roger charity

you know, i have never really figured out why the trope where steve goes to soup kitchens and tony decides to tag along in an effort to befriend/be near/be-seduce him and then feels his heart expand three sizes because ~good deeds~ has always pinged me wrong, but i think i just figured it out: it implies that the way steve chooses to do charity work (in person with his own two hands) is somehow inherently better and more honorable than the way tony does charity (from a distance, hands off: starting and funding foundations, giving random kids who helped him out professional laboratories worth of stuff, donating things)

tony is not scrooge, he does not need to be taught the value of helping others HE ALREADY KNOWS AND DOES IT, IN HIS OWN WAY


Honey magazine. 1975. Look at those Boiler suits. Straight out of a Human League video! ahh the olden days. Even though my sister didn’t get Honey magazine much ( or did she? I can only remember getting giddy at her new Bunty! ) These images evoke a lot of memories of my childhood. The girls with the overly made up cheeks and cool clothes, from the disco!

The pictures by Roger Charity remind me a little of a photoshoot in Frank magazine ( i think ) or something else very similar in the last decade….but I cant think what.