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Commissioned Epilogue to Man Out of Time

One of my ALL TIME favorite Captain America comics is “Man Out of Time” - a fantastically written miniseries by Mark Waid and GORGEOUSLY illustrated by Jorge Molina ( @jorgemolinam ) that retells the story of Cap coming out of the ice.  It deals with the weight of loss of his removal from his own time, grieving over Bucky’s loss (and remembering him after the Brubaker soft retcon of being about 20 when he “died”).

One of the most striking moments to me is at one point in a flashback, Cap is talking to Bucky about what they want to do after the war is over.  Bucky says that he always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon - he never saw it - and it is a part of/represents what they’re fighting the war for.

At the end of the comic, as Cap has some time to himself, he travels to the Grand Canyon for Bucky, as a way to deal with his loss, and this moment happens:

And, well, this moment always gets me.  Steve going there, drawing Bucky, and “showing him” the Grand Canyon in the only way he can.  It’s his way to try to start to move forward.

It was always a dream of mine to see an epilogue, of Steve being actually able to take him there in person after he finds out he’s still alive.  This weekend, I was able to make that a reality.

I had the distinct privilege to be able to commission Jorge Molina himself (the original artist of Man out of Time), at Wizard World New Orleans for just that scene, and here it is:

I am BLOWN AWAY by the work he did - this is a traditional media piece, done in inks and copic markers, and the values he worked in, the expressions, the dynamic pose that conveys the awe of the location, and yet still have it be a tender, quiet moment between the two of them.  in the Grand Canyon, Steve with the sketchbook, hand squeezing Bucky’s shoulder, both masks off and taking in the natural majesty of the canyon.

And God, to see Bucky looking honest-to-god /HAPPY/.  


Thank you SO much, Jorge, this is everything I could have wanted and more.

Maybe I’ll be able to (ditigally) color this some day :)

EDIT - I have digitally colored the commission with Jorge’s permission, and posted it HERE :) 

4. Worst. Sob Stories. Ever

It’s a tradition for Tyra to parade out her semifinalists and make them share their darkest and most personal secrets in order to determine whether they have it what it takes to be a model. On ANTM, a subpar appearance can always be overlooked if the model has some rare disease or tragic accident in her past.

This year, though… it’s like ANTM wasn’t even trying to make us cry! Was this really the best they could find? Where is the Hurricane Katrina survivor? Where is the homeless person? Where is the burn victim? Where is the victim of female circumcision? Where is that one lesbian who was the sole survivor of a plane crash as a kid?  

I’m almost tempted to say that they are putting more focus on finding actual models this year, except they recruited a bunch of freaks and shorties, so that can’t be it. Anyway, you can read about some of their personal tragedies here… and no, don’t worry about grabbing the tissues.


Mame was the child of a diplomat and lived a privileged lifestyle in Switzerland with cooks and maids. Then she got in one little fight, and her mom got scared; she said, “You’re moving with your aunt and your uncle in Bel Air.” Okay, I might have mixed her story up a bit with the Fresh Prince, but anyway, she gets shipped to her aunt and uncle in America for “stability”’s sake. Apparently, Mame could not stop this because there’s NO arguing with African parents. Maybe, though, there’s just no arguing with her father because he’s a diplomat and therefore always diplomatic.

Just when you think Mame’s story can’t get any sadder, she cries about how she was “raised over the phone.” If only the Line App were around when she was a teenager, I’m sure she’d be much closer to her family.


You’ll never guess what’s wrong with this guy. He’s suffering from a long…

… neck. The poor child! At least he’ll never be accused of being a no-neck monster.

His more substantial physical disability is “cauliflower ear.” I initially thought Tyra was babbling nonsense, but apparently that’s a real thing where the ear gets deformed after a wrestler gets bashed  in the head repeatedly. If I were Dustin, I’d be more considered about what those injuries have done to his intelligence than the cartilage in his ears.


Believe it or not - and Tyra doesn’t apparently - this poor kid has to PAY HIS OWN BILLS. What has this world come to? Mikey says his childhood was difficult because the “late ‘80s/early 90s was a rough time in the world.” (Pretty sure he’s throwing shade at New Kids on the Block here.) He’s also one of the first males in his family not to go to prison. That’s an accomplishment, I guess, but why aren’t we seeing his formerly incarcerated relative on this show instead? Brother Ricky for ANTM 23! #MugshotRealness #23toLife


Despite being signed to six modeling agencies, clients never book Devin for actual jobs since he is “not the typical black guy.” He says the constant rejection has left him “messed up in the head.” Again, it is not his fault, it is the lack of modeling gigs that has driven him to his bizarre behavior. We’re praying for you, Devin.


