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Data Recovery: Kenny Anderson

Episode 26 - 05/30/05

Bam Margera – Brandon Novak – Matt Cole – Roger Bagley – Missy Rothstein – Ville Valo – Brandon DiCamillo


Familiar Realm – cKy

Killing Loneliness (Acoustic Live) – Ville Valo

A Piece of Toilet Paper Hanging Out of My Ass (Acoustic Live) – Uncle Matt & The Shitbirds

Plasma Mullet


-The show is live from New York this week

-Jess & Dico are live from Bam’s house

-The guys explain “The Nidiot club” and how it came to be

-Ville still doesn’t have his license

-Bam’s mad at Novak for needing to shit so bad on the way to New York

-Bam declares the Novak has a muffed up asshole

-Bam tells some shitbird stories

-Bam, Novak, & Ville get married on air

-Bam describes his perfect wedding

-Novak talks about why he’s pissed at Bam from the other night

-Jess calls in and the guys talk to him

-Ville & Matt each play some of their new music

-Bam talks about how he cut the roof off the Lambo with Billy Idol

-Lendon’s night with Billy Idol

-The guys take some phone calls

-Bam talks about how nice guys always finish last

-Novak’s new nickname is “locker room”

-The guys talk about their mornings and how they woke up

-Ville tries to get Bam to sing, Ville plays guitar and sings The Ramones: Poison Heart

-Bam answers some emails

-Bam tells Joe Frantz’s pointless yet hilarious story


Data Recovery // Ernie Torres