been an indoor coaster like Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, but they were far from the same. These seats were raised much higher, so you could feel every hairpin turn and small drop. It was nearly pitch dark, but thanks to some random flashing lights, you could faintly see the other cars traveling down the tracks. Supernovas sparked in the corner of the room and you screamed with excitement as you went down a small hill. Steve held on for dear life as his overwhelmed senses tried to figure out everything that was happening. Somewhere in the distance below, he could hear Tony whooping. Your cart continued down its path, and you ducked with each blaster noise. You couldn’t help laughing as Steve kept screaming at each turn. For people who go on death-defying missions all the time, some of the Avengers can’t seem to handle thrill rides.

Bucky was bouncing from foot to foot waiting for you and Steve to get off. Looking at the expression on his face, you knew exactly what he wanted to do.

“Anyone up for round two?”

After riding Space Mountain three more times and the Seven Dwarfs Mine roller coaster after, Sam insisted on something slower. You led everyone over to the Prince Charming Carrousel.

“Now this I can deal with,” Sam said, hopping onto an empty horse. He danced in his seat. “Let’s get this party started!” He clapped his hands together and laughed.

Music tinkled through the speakers as everyone else tried to find the perfect steed. You and Bucky found two silver horses with colorful saddles next to each other. The up and down motion of the horses was calming, and you felt yourself relax after all those thrill rides.

When the ride was over, Tony decided it was time to get dinner. The sun was starting to set, and lunch felt like a million years ago. You all walked back over to Main Street USA to the Plaza Restaurant. It felt very Hometown USA with its classic American sandwiches and other grub. You all ordered different meals and picked off each other’s plates, savoring the delicious food.

“What’s on the agenda tonight?” Tony asked, stuffing french fries in his mouth.

“Fireworks at Cinderella’s castle,” Bucky replied, without hesitation. You carefully looked at his face to see if he showed any apprehension about tonight. Surprisingly, there was none. He caught you looking and gave you a small wink.

“Cinderella’s castle is so beautiful!” Wanda sighed. “I imagine it must be very pretty at night.”

You nodded. “These fireworks are definitely top-notch. And there’s a whole story beforehand with Tinkerbell and the fairy godmothers.” Wanda clapped her hands together excitedly. Even though she wasn’t saying much, Nat’s smile lit up more as well. It was nice having your girls together again.

Steve treated everyone to ice cream after dinner, and you made sure the rest of the Avengers got a pair of Mickey ears at a souvenir shop. A kind cast member took a group picture of all of you wearing them. By now, the sun was almost completely gone and Cinderella’s castle provided the perfect backdrop for your picture.

You and Bucky led everyone over to the castle to get the best view. You settled into your standing area just as the music swelled and the lights began to change colors. The others watched in amazement at the intro you and Bucky had already seen before. You stood in front of him, leaning against his chest as you stared up at the castle.

“When we go back, are things going to be different?” Bucky asked quietly.

“What do you mean?” You looked up at him, confused. Bucky took a second to think about his response.

“I feel…happy here. Happier than I’ve felt in a while. And we’ve gotten closer too. I mean, I know I haven’t been perfect,” he admitted, thinking about the fireworks, “but I like how I feel.” He shook his head. “Sorry, I know that doesn’t make sense.”

You turned around to face him, considered everything he said. “I hear you. Vacations are vacations because they take us out of our lives for awhile, you know?” You paused. “It doesn’t have to be completely different. You can hold onto these happy memories. And I’ll be there if you ever need me. I mean, we don’t have to change just because we go back to New York.”  

He smiled down at you and kissed your forehead. You smiled and turned around. Bucky looked down at you adoringly. These last few days had been nothing short of amazing, and you were to thank for that. You never pushed him or treated him like something fragile. You had definitely gotten closer, and Bucky realized he didn’t mind that one bit.

“Anything can happen if you let it,” he whispered softly. Mary Poppins’ words echoed in his head over the music of the show. Very carefully, he wrapped his arms around your front and pulled you in closer. He let out a sigh of relief as he felt your arms cross over his as you leaned back into the embrace.

As you held each other, the first firework went off. A brilliant gold light filled the sky, and the firework crackled as it faded away. More and more went up until it was a mixture of colors and sounds. The music added to the magic of the night as different scenes from Disney classics were projected onto the castle’s walls. You and Bucky excitedly named each one as it appeared.

At one point, Nat looked over at the two of you. It was a picture-perfect scene as Bucky towered over you and gripped his arms around yours. Both of your eyes sparkled in child-like wonderment with each burst of color that filled the sky.

Nat carefully nudged Steve and nodded her head in your direction. He smiled at the sight and discreetly pulled out his phone.

You two were going to have a new favorite picture by the end of the night.


Hey, good morning! I was thinking about posting the prequel to my new series today. Anybody care to weigh in? If you wanna be tagged, just like or reblog this!

Summary: So much has changed with the Sokovian Accords. The team is divided in half, and you’re not sure where you stand. You know you should sign the Accords, but it doesn’t feel right. After a conversation with Sharon, Steve, and Sam at the prison, you realize that you don’t want to sign them. Now you, Steve, Sam, and Bucky are on a mission to get to the Leipzig airport…in the tiniest car imaginable…so you can clear Bucky’s name.

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Roger Taylor of Queen modeling for Disc – February 15th, 1975
Clothes from Kensington Market & King’s Road boutiques – Granny Takes A Trip, Cloud Nine, Bus Stop, Ambalu & Essences
Fashion by Lynne Thirkettle

‘I suppose the clothes are a bit flash, but then I’m a bit flash!’

“Can’t we all drive down the road playing iSpy, or something, like 3 normal Americans?!”


