Hey, here’s a Crystal Gem character thing of mine. Kozispoon asked me to make one, so I made up Fordite. Technically, she’s not even a gem!
Fordite, also known as Detroit agate, is hardened and compacted
automobile paint which has been baked numerous time to create
eco-friendly jewelry. Her “gemstone” is actually her eyes! They’re
constantly moving and pulsating with color as more fordite comes up like
waves. Her hair is also a strange pulsation of fordite and color. Her
weapon is razor wire that she pulls out of her eyes. 


So, this is my Speed Resurrection Tournament Round 1 from Void. More importantly, this is me getting in practice and gearing up for me doing my webcomic later this year. I wanted to test myself and see how far I could go and how much I could do within a short frame of time and when it’s all said and done, I feel very happy with it thus far. 15 pages start to finish, all completed within a week. I did a couple touch-ups from what was originally posted on the site. My next round will be up here in a few weeks, but I’m constantly working and perfecting what I can.  Pages 1 - 10 are here, 11 - 15 are just above.