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What are some of your favorite Old Hollywood scandals?

Oh gosh, don’t even get me started! There are some really sad ones around, but most of these will be about sex. There’s a really good post somewhere with a ton of really juicy tidbits, I wish I could find it but I don’t remeber what I tagged it as. Most of these are from that! Anyway, here are a couple, I’m putting them under a cut because they’re kinda crude. I don’t know how true these are and I don’t know if they’re all “scandals” because most of them weren’t known to the public at the time, but here are some things that I have picked up over the years:

Thank you for this! I could go on and on and on if you like especially about the gays!

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In 2013, a Bigfoot hunt went wrong and a man ended up getting shot in the back in Rogers County, Oklahoma. Omar Pineda (left), Perry Don James (center) and Lacey Pineda (right) were all charged and arrested after an accident that left one man in a hospital bed. Omar Pineda claimed that a “barking noise” startled him during their hunt for the fabled Bigfoot and he accidentally shot his friend in the back, the bullet coming out his stomach. James, an ex-felon, threw Pineda’s gun in a pond and was later arrested with felon in possession of a firearm and destruction of evidence. Lacey Pineda was charged with“obstruction after allegedly lying to police about the shooting”. Lastly, Omar Pineda was charged with careless use of a firearm.

County police sheriff Scott Walton said, “If [they] had just been factual, upfront and truthful with us and explained that this was truly an accident, as strange as it might sound, we would have went ahead and investigated and probably nobody would have [gone] to jail.”

For an illustrated dream project elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca, curated by Roger Omar. 

I dreamed that all the children from school were in a fourth floor.
Who dares to jump from the balcony?, I asked. And Estefanía said “I
dare!”, and then Milagros, Ana, Mirella, Mariluz and I said the same.
They jumped first and broke some body part. But I landed on my
father´s shoulders.
Hermes, 9 years old. Cádiz, Spain