“Look at this stuff
Isn’t it neat?
Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?
Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl
The girl who has everything?…”

“Steve, I swear to god, STOP with The Little Mermaid! We get it! There’s a reason we put you in the back.”

“Never, Buck. Never.”

“Sam, come on man, do something!”

(Sam just keeps on laughing as he cranks the volume up on the radio)

Imagine going on a road trip with the Avengers. All of them.

“Stop kicking my seat.”

“What does it bother you?” Peter asked, pulling out his headphones and smirking. Scott-who was directly in front of him- turned around.

“Yes. Yes it does.”

“I couldn’t tell.”

Steve groaned from his position in the front seat and you looked back in the rented out bus. You got up and moved past the bickering bug hero’s, to sit by Bucky and Steve.

“Why again are we doing this?” You ask, rubbing your forehead.

“The team needs to learn how to work together. To bond.” Steve replied. 

You snorted, still rubbing the bridge of your nose.

“Oh yeah- it’s been a great idea. We already have T’challa sleeping in the bag storage, and I think Scott and Peter are this close to killing each other.”

“You’d think two guys who both dressed up as bugs would get along.”

(To be continued??)

Road Trip

By: SassyShoulderAngel319

Fandom/Character(s): Avengers - Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Sam Wilson/Falcon

Rating: PG

Original Idea: Another lovely imagine.

Notes: I’ve never been on a road trip - or at least, not a super long one - but I hope to one day. And I keep writing these super-long shots because I can never figure out how to end them. Hope that’s not a problem.


“Why can’t we take the jet?” I complained as Steve and Bucky picked up my massive suitcase and shoved it in the back of the giant SUV.

Sam chuckled lightly as he put his own bag on top of mine. “Because this is more fun, kid! Don’t tell me you’ve never been on a road trip!” he exclaimed. “Also, shotgun!” He edged around me and hopped in the passenger seat of the car. I shrugged.

“I haven’t ever been on a road trip. But the jet would be a lot faster—not to mention safer.”

“Don’t you trust my driving?” Steve joked.

“Sure, why not? It’s other drivers I don’t trust.”

“We’ll be fine,” Bucky reassured me. “We’re just going to California—”

“Which is a forty-hour drive, not including sleeping and eating and bathroom breaks and all that!” I interrupted, frustrated.

“At the very least you’re not sleeping in the same hotel room as we are, so you’ll actually sleep,” Steve remarked sarcastically. Since I was a girl and two out of three of the men I was travelling with were extremely old-fashioned they had insisted I stay in the room next-door to theirs. “We’ll probably stay up all night talking—or playing those card games you hate.” I snorted. He was just saying that because I was a monster when I got bad sleep and he probably wanted to avoid dealing with me during the drive. If my math was correct and we drove roughly ten hours per day, it would take four days to get there. We were staying for a week, and then four days back. Honestly. It would be so much better to just take the jet. Not that they’d listen to me.

“C’mon, guys! We’re losing daylight!” Sam shouted.

“Daylight just started you moron!” I snapped back. “Which brings me to my next question: why the heck are we leaving at dawn? We couldn’t have waited till ten or something?”

“Where is your sense of adventure, child?” Steve demanded jokingly. He hauled his suitcase into the trunk and then Bucky’s. Giving me a smirk he circled the car and got into the driver’s seat. Bucky, who was still standing next to me, opened my door.

“Trust me, riding to and from places in the war was worse than this. I think you’ll be okay,” he murmured quietly in my ear. Louder, he continued, “Plus, we’re gonna sing songs the entire time! You won’t even notice time passing!” I planted my face in my hands the moment I was in the car behind Steve with my seatbelt buckled. Bucky rushed around to the other side and got in. “Let’s go!” he exclaimed excitedly. I groaned. Better to just put up with it, I supposed.

After about an hour of just talking, Bucky got bored. “Ninety-nine bottles of pop on the wall—ninety-nine bottles of pop—” he started singing quietly.

No!” I protested.

TAKE ONE DOWN, PASS IT AROUND, NINETY-EIGHT BOTTLES OF POP!” Steve and Sam finished in almost perfect sync, belting at the tops of their lungs. “Ninety-eight bottles of pop on the wall—ninety-eight bottles of pop—take one down, pass it around, ninety-seven bottles of pop!” I groaned in complaint and pulled my iPod out of my pocket.

I spent most of the rest of that day listening to as many noisy songs I could think of, attempting to drown them out. They just kept going, though.

Eventually, at “negative-ten bottles of pop on the wall”, they finally got bored.

It was around six at night when Sam came up with the worst idea in the history of his bad ideas—“Hey, Steve, how about those two kids in the back play Too Hot?” he asked. I yelped and clapped my hand over my mouth.

“No way!” I protested.

“What’s Too Hot?” Steve and Bucky asked at the same time.

“Two people make out without touching each other—except their mouths of course—for as long as they can—first one to touch the other loses. Winner gets to do whatever they want with the loser—within reason of course,” Sam explained. I banged my head against the back of Steve’s chair, over and over again. Why had I agreed to coming on this stupid road trip with these soldiers? I thought it would be somewhat fun, not embarrassing!

“I don’t know, Sam,” Steve muttered. Thank goodness someone had a little reason in his brain!

“I’m all for it!” Bucky exclaimed. I whirled to glare at him. “C’mon, it’ll be fun. I bet you touch me first.”

Crap. He’d challenged my resolve. It was harder for me to back down from a challenge—particularly with these guys. They would never let me live it down if I refused. Thinking back on it later, that was probably their point. I sighed and stared at him for several long moments, pondering. He was giving me a very sarcastically flirtatious look, closed lips grinning—almost seductively. “Bucky,” I warned, raising one eyebrow. “Keep looking at me like that and I’ll shoot you.”

