rog 2000


Celebrating John Byrne’s 63rd birthday, Kurt Busiek let me know who his favorite John Byrne drawn character is and why.

I guess I’ll pick Captain America. John’s Cap always felt “right" to me — clean, crisp figures exuding confidence and determination.

Of his own characters, I think Rog 2000 and Belabet are both inspired designs that really make good use of John’s strengths as a cartoonist. Both look great. 

Images are Captain America convention sketch 2004, Rog-2000 commission 2010 & Belabet convention sketch 1993.

Kurt can be found on Twitter @KurtBusiek and Tumblr Kurt Busiek


ROG-200 and his many friends commission by John Byrne. 2009.

This was commissioned by Nathan Greno who included a little bit about what his request was:

The idea: “35 Years Before the Mast” A commission to celebrate JB’s 35 years in the comic biz — I’ve included as many characters as I can afford to represent 35 years of JB magic. Can JB please put something about “35 years” in there somewhere?…ROG 2000 drawing comic book pages…….any fun details would be nice — please include the historic train/chalk board drawing in there somewhere… The chalk drawing made on JB’s grandfather’s lap. Thanks!

Included is a checklist of the characters drawn that John posted.

1. Nova 2. Green Lantern 3. The Silver Surfer 4. Starlord 5. Mister Fantastic* 6. Belabet 7. The Hulk 8. Iron Fist 9. Power Man* 10. Babe 11. She-Hulk 12. The Thing 13. Doctor Doom* 14. Spider-Man 15. Sprite* 16. The Human Torch* 17. Wolverine 18. The Invisible Woman* 19. The Sub-Mariner 20. Darkseid 21. Kuno 22. Wonder Woman 23. Cyclops* 24. The Scarlet Witch 25. Franklin Richards* 26. Bounce 27. Penny Dredful*  28. ROG-2000 29. Wheelie 30. Captain America 31. OMAC 32. The Torch of Liberty* 33. Robotman 34. The Beast 35. The PROTOtykes*** 36. The Mole Man* 37. Puck* 38. Poe* 39. Trilby   40. Superman 41. D'Arcy 42. Oldest Extant JB Original 43. Batman 44. The Black Fox 45. Guardian 46. The Demon 47. Unnamed “Critical Error” Girl 48. Moonbase Alpha Astronaut*

* Characters not on Nathan’s original request list