No one has ever taken a picture of Courtney in her life! No parents? No friends? The only logical explanation for this is that she was a feral child left alone in the woods until ANTM held a casting call in the forest and welcomed her to the rest of society. Will she be able to handle having OTHER people take her picture? Crossing my fingers for this girl because it is one hell of a story.


Bryant is a successful underwear model, but he’s hoping to rebrand himself as more than that. “I’m here to show you that the clothes don’t wear you, you wear the clothes.” So far on this show, Bryant has worn like zero articles of clothing, so mission failed, I’d say.


Delanie lost 40 pounds and found her transition from duckling to swan to be difficult. If only you knew what it was like to become really, really, really pretty over a short time span. She was just this ordinary girl and now she’s been forced to enter a modeling competition due to this cursed beauty.


Hadassah is also cursed with beauty - she’s so pretty that people just assume she’s dumb! “A lot of people think I’m not very smart just by looking at me…” she says. That doesn’t sound fair! “… or hearing me talk,” she continues. Wait - hold the phone. If people think you’re dumb after you talk to them, then you’re probably just dumb. But being legitimately dumb might be sadder than having your intelligence underestimated, so I’ll give you a sliver of sympathy, Hadassah.


Maleesa is the shortest person in the competition and that’s horrible because… I dunno, people keep accidentally stepping on her or something?


Justin’s immigrant parents want him to quit modeling and get a “real job.” You’d think they’d just be glad that he’s not a drug dealer like his sister (okay, technically she’s a pharmacist, but same difference). It’s hard, but he’s already trying to break expectations of what an Asian is supposed to be:

If you say so, Justin.


This girl’s parents divorced when she turned 15, and she’s more distraught about the situation than the model who got molested. You know who else’s parents were divorced by the time they were teenagers? Half of America. Don’t waste our time with this shit, Lacey, unless YOU’RE the one who got divorced. If you want to be the next Jourdan, start practicing the line  “I got married at 15 and divorced at 15.”

8 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 22 Ep. 1

ANTM Cycle 22 Call-Out Order Averages

(Note: This is including the “lumped” call-out I made for week 7 based on the scores they received in panel. I also am not counting the call-outs in the finale, because those were not based on scores or the work produced that week in the same way the other weeks were.)

  1. Lacey Rogers - 3
  2. Mikey Heverly - 3.55
  3. Mamé Adjei - 3.91
  4. Nyle DiMarco - 4.27
  5. Devin Clark - 5
  6. Ava Capra - 6.2
  7. Justin Kim - 6.43
  8. Bello Sanchez - 6.86
  9. Hadassah Richardson - 7
  10. Courtney DuPerow - 8.29
  11. Dustin McNeer - 9
  12. Ashley Molina - 9.17
  13. Stefano Churchill - 10.33
  14. Delanie Dischert - 13

After looking at these averages, I’m starting to see why everyone thinks Ava was robbed. It’s because the show made her out to be one of the strongest ones there, so it would have made sense for her to make it further. I’m surprised that Nyle wasn’t second on this list, though, because I thought the way the judges always scored him extremely high would be reflected more in their call-out average. I’m also surprised that Mikey made it all the way to second in their call-out average. Nothing else surprises me, though.

I wanted to upload a bigger version of the colored version by itself.

This is my colors (done with permission) on an inked & copic markers greyscale commission I got from Jorge Molina ( @jorgemolinam ) - as an epilogue image to Man out of Time :)

Colors in photoshop - I wouldn’t dream of touching the original (which is now framed and hanging in my bedroom ;)  )

Full fangirling and explanation is here :)

1. #DontTellJustin

It’s the final episode and love is in the air. Lacey talks about her own blossoming attraction with Nyle and how they like to keep it between the two of them — as opposed to Mikey who has gone through Ashley, Hadassah, and Mamé and Mamé who “cuddles” with Mikey while having a relationship with Justin. The comment’s a little shady, but nothing that we weren’t already thinking, so I welcome it.

About this time, Mikey and Mamé realize that Justin will be coming back soon for the final runway show and they worry about what his reaction to their cuddle session in the cabin will be. It’s still not entirely clear what happened, but it’s looking increasingly likely that some making out did occur. Mamé’s sticking with the “nothing happened” excuse, but maybe making out is “nothing” to her? (Cuz if you think that’s something, you don’t want to know how she became Miss Maryland.)

Both models are worried about Devin gossiping about the situation to Justin wherever they’re being held behind-the-scenes and attempt to portray Devin as the bad guy. First of all, nice job trying to pass the blame off to an innocent party rather than accepting guilt for their own actions. Second, they’re on reality tv. Whatever they did, Justin is going to see regardless of what Devin says, so what’s the point in getting so angry? None of this is going to remain a secret regardless of how big Devin’s mouth is.

