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Do you think you could make a pattern of Norway's national costume? More specifically, a so-called "Rogalandsbunad" !

I actually totally missed this when it came in, I was living in Orlando, working for Disney, and I missed a lot, but I love Norway! It’s my favorite pavilion at EPCOT, hah. I had a lot of fun with this, thanks for the request! 

I think it’s time I introduced Elsa. I just very recently got her head back from AngelToast, but with all the Christmas preparations I never had the time to put her together and take a picture.

Full name Elsa Ødegård (link for pronunciation purposes; it was the first I could think of. Jump to 0:50). She’s 17 years old, half-Sámi, half-Norwegian, and is finishing up her first year at St. Olav vgs. Her hair is totally a mess, though she doesn’t bother taming it. Tying part of it back gets enough of it out of her eyes. Otherwise, she has really unique eyes; they’re sectorally heterochromic, partly light blue and partly green.

She has an affinity for languages and physics, and she thinks she wants to become a particle physicist. Or maybe a nano technician. She isn’t entirely sure yet. She speaks and writes Norwegian and English fluently, Sámi (julevsámegiella (lule sami)) almost fluently, and is also getting quite good at Spanish. In her free time she’s attending courses in Swahili and Icelandic, for no other reason than wanting to learn the two languages.

She’s Raine’s girlfriend, though they’ve yet to actually meet due to finances. After all, there’s quite a bit of sea between them. They skype (almost) daily, though, and Elsa’s checking into doing her second year of upper secondary abroad in Scotland, more specifically at Raine’s school. Her grades are good enough to get her into St. Olav’s exchange program, but she doesn’t know what schools she’ll be eligible to choose from yet.

She’s extroverted, though she doesn’t have any really close friends at school. Most of the girls in her class, and otherwise the ones she’s talked to from other classes, doesn’t share many of her interests, and a lot of the boys just want to get into her pants. She talks well with some of the guys, but there’s only really one she knows of who actually has some interests in common with her. Mostly, she’ll just hang out with whoever, but she really cannot stand small talk, so a lot of the people around her end up boring her. She can be a bit petty, though she usually hides it well. If someone angers her, she stays angry at them for a long, long time, in which case she’ll ignore them and really, really gloat if something bad (but minor, never something major) happens to them. She’s very sweet to the people she loves though. She’d give any one of them the world, if she could. Once you’ve earned her friendship, she will never, ever leave your side, unless you asked her to.

I never intended to write this much though and it isn’t even good writing, haha orz. Well, how’s that for a character I just made up because I liked the event head? xD Raine needed a girlfriend anyway, so why not.

I totally intend to make her both a gáppte (I have a whole book detailing all the types available in Norway and the history. Now to find the type that’s closest to her mother’s (the Sámi one of her parents) homeplace) and a Rogalandsbunad with the Frafjord pattern of embroidery. The bunad will be easiest though; I’ll just use my own to scale the embroidery pattern down to doll size and go from there. It’s not advanced sewing; just heavily embroidered. I don’t know what to do about the silver though, but I might be able to commission my cousin; she’s going to a silversmith school and is pretty good. I can probably find some brass to use in the mean time though. The gáppte will be harder because I don’t own one myself and will have to figure out all the details from pictures (and there aren’t that many pictures or info compared to info on different bunads), but in themselves they’re less advanced to make than bunads, and don’t require silver detailing in the same way, so I guess I’ll manage somehow. Well, someday. I know myself well enough to know I won’t get it done very soon.