Bucky shrugged. “Don’t care. Play with me!”

Sam pulled his camera out of his pocket and clicked a few buttons.

“Fine!” I relented. “Just because I’m gonna win. Now gimme a kiss, you big idiot.”

He leaned over the middle seats where our backpacks were and pressed his lips to mine. I bent forward, pressing into the kiss deeper. I knew him. He’d always been a gentleman to me, just like Steve, but I could tell he was interested in me. He wouldn’t be able to resist me.

I smiled against our lips and leaned my head slightly to get a better angle.

I felt metal fingers slide through my hair and I yanked away. “Ha! Told you!”

“How can I not keep my hands off you?” he asked.

I leaned against my seat. “I’m a woman. You’ll never be able to resist me,” I teased.

“Rematch,” Bucky said.

“No way,” I retorted.

Rematch, rematch, rematch!” Sam and Steve chanted. I snorted.

“Fine. Only ‘cause I’ll win again and then this guy will owe me two favors!” I conceded.

“What’re you going to do him now that you’ve won?” Steve asked teasingly. I snickered mischievously and glanced at Bucky. I saw a slight note of panic in his eyes.

“Dunno. Maybe I’ll just make him teach me how to knife fight for the next several months,” I replied.

“That is so much nicer than everything I was picturing,” Sam commented.

“Samuel Thomas Wilson!” I exclaimed, scandalized.

“What? If I got to do whatever I wanted to a gorgeous woman, it would not be knife fighting!”

“Well, see, there’s a difference between you and me.”

“Are you calling me a gorgeous woman?” Bucky demanded, half amused, half offended.

I snorted so loudly I made my nose hurt.

Steve started guffawing so hard he had to pull over to the side of the road. Sam was flustering something about how he meant if he were in a similar situation with some woman and in no way did he mean to imply that he thought Barnes was a gorgeous woman. It didn’t matter though because Steve and I were laughing our heads off and Bucky was grinning brightly—it was the first time I’d seen a smile that reached his eyes since he’d mostly recovered. He glanced over at me and gave me a wink. I was still laughing so I didn’t manage to do anything in response.

After like ten minutes of us not being able to control ourselves, we finally got back on the road. “Don’t think Bucky’s little stunt got you out of your rematch, young lady,” Sam remarked sarcastically.

“Yes, Mom,” I snapped sassily, thoroughly done with his crap.

“Hey be nice to each other!” Steve warned.

“Sure, Dad,” I retorted.

Bucky was almost giggling.

“How come he gets to be Dad?” Sam demanded.

“Because of your nesting habits,” Steve joked.

“Because that’s what my dad used to say to get me and my siblings to get along. And my mom always called me young lady when she was cross with me. You sounded like my mom and Steve sounded like my dad. End of story,” I corrected. I turned to Bucky. “Ready to owe me two favors?”

“That’s not going to happen. When I win we’ll both owe each other one.”

“Except you’re not going to win.” Before he could protest I leaned across the middle seat and kissed him.

Sam was recording us, I knew that. He hadn’t pulled his camera out for nothing. I was definitely going to carefully monitor his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to make sure that video did not make it to the internet. Because then my friends from high school would find it and download it, and I would never live it down for the rest of my life. Every high school reunion for the rest of forever would feature that video—at least among my old social group.

I grinned against his lips as I saw his hand twitch towards me before he had to consciously yank it back to him. And I knew I was going to win again. I couldn’t claim to know Barnes like the back of my hand, but I knew that back in the forties he was a flirt (courtesy of getting Steve to rant about how good his best friend was) and he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off me for too long. Mwahahaha!

Of course, he held out longer than I thought. It was certainly longer than the time before. I was impressed. But it only took about three minutes of me leaning closer and tilting my head slightly to the side to get him to cave. His normal hand grabbed the back of my neck, metal one grabbing my hand.

Instead of pulling away, cackling that I won again, I put my free hand on the back of his head and slid my fingers through his hair, kissing him deeper. After a moment of feeling startled, he leaned in, metal hand moving from my hand up my arm and to my back. I pressed my face against his and clenched my fingers into a fist in his thick hair.

“Oi! You two! Get out of the rearview mirror!” Steve snapped.

I finally pulled away from the Winter Soldier. “Aye, aye, Captain!”

“Are you going to be anything but snarky the whole trip?” Sam asked.

I nodded enthusiastically. “To be fair, you guys didn’t want to take the jet.”

The soldiers in the front seat rolled their eyes.

About an hour later we made it to our first motel for the night. Looking around at the kind of shabby neighborhood it was in, Steve suddenly got very apprehensive. “I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want you in a room on your own,” he told me. “You never know if there are creeps watching out for a girl on her own.”

Bucky shrugged. “I’ll stay with her. Then we’ll both sleep and I can drive tomorrow. You and Sam can stay up playing card games.”

“Should we all just stay in one room?” I asked.

“Well, if we stay in two, everyone can get their own bed,” Sam pointed out. “Dunno about you guys but doubling up with this guy—” He jerked his thumb in Steve’s direction. “—doesn’t sound very appealing.”

I chuckled. “Well, it wouldn’t be too bad if the smallest one here doubled with the biggest and the two in the middle doubled. It’s not ideal but it’s cheaper,” I pointed out.

“Nah. We’ll do two rooms,” Steve decided.

Bucky and I shrugged at the same time. “Great. Parents in one room, kids in the other,” I remarked.

Sam glared at me. “You know what, kid?” he threatened.

“Yes, Mother?” I replied nonchalantly.

He took a swipe at me that I ducked under.

We checked in and separated for the night. Bucky showered first, then me, then we were climbing into our separate beds, curling up for the night.

