rog and bee


REVOLUTIONARY LOVE - models: Rog and Bee Walker - photographer: DeAndre Da Costa - fashion director: Julee Wilson - hair: Stacey Ciceron - makeup: Victor Amos - barber: Vernon Scott - manicure: Mayumi Abuku - assistant menswear stylist: Avon Dorsey - Essence February 2017

“With a marriage grounded in capturing the stunning strength of black beauty, photographers Rob and Bee Walker keep their hearts and lenses focused on fighting the good fight.”

featured designers:

  • Kramer & Stout - Lacoste - Mr. Turk - Paul Smith - FlameKeepers Hat Club - Textiles of Campbell Soutane - G.H. Bass & Co. - Camilla and Marc - Altuzarra - Hue
  • Brett Johnson - Victorinox Swiss Army - The Tie Bar - Cole Haan - Christian Louboutin - Hue
  • Fendi - Lorraine West Jewelry - Hue

Bevel Code 008 • “Coupled in Creativity” // For this week’s Bevel Code feature (Valentine’s Day Edition), we profiled photographers Rog and Bee Walker.

We asked the two what they had in store for each other this Valentine’s day. Rog wouldn’t divulge the specifics (good idea!) but commented “we’ll definitely spend time enjoying each other. I think one of the things you take for granted when you’ve been with someone for a while is intentional time spent [together]. I just want to be with her outside of the day-to-day. I want her to be a priority and not just a passenger within my day.” Preach