rofl these two

Dang it, because of my natural habit that I share with Akko, meaning to destroy things that I’m using only within a short period of time- I gotta upload it now.

It doesn'ttttt seem that unfinished — right…?


OC art from the stream. Some more art of Yolette and now introducing the “Shadow Cat”!

Bonus below (=ↀωↀ=)✧


your favorite madtown interaction ♡ daewon and lee geon
When you are childhood friends, savageness gets a pass. Exhibit A: usually Lee Geon 😇. Daewon is just too soft-hearted when it comes to his friend.♡


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I mean, Kuroshitsuji basically had an utapri/enstamblestars/whatever arc. Why not this??? Where it makes more sense??? They didn’t have that kind of technology in the Victorian era, but they sure as hell had skating rofl

Morning warmup sketch: Seraph!Sorey idea and a bonus side meebo.


Made another Frisk and Chara for fun. They’re basically just designs and personalities I originally had in mind, just revamped and more interesting. I don’t plan to do much with them, just draw them from time to time. As they have nothing to do with this blog in particular (this is Pyro and Bluebell’s blog after all), I’ll draw them more on my art blog @taidoodle !


@jijagi I wish this was longer but look at our man children.


superrough attempts at Majro’s parents after a discussion in guild chat yesterday! all of this is subject to change because it’s probably all terrible. jastran especially i have no idea

Imamiri Skyfern was a badass hunterlady who did not like ur face. Jastran (insert clan name here) was a mild-mannered tender for a neighboring swamp clan whose territory bordered the Skyfern’s, and also an esper. Imamiri tried to cash a check her butt almost couldn’t cash with a big ol crocamonster while out on patrol making sure nobody was trespassing on Skyfern land. She killed it but took serious damage from it. Jastran found her and mended her wounds despite the skyferns’ reputation as jerks (which imamiri upheld at first quite nicely), and eventually they fell in love and she went to live with him because the skyferns would never have accepted him and then majro happened

i have no idea what he’s doing with his hands. dont ask.

the apple both fell so far from the tree and also really close to it at the same time


november darkness was falling over chicago and liam was sitting on a bench, across the street of mocha. under his feet a skateboard that was slowly rolling side to side, him in nothing but a t-shirt and distressed jeans; the weather was cold, getting darker by the minute and there was no real reason behind his mood. simply spaced out. not happy, not down; hovering in the middle and all after having five beers without feeling the slightest buzz of it. all he wanted to do was get high for the first time in a long time, weed knocked him out into a comfortable sleep which he was lacking. made him relaxed and for a good while like the world was still and in silence. without a single reaction he hadn’t even noticed his skateboard slipping from under his feet down the sidewalk.