Steve knocked right as I was drifting off. Bucky snapped ramrod straight, leaping out of bed and standing at attention. I wasn’t sure if that was leftovers from HYDRA or World War II and I was too tired and scared to ask. His past was a very touchy subject. I rolled out of my bed and opened the door while Bucky stood like a plank of wood. “At ease, soldier,” Steve remarked. Only then did Bucky seem to realize what was happening and he relaxed. “I just thought I’d make sure you guys were okay—since you are my children. Your mother’s out.” I smiled and laughed while Bucky chuckled behind me.

“Yeah, we’re okay. Have a good night, Dad.” He gave me a cheesy wink as he hugged me and then his best friend.

“Sleep well. I’ll see you two in the morning.”

“See ya.” Me and the former assassin got back in our beds and almost instantly fell asleep.

I slept just fine until Sam pounded on the door at ten-minutes-to-dawn. “Up and at ‘em, kids!” he called through the door.

“Early bird gets the worm,” Bucky muttered.

I laughed so hard I fell off the edge of my bed and landed on the floor.

“We’re up, Mother!” Bucky called back.

“Watch it, Barnes!” Sam threatened. Since we could both probably take him out without breaking a sweat it was a pretty empty threat, but it was funny to wind him up anyway.

We got ready, checked out, and got back in the SUV.

The Wheels on the Bus go round and round…” Sam started singing quietly. I hit my head on the back of Steve’s seat again, groaning in complaint.

A Little Road Trip Won’t Hurt (Part 5)

Warnings: fluff, talk of bones?

Pairing: Bucky x Sam x Steve x Reader

A/N: Listen to the songs that are mentioned in certain parts bc so cute. 


“Shut up.”

Sam said, hitting the clock on the bedside table. Steve set the alarms to 10:30 so that everyone could wake up on time, but you, Bucky, and Sam kept snoozing it, absentmindedly. He said he wanted to wake up earlier to that you guys would “get a good start on the day,” but the three of you didn’t like that.

So, you guys slept in and now here you were, getting woken up by the sound of the alarm next to you smashing into pieces.

“Calm down, freezer.” Sam grumbled as Bucky pulled the covers over his eyes after hitting the fancy alarm.

“Morning guys.” Steve said, coming into the room with a tray of coffees. “Or…good afternoon I suppose.”

“Hey Steve.” You said, rubbing your eyes as you sat on the edge of the bed. “What time is it?”

“Twelve fourteen.” Steve replied, handing out the coffees. “You guys wouldn’t wake up earlier so I headed around the city to just walk around. Then came back here to give you guys a small breakfast.”

“Thanks, man.” Bucky said, heading towards the bathroom. “I’ll go and shower now.” He continued, taking a sip of his coffee then placing it on the table as he walked to the bathroom. Sam shot up, coffee still up to his lips.

“Hey, I’m showering!” Sam said, getting in Bucky’s way before he turned on the shower. Bucky looked confused for a moment as he knitted his eyebrows together.

“I just said that I was showering, Red Robin so back off.” He grumbled, turning on the shower.

You sighed, stretched your limbs, and laid back down on the bed listening to the two argue over who’s gonna use up the hot water, which clearly wasn’t relevant since you guys were in a hotel.

“So, figured out where we’re going today?” You asked Steve as he took his shoes off, placing them neatly by the door.

“Yeah, actually. I was thinking about going to the Academy of Natural Sciences today.” he replied. “I walked passed it while I was getting coffee and I thought maybe we’d like it.”

You nodded. You’ve been to many museums and science halls before, all seeing the same statue of a big dinosaur and all, you admitted, but you nodded. “Sure. We can do that.”

“(Y/N), can you call an Uber? I don’t feel like driving.” Steve chuckled, leaning back against the wall of the hotel. You nodded as you walked outside as the three men looked at brochures inside. Steve let you borrow a phone he ‘found’ in order for emergencies, but only you and him could have one.
You clicked the Uber app and waited for your Uber driver to notify you. You went inside, since it was blazing hot, and sighed once you felt the cool breeze of ac.

Philly was hot where you guys were, especially in the city. You were lucky that you packed well and appropriately, and thanked god that the others didn’t show up in jeans and sweaters. You were wearing a sundress matched with a cap and some converse, while the boys were wearing shorts and t shirts. Bucky wore basketball shorts and a sweater, to cover his metal arm and they all wore their black and grey hats.

“How long till they get here?” Sam asked, patting the seat next to him. You took a seat next to him while you took the map Steve had and wrote down a few notes on the side.

“About 3 minutes?” You said, checking the time. He nodded as Steve walked up. “He’ll be coming up in a red prius.”

“Have you ever had a philly cheesesteak?” Steve asked, pointing to the picture on the ad he had in his hand. “They’re so big. Never had that back in my time.” He laughed, putting the paper back in the placeholder.

A honk was heard, and your phone buzzed with a notification from your Uber driver. You got up from your seat, pulling Sam up with you. “Driver’s here!” You announced, walking out the door with the guys following behind.

You got into the back of the prius. Steve in the passenger, Bucky on the right side, and Sam squished in-between you and Bucky. Steve conversed with the driver, telling him a fake story on how he traveled back in time in the war and how he fought hitler. The driver thought he was joking.

“So where are we going exactly?” Bucky asked, turning his head to you. Your gaze broke from the buildings ahead of you, turning to the soldier.

“Academy of Natural Science museum.” You replied, showing him the phone that had yelp on it. “I was reading the reviews and so far, people like it.” You smiled.

“Hmm. Can’t wait.” He replied.

The four of you got there around 1:00. You walked up the steps that led into the hall, and went to the bag check in.

“How’s tin can gonna get through?” Sam whispered, snickering at Bucky that was last in line. You smiled and shrugged.

