At the beggining , when I started in the RotBTD, I shipped JackxRapuncel. I mean, yes, I love her with Flynn, but they was so cute

Then come Frozen (with Elsa). I love her character’s design, I started shipping her with Jack,but her personality is unknown, so I don’t know if I ship them like couple or siblings

And then, I started to investigate others Guardians of Childhood’s characters and I found Seraphine (Mother Nature)…I started to ship them too.

I have a problem xDDD


So this is from Supanova 2013 in Adelaide. I don’t think I uploaded any after the convention, so here’s a few! If you can’t tell by the presence in all photos, I am cosplaying Hiccup.

We had heaps of fun and seeing as it was our first convention ever! And first ‘official’ cosplay for most of us! We even found a really cute Toothless and Tinkerbell cosplayers, as pictured above. I feel really bad that I can’t tag them…

I have a feeling we’re still deciding on a group cosplay name, anyone got any suggestions?

So hopefully you’ll hear from us sometime soon with another or the same cosplay :)

Jack Frost - teddie-bears-on-medication

Merida - how-very-curreeus

Rapunzel - paintbox-princess