Mikey’s not inclined to feel bad for any trouble he might have caused. He explains that he’s had one real relationship - a six-year one - but has been single for the past few years and intends to keep it that way. “I need to make myself happy before I can worry about trying to make someone else happy,” he says. I hear that. He’s trying to make himself happy inside as many women as he can sucker- they just better not expect to walk away feeling happy (or satisfied) afterwards.

While flirting in the hot tub with Mamé, Mikey makes up the hashtag #DontTellJustin and together they cackle. Yeah, you can tell Mamé is just torn up about this mess.

Mikey probably should have focused more on #DontTellAshley because before the runway show, Ashley greets Mikey coldly. She’s heard some of the rumors of Mikey’s philandering and admits she wants to “shoot” Mikey. Ultimately, though, she admits she “can’t really say [she] expected more from him.” None of us did, Ashley, none of us did.

Mikey acknowledges that this is how women typically treat him. Again, no surprise there, but it’s also a reflection of how he treats women.

Meanwhile, Justin gives Mikey the cold shoulder and is also slow to approach Mamé. Upset, Mamé blames the situation entirely on Devin, as if he were the one snuggling in the cabin. Devin defends himself thusly:

It wasn’t his place to say something, so he said something - got it? Hahaha, I really came around on Devin once the DMA phase was over. He’s too ridiculous not to enjoy.

Finally, Justin tells Mamé he’s disappointed she risked their relationship with a shit like Mikey. Trust has been broken and he’s angry at her for making him look like a fool. Hey, remember this?

Clearly he’s been made to feel a fool enough already!

I’m not sure if they’re going to wrap up any of this relationship drama because of that whole TO BE CONTINUED thing, but I can tell you what should happen: Justin should kick Mamé to the curb, Ashley should go get tested and never speak to Mikey again, and Devin should spill as much tea as possible from his wine bottle in the show’s final 40-something minutes.

6 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 22 Episode 15

3. R.I.P. “Flawsome”

Just two years after Tyra Banks introduced “flawsome,” the concept of embracing your flaws, Tyra put that nonsense to rest by teaching her models about the importance of retouching. Anything that doesn’t look perfect on a model has to be fixed in Photoshop, and that’s an expensive process, so just be perfect to start, okay?

At least she’s finally being honest. Retouching is common practice in advertising. Yu Tsai gleefully states that even grandmas and babies have their photos retouched. What a great world we live in where babies aren’t considered cute enough without some enhancements!

Lacey takes a moment to reflect on how retouching is responsible for girls “feeling like crap” about themselves when they can’t live up to impossible beauty ideals. It’s a good observation, but make no mistake that Lacey’s career goal is to become that retouched model who crushes other girls’ self esteems.

For the first challenge, the models have access to a retouching editor and get to tell her what they want to fix in their photos. Mikey removes his tattoo, Justin improves his abs, Hadassah shrinks her ample bosom, and Devin tones down his crazed eyebrows. We don’t get to see Ava’s editing process, but presumably she requests a different hairstyle completely.

The night before, Bello screamed that he “doesn’t want to be touched,” but when it comes to retouching, that’s a different matter entirely, apparently. Bring on the muscles!

Mikey wins the challenge, but he wants the record to reflect that he totally didn’t need any retouching to start.

“Untouched” - that’s exactly how he should have remained by the Top Model girls this cycle. I can’t believe Ashley caved and gave into this guy. I blame her obvious low self-esteem on years of looking at retouched photos in magazines.

At the main photoshoot, Tyra flips the script: this time there will be no retouching so the models will just have to hide their flaws as best they can. Here, we learn more about some of the models’ physical flaws. Mame has a crossbite. Lacey has short legs. Ashley has squinty eyes. Bello has small shoulders and… a brick head?

Yeah, no, that wasn’t shady at all, Devin, no worries!

Nyle might get it the worst. In addition to having a thick waist, Yu Tsai is not impressed with Nyle’s hands.

While this is an ironic piece of feedback to give a guy who relies on ASL, Yu Tsai is in no position to complain:

Sorry for bringing that nightmarish photo back, but could Yu Tsai be covering his nipples any more lazily?

Anyway, the no retouching angle initially sounded like an interesting idea, so it’s disappointing how great the models wind up looking in the final photos. To be clear, when I say “great,” I mean that the models are all naturally attractive people who’ve gone through makeup, so you could have fooled me on the unretouched thing. The photos themselves are anything but great - they’re stupid. They’re all dressed up like ’80s Jazzercise instructors who are climbing on giant blocks that say things like #AllMe, #NoFilter, #RawAndReal. No amount of retouching on earth could have made the basic premise look good.

5 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 22 Ep. 5