I, as a writer, write about people. I can’t write about anything else. Because there’s really nothing more interesting than the people around you and when you’re a writer, you feel a certain responsibility to… I like to say immortalize. Y'know, the, the things in your life that have effected you and the people in your life that have effected you and y'know, for me it’s, it’s become my job to immortalize certain people and certain events in my life through song. It’s therapeutic, it’s, it’s writing about things and breaking them down is, is like making a very pretty pros and cons list.

SHARING SATURDAY: Exploring the Roger System

In last week’s post we drop you a hint of the ROGER SYSTEM we created,

which allows to gain real time control over shading a character.

Conventionally, in cartooning, we use a method called “Carding” either in Photoshop or After Effects, but the result is rather boring, so we put the brain gears to work and created ROGER, so in just a few clicks, you get something like this:

Whether doing commissions or your own art, you are bound to arrive to the shading stage fairly tired. Your mental is down a notch, your hands are sweaty, and now you STILL have to do the shading?   UGH…

So now you take all the hard work you did prior  with color layers,  do a bit of voo doo, and hop!  shading is calculated for you, it gives a nice flare and your viewers and clients are now delighted with your work.  

For an ideal result it requires a final manual touch, but as you should know by know, creating, or .. ice breaking, as we call it, takes 10X more energy and time than correcting and retouching.

If you are one of the 10$ Patrons, you will get direct access to the Roger System as this month’s big reward.

NOTE: The ROGER system only works for Photoshop CS6 and beyond.