“Let’s hope he gets in successfully.”

You put your backpack on the table, as security looked inside. As you, Sam and Steve went through the metal detectors, you waited inside the museum on the benches as Sam and Steve put their belts and shoes on. From your view, you saw Bucky clearly arguing with the officer.

“Sir, do you have anything in your pocket?” Security asked Bucky for about the third time. “Keys, knives…Liquids?”

Bucky shook his head. “For the last time, man. No I don’t. I have a metal limb for crying out loud.” He tried walking through the scanner again to meet the group, but the officer held him back.

“We need some proof of that, Sir.” The man said, crossing his arms.

Bucky took his hand out of his pocket, showing the vibranium fingers he had. Once they were out, he gave the officer the finger, smiling sweetly. “There’s your proof, sir.” He said as he walked through, frowning as he got his phone, keys and wallet.

“You should’ve been a little nicer.” Steve laughed as he led you guys inside.

“Asshole thought my arm was fake. Wanted proof so I gave him some.” Bucky shrugged.

“You could’ve told him that your crotch was made of metal.” Sam joked, causing Bucky to slap him hard against the chest.

“Shut it, Icarus.” Bucky said.

“Let’s check out the fossils first!” You suggested, pointing to the sign with an arrow leading to the bones. They agreed and followed you to the destination. You all stood in awe as you saw the room filled with dinosaur and more animal bones as you started walking around, contemplating on the dry parts.

“I wonder how old these suckers are.” Bucky smirked, touching the glass that separated the bones from the touch of hands.

“Probably about a thousand years old. Maybe even before man.” You smiled up at him as you walked with him through the halls.

“Hey, Barnes.” Sam shouted from across the room. You and Bucky turned around at him as Steve was taking pictures with your polaroid in the background.

“What.” Bucky said in monotone.

“Was this what you felt like when you visited Steve at the museum?” He smirked, holding up a skull of a dinosaur.

“Sam..” Steve warned, shaking his head as he wandered out of the room, and onto the next.

“Steve,” you said, clutching your stomach as you walked down the steps of the museum. “That picture of you and the elephant head!” You said, laughing at the picture you took on the polaroid, shaking it as you stepped.

“He got caught by security!” Sam laughed, clutching his knees in laughter.

You all stood in a circle, looking at a picture you took of Steve at the museum. He was stood next to an elephant head, while he held the fossil of a baby elephant to his head, but as you took the picture, he fell off of the stand, mid take. Security saw you four so they had to escort you all out.

“You made me do it!” Steve said, rubbing his head. As you all calmed down from your laughing fits, Steve held up his arm to check his watch. “It’s only 3:11. Wanna head somewhere else?” He asked, sitting on the large steps.

“Yeah sure.” You replied, wiping your tears. “Any ideas?”

“Let’s go to Spruce Street Harbor.” Bucky spoke, pointing to the map. “We can stay until nighttime because they have these cool lights that light up.”

“I’m in.” You shrugged.

“Alright. We can have a picnic there too.” Steve said, flagging down a cab. “Sam?”

He looked at Sam as he got into the cab, you following behind.


You all sat in the cab, which was a large van, so you all finally had space.

“5 minutes to get there.” The driver said. You all nodded. Sam sat in the front and engaged in conversation, charming the driver.

Steve decided to go to the store first to go and get food for the little picnic he planned to do. As the driver dropped you guys off to the store, Steve and Bucky went inside to get the snacks while you and Sam stayed outside, reading random brochures again, to prepare for tomorrow.

“This place that Barnes suggested actually looks pretty damn cool.” Sam muttered, flipping the page of the book all about Spruce Park.

You looked up from your magazine, eyes widened as you smiled with your mouth open. “Wait, repeat that again?” You laughed.

Sam looked at you with a straight face. “You heard me..” he said, before showing you a picture of the park. The picture had blue lights hanging from trees, and hammocks by the waterfront.

“Wow..” You said in awe. “You can even play chess there!” You smiled, taking the book from him.

“And rent a boat there. Heard the seafood is amazing there.” Sam smiled back, looking over your shoulder to view the book too.

“Roller skating, beer, hammocks…Kayak and paddle boarding? Holy shit.” You said. “Thank you, Barnes.”

“This is gonna be so cool.” Sam smiled.

The two of you were so busy looking at pictures of the park, you didn’t even notice Steve and Bucky come back with a small cooler in hand.

“You packed already?” you asked them as you started walking. Steve nodded.

“I do have super soldier speed.” He shrugged, slinging the bag over his shoulder.

“Oh I thought that was just a myth.” You laughed.

The group headed towards that park which was just a 5 minute walk from the store. As you walked, you enjoyed your surroundings, looking at the tall buildings that stood above you, contemplating at the scene. Your friends in the back were talking and laughing, making a few remarks here and there. Bucky and Sam bickered for a bit, but still held a small conversation.

You contemplated the view of the bridge from your height, taking in the scene, silently changing your mind about this trip. You were enjoying it after all. Smiling, you took out the polaroid, taking a shot of you with the boys laughing in the back. Shaking the polaroid and hiding it under your dress to cover the sunlight from the picture, you stopped at the red light.

“It’s been two minutes and surprisingly, you guys haven’t been fighting.” You said in disbelief. You took the polaroid out of your dress and showed it to the three. “Memories.”

“That’s a nice picture.” Steve smiled. “Nat will love it.”

“You’re grabbing your left boob again, Steve.” Sam laughed as he started walking when the crosswalk signaled.

“Why do you do that anyway?” You asked, following Sam as Steve walked next to you.

“Habit of mine.” He shrugged.

