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Are Rhodey and Peper elves two? Does Happy manage the reindeer?

Happy’s a human but he’s one of Tony’s dearest friends. Tony begs and begs for special permission to bring Happy to visit but Joseph never allows it. When Steve first arrives he’s too nervous to ask him.

Rhodey has no problem with it though. “Hey so Tony has this friend and I trust him to keep his mouth shut so tell Tony he can bring him up.” “And I should trust you why?” Steve asks. Rhodey gives him a very long stare. “Rogers, you haven’t been here very long, so I’m gonna give you a pass, but Tony’s gonna be saving your ass from here to eternity, so stay on his good side, okay?” And. Well. Tony does save Steve’s ass, so Steve awkwardly sidles up to Tony and says, “Uh, you… you can bring Happy up here if you want?” Tony beams at him even if he’s super confused as to how Steve learned about Happy.

Happy is built like a brick house and Tony has to take two steps for every one of his so Happy just gives him piggyback rides. Steve finds this simultaneously hilarious and irritating because he knows if he offered Tony a piggyback ride he would get punched in the face. Again. (Bucky just finds it hilarious because Happy doesn’t even fucking ask, he just scoops Tony up and his choice is either to hold on, squawking, or fall.)

Happy has a huge crush on Pepper and he doesn’t bother trying to hide it. It’s strange seeing Pepper flustered when Happy compliments her easy as breathing. Steve and Bucky give Pepper smug smirks when they see her staring blushingly after Happy and she huffs and stomps off in embarrassment. It’s worth it after wondering if she would actually eat their innards.

(“Hey so if you ever hurt Tony I’m gonna bust your heads together like a couple of eggs,” Happy says amicably before he leaves. Steve and Bucky find this much preferable to everyone saying they’re going to eat their guts for breakfast. “Okay.” Happy smiles at them. “His favorite food is cheeseburgers and he likes them a little pink. But only a little.” They like Happy.)

Captain America: Civil War – the We Are All Rational Adults Version

(The more I think about Civil War the more annoyed I get)

Tony: okay so these Accords

Tony: obviously the fact we’ve only just heard of them and they’re being signed in 3 days and they’re fatter than all of us is some shit

Steve: language

Tony: but the fact is, we can’t just run around wherever we want punching people that we personally decide are bad guys

Tony: countries have the right to make their own laws and we can’t just ignore them because we’re really cool

Tony: (though we are)

Tony: anyway the fact is nobody actually voted for you to be President of Avengerdonia, steve, so we should like, obey the people we elected, like everyone else in the world does, this is how democracy works

Sam: i would vote for steve

Steve: i will be honest here

Steve: i have very much enjoyed being in charge with no restrictions

Steve: it has been very efficient and we’ve saved loads of lives (like loads)

Steve: however as i am not in fact a massive jerkhole dictator and i do believe in democracy

Steve: you are of course right we should get the nod from the government before we crash in anywhere to save the day, as long as that can be done quickly and effectively, and won’t mean that i’m completely banned from saving people

Steve: (because i have zero impulse control when it comes to saving people i just do it)

Tony: oh we know

Sam: everyone else would vote for steve too right natasha you’d vote for steve

Natasha:  no comment

Steve: i mean there are a couple of other things i want to talk about in these papers

Wanda: like the fact we’re not actually accountable for the actions of all supervillains everywhere?

Steve: yeah and the fact that it doesn’t specify that we can’t be thrown in a monstrous sea-jail without a trial or lawyers if we damage property while defending ourselves

Tony: wow steve we’re (mostly) US citizens do you really think we need to specify that?

Steve: i’ve read about ross

Steve: yes we do

Tony: okay then, how about we sit here and hash out our list of amendments and caveats, which they really should have consulted us about more than three days before they meet to sign this document that controls our lives, and we take our improved accords to vienna and talk about it there?

Steve: that sounds really sensible

Sam: wanda you vote for steve too right

Bucky: i do not vote for steve. i vote for anyone except steve. i vote for tony stank’s left shoe, because it is far less reckless than steve

Sam: dude you’re not even in this part of the movie yet

Bucky: i showed up early just to say don’t vote for steve

Tony: holy shit it’s the winter soldier

Bucky: ooooh steve doesn’t like that kind of language you know

Steve: go away and wait for your appropriate plot hook barnes what is this


One of the biggest tells that The Academy doesn’t respect animation is that “Animation” is considered a genre unto itself.

Animation is so much broader than a single genre:

You’ve got Westerns

You’ve got Action/Horror

You’ve got Murder Mysteries (or whatever the heck this show was…don’t look into it if you’re faint of heart, believe me. There’s animal death.)

Then there’s your crime dramadies/buddy films

And a LOT of Social Commentary

There’s Zombie Movies

Super Hero flicks

And of course, there’sChicken Run

PLUS the post that inspired this, going over all the great genres JUST IN DISNEY FILMS

Conclusion: Animation is a different medium, not a genre.


“Allow Barnes the dignity of his choice.”


bucky’s trigger words + the thirteen letters, by dropdead-dream and whatarefears


We know what’s right. The strong protect the weak. Never forget that.

Captain America #695