rogelio moreno


The Best Of The Smallest

Check out the top four images from this year’s Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition, which were announced on Oct. 30.

First prize, at top, went to Panama's Rogelio Moreno, a self-taught hobbyist microscopist who captured an open-mouthed rotifer. The miniscule aquatic animal helpfully mugged for the camera as Moreno snapped his pic. He used a technique call differential interference contrast microscopy to view the transparent creature. He watched it move around for hours, waiting for just the right shot.

“When you see that movement, you fall in love. I thought - wow, that is amazing. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. This is something very, very beautiful,” Moreno said after learning he won the award. “I hope now it can inspire others as much as it has inspired me – to learn about science, to look closely and notice something truly amazing.”

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