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Lucius, Shock, Alexandre, Roger, Mia, Green Mermaid Lady

Push off a cliff: mermaid, she’ll land in the ocean its Fine
Kiss: alexandre
Marry: s h o c k
Wrap a Blanket around: roger, im sorry i ignore u so consistently
Be Roommates with: mia!! shes good at decorating :o

Character of the Week: Charlie (and comrades)

Japanese name: チャーリー (Chaarii)
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Soldier
Rank: Sergeant as of the Ishvalan War; Current rank unknown
First appearance: Chapter 61 (Manga), episode 46 (Brotherhood)

Charlie is a soldier from the eastern region of Amestris, and a veteran of the Ishvalan War. During the war, he was a Sergeant in then-Major Mustang’s squad, and explained to him how he and the other enlisted men trusted Mustang to always have their backs despite not even knowing their names. Though not a direct subordinate of Roy Mustang, Charlie remained one of his loyal supporters for years, providing vital assistance in the coup d’etat in Central City. Some facts about Charlie:

  • It seems that Charlie’s description of the way Mustang protected the soldiers beneath him is partly what inspired him to aim to become Fuhrer.
  • Charlie was not the only soldier Mustang left an impression on. Most of the men who were with him when he spoke to the Major in Ishval also contributed to the coup d’etat. Some of the names of the soldiers from Ishval include Damiano, Alexandre, Roger, Fabio, Richard, Dino, and Albert.
  • Like most of Mustang’s followers, Charlie is more of a pacifist than most soldiers. When he and his men rescued Mustang’s main team from the Central City troops, who planned on killing the Fuhrer’s wife along with the rebels, he left them alive and told them that if he and his men had been from Briggs, they wouldn’t have been so lucky.
  • Charlie is not so loyal to Mustang that he’d be ready to die for him without hesitation; When Mustang told Charlie and Fabio to leave him behind and save themselves if it came to that, both agreed without hesitation.
  • He was the one who detonated the explosives on the train tracks in the east, destroying King Bradley’s train.
  • Charlie and his teammates never appeared in the Ishvalan War flashbacks in Brotherhood, instead making their introduction when Bradley’s train was destroyed, with nothing to explain their prior connection to Mustang.

George Balanchine, Le Palais de Crystal (pictured here with the original costumes and décor during the world premiere in 1947)

Madeleine Lafon and Max Bozzoni (Pearls), Lycette Darsonval and Alexandre Kalioujny (Rubies), Tamara Toumanova and Roger Ritz (Black Diamonds), Micheline Bardin and Michel Renault (Emeralds)

ph. Serge Lido