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For the first day of the Spooks I’d like to focus on a little classic cartoon! One of my favorites of the old Mickey’s shorts “The Mad Doctor” (1933). Of the old classic shorts this one has a bit of a reputation behind it as being one of the scarier in terms of content for children! So much so in fact that during it’s time of release several theaters refused to even show it, England even banned the film entirely! But regardless it remains one of the best of that era and has some fantastic spooky sequences that I highly love and would recommend a full watch through for cartoon enthusiasts! 

Trivia about this short

  • This film was also banned in Nazi Germany for being too scary for children
  • The Mad Doctor after this short did not appear again until a Roger Rabbit Short ““Tummy Trouble” 
  • The Mad Doctor has made three video game appearances. One in Mickey Mania: The Timeless adventures of Mickey Mouse. The other as the antagonist in Epic Mickey 1+2.  
  • It’s one of the few Mickey Mouse shorts that has made it into the public domain

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What are the factual inaccuracies?

The Florida studio wasn’t a studio that was responsible for the what is considered the dark ages of the early 2000′s for Disney. At least not by itself a lot of those films Treasure planet, Emperor’s New Groove, etc. Have such long and complicated production history’s that span both coasts are not exclusive products of the Florida Studio. Now what were the projects that were exclusive to Walt Disney studios animation Florida? Here they are

Notice this list is far different than the one floating around in that post? There was no “Eh Do what you want” mandate. Also the Florida studio was NOT the remaining 2D studio for the company in 1996 for the company following on. Because again Walt Disney Animation west was fully functioning as it was making most of the films the other list claims Florida was making. So why did the Florida studio tank? The Hollywood of the East idea that a lot of studios (Disney, Universal, Nickelodeon etc) tried to start back in the late 80′s was basically dead. All the studios were pulling back and closing their east Divisions due to the economy starting to get hard (leading up to the 2008 breakdown). On top of that the films that were being made by Disney Animation were starting to become critical and commercial flops so a structural tightening/reorganization was ordered. And sadly the Florida Studio had it’s plug pulled. A lot of animators were laid off but not all of them, and some of them were lucky and sent back west. All in all I recommend reading up on the rise and fall of the Florida studio as it’s an interesting read. But that post going around sure as hell ain’t it. 

I’ve seen a lot of serious posts about Steve Rogers dealing with politics and advances in tech, but on a less serious note, he would probably be blown away be television and modern animation. He was an artist and you know he would be the sort to watch all the Disney shorts and little nickelodeons and go to see Snow White.

Steve would be disappointed at how expensive it is to go to the theaters, but then he would get over it when he’s sitting in front of one of Tony’s expensive as hell TVs and realizing oH SHIT YOU CAN WATCH SO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS, LOOK AT ALL THESE CHANNELS AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE AND YOU CAN PAUSE IT AND COME RIGHT BACK TO IT GUYS. No more having to wait for intermission or save up to go to the theater if you want to see newsreels, movies, or cartoons. Once he figured out to use Netflix or on demand he would binge watch cartoons and animated movies and marvel at how much longer and cleaner the animation is. And it’s all color too! He would start a Disney movie marathon that all the Avengers would get in on, with Tony and Clint arguing over which were better and Thor shushing them because, “I want to see if the young squire can pull the sword from the stone.” Natasha’s favorite would totally be Mulan but she has a soft spot for Atlantis. Steve falling in love with Sleeping Beauty and Fantasia.  Steve would flip his shit over Toy Story and other 3D animated ones because you can see all textures and it has depth and looks so real he could almost just reach out and touch it. Steve watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit and the Paperman short over and over because each one blends different media and formats so well. Steve would glare at Tony when he scoffs at him for enjoying modern special effects “Oh, come on, it’s just a green screen.” then he would look at the camera like on The Office. But Tony would make up for it by buying him old animation cels from Steve’s favorites. Steve would love Miyazaki films for the story telling and artistry and look into other foreign animation. Of course, somewhere along the line someone has to explain to him anime and just what hentai is.

I’m sorry, I just have a lot of feelings about artist Steve