“Well, don’t do it to me.” You teased. You saw the entrance to the park and quickly ran to the cement walkway, shaded with trees. “We’re here!” You jumped around and smiled. “Get in here boys!” You said, taking out your polaroid again. The men ran to you, huddling around as you held the camera in your hand.

“Smile!” You said. You bent down to get everyone in the picture, and snapped the shot. You got up and shook the picture that popped out.

“Lovely.” You mumbled as you followed Bucky into the park. All of you looked around at the scene and saw families playing on the grass, relaxing and watching their kids run around freely. People sat sleeping in the hammocks that were tied to the trees, some sat in the reserved waterfront hammocks that you’d wish you’d get on later. People played with the big chess pieces while others kayaked in the water, laughing and singing.  September by Earth, Wind, and Fire started playing loudly and you nodded your head to the beat.

“Let’s find a spot!” Bucky yelled over the music. You nodded and walked around behind the group. You saw Sam dancing to the music and you laughed, taking another picture and putting it in your pocket.

“Dance with me, Sam!” You yelled and smiled. You took his hand and you danced with him on the grass as Steve and Bucky sat down in between two hammocks and placed the blanked and cooler in between.

“This song is perfect for the mood!” You laughed, spinning as Sam danced in front of you. He pulled you in as he held your hand.

Steve sat against the tree and smiled at his two friends having fun. He looked to his side and saw Bucky make a small side smile, watching you and Sam. That was the moment that Steve finally saw his three best friends having fun, and he was proud.

Once the song ended, you and Sam panted as you sat down. Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash started playing and you laid down on the blue blanket, putting your hat down.

“(Y/N) here has some nice moves.” Sam winked as he grabbed a sandwich from the cooler. You smiled and sat up again, taking a bag of chips out.

“Maybe sometime I can teach her what the 40s was like, dance move wise.” Bucky said, softly smiling at you.

“Just tell me when the time is right.” You smiled back.

The four of you started munching on the snacks that were in the bag, and talked about your favorite parts of the day. You snapped a few shots of the scene again, and saw that the lights hanging from the trees were being lit up. It was only 5 o’clock.

“So, what time does the sun set?” you asked.

Steve shrugged. “Probably in two or three hours.” He said, tossing his trash away. “I can’t wait to see these lights light up even more.” He sighed. You all agreed.

The next song was I Melt With You by Modern English and you chuckled at the song, bringing back 80s memories.

“Let’s rent a foot pedal boat!” You said, standing up. “Do you guys have money?” The others stood, and walked to the docs.

“Yeah. We can all pitch in.” Bucky said. You all grabbed your money and handed it to the man inside the small stand. He walked out and told you all of the rules and got out two large pedal boats shaped like dragons. You and Bucky got in the blue one, while Sam and Steve got in the green one. Inside, the four of you adjusted your life vests, just incase.

“These are fuckin’ awesome.” Bucky shouted over the music again as the two of you moved the boat with your feet. Sam and Steve appeared next to you guys, and smiled, snapping a picture.

“Just remember, this isn’t bumper ca-“ You said.

Sam!” You yelled, feeling the boat jerk to the right. Sam and Steve pedaled to you and Bucky, hitting the side of your dragon. You and Bucky tried pedaling faster away from the two.

“This is like training at the gym all over again!” Bucky laughed.

You agreed and smiled. “I know! But at least you aren’t training with Nat. She works my legs all day!”

“Steve’s worse.” Bucky said, shaking his head. “At least our calves will look great after.” He laughed.

You finally escaped Sam and Steve and stopped pedaling as the calming waves in the water soothed the ride.

“So, tell me.” You said, facing Bucky. “What’s your favorite part about the trip, so far?” You asked.

Bucky sighed and began to think. “I’m not sure. I mean, we do have another day to spend here, but my favorite part about being here is the bonding. I mean, you know..Me and Sam don’t really get along much, but I guess we’ve never really given each other a chance to get to know each other.” He shrugged.

You smiled and awed. “That’s sweet, Buck.” You smiled.

“And making Steve happy again.” He half smiled. “Guy has been through hell and back to try and make everyone happy, and I realized today that the smallest moments make him smile.”

“The smallest moments make everyone smile, Bucky.” You said, holding his arm. “And I’m glad to see Steve happy as well. Spending time with his three best friend, especially you, has been a joy for him and for me and Sam, even though he won’t admit it.” You winked.

Sam and Steve met up with you again as you paddled around the water, before getting out and seeing that the sun was setting.

You all walked up the ramp and gave the guy your vests before walking out and to the park again.

“An hour before fireworks start.” Steve said. “Wanna go roller skating?” He asked.

“There’s roller skating here?!” Sam boomed. “Shit, let’s go then!” He said, grabbing your arm. Steve and Bucky followed along to the outdoor rink and fell inline.

“You guys know how to skate?” You asked them, leaning against the poles.

“I’ve done it before back in the day.” Steve said. “I think I was pretty good.” He laughed.

You nodded. “Buck?”

Bucky shrugged. “I’m not so sure.” He laughed nervously. You reached the front of the line and paid for the tickets before getting your skates.

“Well, this is gonna be fun.” You announced. Once you put your shoes on, Sam went in first, then Steve, then you. You weren’t sturdy at first, but got used to the feeling. “C’mon, Buck!” You shouted over Footloose by Kenny Loggins, playing in the background.

Bucky went in cautiously, tightly gripping the walls. You took the outside as you allowed him to hold onto the white walls of the railings. The place was lit up with fairy lights all around the ceiling and you smiled. “Got it?” You asked. Bucky slowly stood up straight, but fell as he started moving. You couldn’t help but laugh.

Steve and Sam rolled passed you guys and started breaking out into laughter. “You alright there, Buck?” Steve laughed, turning around.

