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Jellyfish - The Ghost At Number One”

The Avengers as Children

Tony Stark

Tony Stark has always had an unhappy childhood. In the comics, Tony’s dad Howard was a drunk who would frequently yell at and disparage Tony, causing Tony to have an inferiority complex which he does his best to cloak under surface confidence. Luckily, Tony’s relationship with his mother was better. Tony loved his mother and she tried her best to keep Tony from being abused, though she was too loyal to actually up and leave Howard.

In a comic tie-in to the MCU, we again see an abusive relationship between Howard and Tony, as Tony’s dad shouts at him for playing like a child, when Tony is in fact a child. Tony looked to Edwin Jarvis, the family’s butler, as a father figure. His dad was often cold and cruel to him while Jarvis was kind and happy to see him. Tony named J.A.R.V.I.S.. his home computing system, after his childhood friend and stand-in dad. Jarvis was however not the best father figure, as he tried justifying Howard’s abuse.   In both the movies and comics, Tony was sent to boarding at a relatively young age. In the 616 comic storyline he was six when he was sent away.

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Fun Astoria Fact

The guy who sings “On a good day I’m the bad news for the wrong girl with the right wounds” is Roger Joseph Manning Jr. He was in one of Josh Ramsay’s favorite bands, Jellyfish, which heavily influenced Marianas Trench. Although they only released two albums in the early 90s, Jellyfish is a kick-ass band that you should really check out. I highly urge you to listen to their second album Spilt Milk. You can definitely hear how they influenced Mtrench!

(Side note: listen for the vocal fade-out in “All is Forgiven”. It’s very similar to the one in Astoria!)

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