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Kiiyan fun facts, please~ (ps: the weirdest ones too)

First, let me refer you to this person: tsuminiochiiru​, she’s the mother ship of the Kiiyan fans over here. So regarding Kiiyan’s official stats and stuff, go ask her! She has all the important information regarding Kiiyan~!! So if you want the latest info on Kiiyan, be sure to follow her! >w<)v

But for now, I would just put in some funny info from him >A<)b

  • He’s a big fan of the LA Lakers and Kobe Bryant. 
  • Also, he likes tennis a lot, a lot of his tweets recently is full of reactions/thoughts on Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer.
  • In one episode of his radio show, Mr. Tambourine Man, he described his ideal woman’s height to be “Around 150 to 165cm, because the height would be just perfect when you xxxx from behind”.
  • His “wife” is Joy Max. 
  • Quite a number of the younger male seiyuus seem to be rather enamored with him, most noticeably, Ono Yuuki and quite recently, Eguchi Takuya. 
  • He calls Ono Yuuki “Hobgoblin” or “Tomoki”.
  • He is very fond of the Kadokawa Horror Book Collection.
  • Another from Mr. Tambourine Man, while in front of a live audience, he recounted the story of how he was caught by his mom while err… playing with himself… He said that while his hand is in his pants, he forgot to lock his room and his mom came in, announcing that some of his friends are in to visit him. After the shock, he zipped up so fast, he almost caught his…little Kiiyan in his pant’s zipper.
  • When made to choose on who between Miyano Mamoru, Kaji Yuuki and Shimono Hiro to “seme”, he said he’ll choose Yonaga Tsubasa, because Wing can totally sound like a girl, but ultimately chose Namikawa Daisuke. And when asked who he would like to be his “seme”, he chose Nagai Val Ichirou, GRANRODEO’s drummer during live stints. lol
  • When his beloved bicycle first got delivered to him, he was so happy about it that he took it at once, for a ride into the streets of Tokyo. He got so engrossed that he forgot that he had work that day, he was supposed to do a commentary on a GRANRODEO DVD and he completely missed the staff calling him again and again on his phone.
  • He has a fetish on ladies’ toes and he likes it when they have prettily shaped toes and made up toenails.
  • In Mr. Tambourine Man, a fan sent a letter asking Kiiyan if he believes that men with prettily shaped fingers also have prettily shaped err… d**ks. His response was “Yes of course, many people tell me that I have pretty fingers and I have witnesses, like Joy Max and Iwata Mitsuo-san as to how pretty my "asoko” is. And as for my “asoko”, you really should see how pretty (hard) it is every morning when I wake up!
  • He does have beautiful fingers. Proof:

  • Kiiyan gained infamy of not wearing underwear, even onstage, because of one comment he made that he’d want to be just like Fukuyama Masaharu, a prominent actor, who’s also kind of infamous for not wearing underwear, so much that he started emulating him, even the no underwear part.
  • His character in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Kittan was originally supposed to die early in the series, but when the GAINAX team saw Kiiyan and knew that he was the one who would voice Kittan, they decided to extend his role and gave him more screen time.
  • He’s allergic to cats. And his family’s dog always bites him when he comes home. lol
  • When filming for the music video of 変幻自在のマジカルスター / Hengenjizai no Magical Star, he said that they were emulating the classic rock era and it would’ve been great if he had some chest hair then, for a more realistic feel.

  • To ease off nerves during live shows, he and e-ZUKA dance to Perfume songs backstage.

  • Miyano Mamoru looks up to him, as a seiyuu and as a powerful singer. But most of time when they’re together, they just end up acting like dorks.

  • If it’s not obvious enough, he really enjoys messing with Shimono Hiro, up to the point of giving him hickeys. 

  • He really, really, really hates frogs. See?

  • And check out GR in drag~!

  • And I leave you with shots of his great booty. Enjoy.