You laughed along and held Bucky’s left arm. “Take my hand.” You said in between chuckles. He took it and you helped him off of the floor, telling him to act like he’s dragging his feet. He slowly got the hang of it and by now, you and him were hand in hand, creeping your way around the rink.

“You know, I should be the one that’s helping you how to skate.” Bucky said, slowly watching his feet.

“It’s alright.” You smiled. “I kinda like this. Gender roles..switched” You teased.

“This song is so cheesy.” He cringed. You gasped.

“I love this song!” You said. “Footloose..Footloose..Kick off your Sunday shoes.” You sang in his ear, laughing as you looked up at him cringing.

“Oh god no.” he laughed, shaking his head.

The four of you walked out of the rink,  Night Changes by One Direction played. You nodded to the song, placing your shoes in the correct size sequence. You rolled your shoulders forward and back, stretching them. Once you were out, you looked up at the trees that were lit up with blue and purple lights. You squealed in excitement. “It’s so pretty!” You said, as you followed Sam back to the blanket and cooler. You sat down and saw Steve pull out a can of beer from the bottom.

“The hell,” You said. “You didn’t tell me you had alcohol!” You said, grabbing a beer from the cooler. You passed two more to Sam and Bucky, watching as they opened the bottle with their fingers.

“Never thought it mattered.” Steve laughed. “I can’t get drunk anyway.”

“You should’ve told Thor to spare us some of that drink he has from his home.” You suggested.

“Pft. Like he’ll talk to us now.” Sam laughed, chugging down the beer and grabbing another.

Pretty soon, Bucky and Steve were slightly buzzed. A little sober but some alcohol kicked in. You didn’t know how. You and Sam were feeling fine as the four of you laid down on the blanket, heads in a circle in the middle as you all looked at the fireworks that were being set off in the sky.

“This has been an amazing trip.” Steve sighed. “Thank you, guys.” He said, resting his head on his arm.

“Let’s stay like this forever.”


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headcanons for a steve/bucky/sam roadtrip pls i need this in my life

  • all three fighting over the radio, which eventually gets broken
  • the ac also gets broken for the same reason
  • can you move your seat up
  • no
  • steve constantly threatening to turn the car around
  • civil war 2: who rides shotgun
  • civil war 2.5: steve which one of us is your true best friend because we will both passive aggressively one up each other until you pick
  • bucky calling sam “tweety bird”
  • nearly swerving off the road multiple times because bucky has taken to kicking sam’s seat and sam keeps trying to reach over to swat him away and it just escalates from there
  • during the few times that bucky and sam get along, they’re usually bonding over embarrassing stories about steve
  • can you move your seat up
  • no
  • after this trip, steve’s face will forever be frozen with a “jesus take the wheel” look on it
  • lol get it? frozen? frozen???
  • bucky and sam suddenly realizing that steve has gotten to drive the whole time what the fuck? why hasn’t he had to take a turn being crammed into the backseat?
  • steve playing innocent as he sweats nervously at this epiphany 
  • can you move your seat up
  • no
  • there is so much shade thrown back and forth that idk how they can even see tbh 
  • since there is no radio anymore, sam takes it upon himself to be constantly humming
  • and yes, there is a point where all three of them end up dramatically singing together
  • wrappers everywhere
  • can you move your seat up
  • no
A Little Road Trip Won’t Hurt (part 4)

Warnings: potty words

Pairing: Bucky x Reader x Sam x Steve (mostly Buck x Reader in this chapter)

A/N: But guys look at the gif I added to this. It’s so cute help me plz.

“Sam, it’s been hours..” You groaned from the backseat. Sam switched places with you driving because you were swerving off of the roads due to the lack of sleep and bickering from him and Bucky. Sam was driving, Steve was in the passenger, Bucky was behind Steve, and you were sat in the back of Sam.

The four of you were driving around the city of Philadelphia, and since Steve didn’t bring directions, he had to use a map to get to the hotel.

“It’s not my fault that Rogers here was holding the map upside down.” Sam muttered, turning left and right through the city.

“Hey, don’t blame Steve for anything!” Bucky spoke up, defending his best friend. You let out a small laugh.

“At least I’m not swerving off the roads, cough cough, (Y/N).” Sam said, looking at you through the mirror. You squinted, giving him the finger and laid back into your seat.

“Guys, calm down.” Steve spoke. “Wait, turn left here!” he yelled at Sam. Sam took a sharp right onto a street.

“No, you idiot. LEFT.” Bucky yelled, turning the wheel.

“On your left.” Steve laughed, gaining a glare from Sam.

“You aren’t the one driving here, Freezer.” Sam said, changing directions and making a u-turn. “Hey, you haven’t even got a turn to drive, man!”

“He promised to drive back home, Sam.” You said, rubbing your temples.

“Almost there.” Steve muttered.

2:05 A.M.

“Jesus fucking christ!” You yelled, jumping out of the car and onto the sidewalk. You stretched your limbs and yawned out loud.

“Finally.” Bucky said, doing the same as you, stretching and rolling his shoulders back.

“Why didn’t we just valet it?” Sam asked, getting his bag out of the car. Steve passed everyone their bags and leaded the way to the hotel.

“Buck brought more than one gun so I figured we just parallel park on the streets, just in case anyone finds his weapons.” Steve explained. The three of you walked behind him and walked inside the nice hotel.

“Safety reasons.” Bucky winked at you, causing you to blush. You shook your head.

“I’ll go check in.” You said. “What’s the name under, Steve?” You asked, setting your bag down on the lounge as the boys sat.

“Chris..” Steve began. “Evans.”

“Like the actor?” You asked, smiling.

“You look just like him, Steve. Why would you use that name?” Sam asked, laughing and kicking his feet up.

