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So apparently, the plan for season 6 of Leverage was to have Eliot, Parker and Hardison continue with the whole Leverage inc. thing while Sophie and Nate struggle with retirement for like five episodes until they decide to take on a case and it turns out that it’s the same job that the other three are working on. 

Then like halfway through episode 5 the two groups literally run back into each other and decide to just stick with it and I don’t know about you guys, but I really would pay a lot of money to see this. 


Beth Riesgraf, Ladies and Gentlemen… Beth Riesgraf….

The Colbert Report - February 12, 2013
  • Roger Hodge: The idea [of Oxford American magazine] was to explore and to celebrate and to really get lost in Southern culture.
  • Stephen Colbert: Well, I'm a Southern boy.
  • Roger Hodge: You are?
  • Stephen Colbert: Yeah, I'm from Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Roger Hodge: Which is kinda north, from where we sit. But...
  • Stephen Colbert: Sir, sir. All roads lead north from Charleston, alright? Where are you from?
  • Roger Hodge: I'm from Del Rio, Texas.
  • Stephen Colbert: Okay. Alright. Listen, I don't mean to burst your bubble, but - Texas is a great place, okay - but if you're from the real South, Texas is Texas. Ask someone from Texas, they'll tell you, "I'm from Texas." They're not going say, "I'm from the South."
  • Roger Hodge: No, it's true.
  • Stephen Colbert: It is true. I accept your apology.
  • Roger Hodge: Texas is unique, and most Southerners would like to expel Texas from the South, and I understand why. Because Texas is, in some ways, the most extremely Southern of all the states.
  • Stephen: It's too big of a weight. It's got too much of it's own flavor that it isn't quite the South's flavor. For instance, beef barbeque ribs, okay?
  • Roger Hodge: Yeah.
  • Stephen Colbert: It's an abomination!