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Thank you for all of you who had bid for my arts in the Stony Trumps Hate and congratulations to @this-is-romanoff! :D (and thanks for @this-is-romanoff‘s consent to let me post the arts here!)

I had a lot of fun drawing Baby Steve and Tony, and the AVAC Stony, and it is really my honour to participate in such a meaningful campaign! Million thanks to the organizer @stonytrumpshate!

Darcy/Steve - 8, 12, 31

for @huskiesfan-olicity-wintershock

8.  Clothing Kink (Suspenders)
12.  Semi-Public
31.  Dirty Talk (Kind of…it’s implied)

Darcy ran her hand up his chest, her thumb tugging on the suspenders Steve was wearing under the tux.  “I can’t believe you wore these.”  

He arched an eyebrow.  “You said you liked them.”  

“Yes, because I want to pull you around by them.  I want to pull you into a bedroom and make you do all the naughty things.  But we’re in public, Captain Rogers. At a Stark charity fundraiser no less…”  Darcy reached up to literally clutch her pearls.  As if she were scandalized by his audacity.  

He leaned in to press his lips against her jaw, whispering softly, “Tell me specifically what naughty things you want me to do…”  

you know, i have never really figured out why the trope where steve goes to soup kitchens and tony decides to tag along in an effort to befriend/be near/be-seduce him and then feels his heart expand three sizes because ~good deeds~ has always pinged me wrong, but i think i just figured it out: it implies that the way steve chooses to do charity work (in person with his own two hands) is somehow inherently better and more honorable than the way tony does charity (from a distance, hands off: starting and funding foundations, giving random kids who helped him out professional laboratories worth of stuff, donating things)

tony is not scrooge, he does not need to be taught the value of helping others HE ALREADY KNOWS AND DOES IT, IN HIS OWN WAY

Model Heroes

A Captain America x reader, Avengers fan fiction

Tony signs the male Avengers up to do a nude calendar for charity.  What could be the harm? 

Steve Rogers x reader, The Avengers
Humor, fluff

A/N:  Special thank you to @nicloetje for posting the inspiration for the oneshot.

Pepper stormed into the gym waving a piece of paper around while she called for Tony, “Anthony Edward Stark!”

The room became silent; the sounds of the gym equipment, sparring, and conversations going on stopping immediately.

“Uh oh…”, Tony said from somewhere in the room.

She walked around the gym searching angrily for her partner, “Where is he??  Someone better speak up now!”

Clint and Nat stopped sparring and Clint laughed while pointing silently to the heavy bag. Pepper raised her eyebrows as she saw feet behind it, hands gripping onto the bag, and she hurried over.  “Get your butt out from behind there!  What the hell is this?”  She waved a letter around her angrily as she grabbed for Tony’s shirt.  He dodged her and ran to the other side of the room.

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