“For the last time, I don’t look like him. And they wouldn’t recognized me. I have my hat on.” Steve said, tiling his head.

“The hats don’t work.” You rolled your eyes as you begin to walk to the front desk.

“Checking in?” The lady at the front asked. You nodded. “Name, please.”

“Chris. Evans.” You smiled, trying to contain your laughter.

“Alright. That would be two queen beds in a suite, correct?” She asked as she pulled up the room information.

“I believe so.” You said. God dammit, Steve. You thought the rooms were separate.

“How many keys?” She asked.

“We’ll get four, thank you.” You said as she handed you four keys. You thanked the lady and walked away to the lounge area to meet the guys again.

“Steve.” You muttered as you slung your bag over your shoulder. “One room and two beds?” You whispered.

“Tony wasn’t being that gracious.” He said, biting his lip as you all got into the elevator. You pressed the 10th floor and waited.

“Guys, before we get into the room, and before you fight-“ You began, but the elevator doors opened and Sam and Bucky ran through the halls and to the room.

“I call sleeping with (Y/N)!” They yelled in unison.

“I hate you.” You pouted at Steve. You pressed the key to the scanner and opened it for the four of you. Steve held the door open as you examined the room, Bucky and Sam both jumping on the bed next to the window.

“Not bad, Rogers.” You yawned, looking at the room. The hotel you were staying at was the Loews Hotel on Market Street. The beds were neatly placed on a white duvet, colorful paintings hanging atop the bed frames as a beautiful view of Philly at 2 am was displayed right in front of your eyes on a large open window. You were surrounded by the twinkling lights of the city as the window showed you the breath taking city from the wall length window. “Now I just have to find a place to sleep.” You said.

“(Y/N), can I sleep with you?” Sam asked, getting up from the bed. “I don’t want a super soldier crushing me to death as I sleep.

“Noo. (Y/N), sleep with me. I’ll keep you safe.” Bucky butted in. You looked at Steve as he shrugged, laying down on the other bed.

“Guys, guys. It’s too late..or early for this, so we’re gonna do it like this:” You explained. “We’ll do a little Big Brother thing where you put your bags on the bed you desire to sleep on, and you sleep wherever your bag lands, alright?”

They nodded. Everyone got their bags and started at the door.

“Count of three, alright?” Steve said. “No cheating.”

“One, Two..” You began. “Three!” You said, flinging your bag across the room, making it land on the one closest to the window. Yes.

Bucky and Sam’s bags both landed on your bed at the same time, Steve’s bag landing on the other bed they didn’t want to choose.

“Guys we can’t fit on this small bed.” You said. as you walked to the bed.

As you watched the bags fall on the bed, Sam’s bag was right on the edge, ready to fall. You heard Bucky whisper ‘please fall, please fall.’ and sure enough, it did.

“Noo!” Sam shouted. “Damnit. Now I have to sleep with Steve.” He muttered, placing his bag next to Steve’s bed.

“It works out because you’re smaller than Steveie, Sam.” You laughed, placing your bag on the floor. Everyone took their shoes off and placed them against the wall, and got ready for bed. You washed your face in the bathroom, too lazy to shower at this time, and changed into an oversized shirt.

Bucky was already laying down next to the bedside table, giving you the view of the city. You saw him take his shirt off by grabbing the neck, and pulled the sweater over his head, flinging it onto the desk chair. Damn.

You crawled in beside the soldier, laying down on your back.

“Just a warning, (Y/N).” Bucky said, laying on his side to face you. You turned your head to face him. “I might cuddle you to death.” He warned.

You smiled. “I don’t mind.” You said as you turned the opposite way, facing the window. Bucky’s right arm pulled you closer by wrapping his flesh arm around your waist, his head tucked into your neck.

“Rest up, guys. Long day ahead of us tomorrow.” Steve said, coming out of the bathroom.

You sighed. “You got it.”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.” Sam said, turning away from Steve.

“Night guys.” You said, knees tucked to your stomach.

“Night, (Y/N).” Bucky mumbled into your neck.

“Night, Bucky.“

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STEVE DRIVING CLINTASHA ACROSS THE COUNTRY TO VISIT CLINT'S FARM(lets pretend he has no family mkay) CLINT SCOOTING OVER TO NAT'S SIDE OF THE CAR BC "THE SUN IS TOO HOT". STEVE "MOTHER EAGLE" RODGERS YELLS AT THEIR PDA BC ITS 8PM AND THERE IS N O SUN, BARTON. Clint's turn to drive as steve sleeps. Steve suddenly wakes up and demands clint to turn immediately bc his patriotic senses were tingling. he was right. clint nearly drove them into Canada.

my favourite thing about this, is that the avengers own a quinjet, and clintasha are adults who could’ve driven themselves, but steve fucking rogers was like ROAD-TRIP, LET’S DO THIS. was steve trying to avoid paperwork? did he think bucky might be hitch-hiking and in desperate need of a lift? were tony being tony and steve saw clintasha as the escape they are and bolted? 

it was probably the last one, lbr.

when bruce comes home after shopping and finds avengers tower empty save for a sleep deprived tony muttering to himself in a corner, bruce calls steve. when steve picks up, all bruce hears is: “HOLD ON BRICE– CLINT! LET ME DRIVE–” “my driving skills are awesome FUCK you, rogers–” “YOU ALMOST DROVE US INTO CANADA–” “MAYBE I DID IT ON PURPOSE. MAYBE I’M SECRETLY CANADIAN, YOU DON’T KNOW.” “*steve pretending to gasp in horror* I trusted you, hawkeye”

bruce rubs at his forehead. “guys?”

the phone is stolen by nat, who says, “if tony asks, tell him we’re in russia,” and hangs up.

bruce doesn’t ring them again.