m.a.p.6 cuties visiting j.jun at the hospital on his birthday ;u; friends and I started something on Facebook 8D



Because srsly. Those faces. @lilith5th @11daysofhell

15 OC Associations

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Agent bab Ardralios Torr

1. ANIMAL: Ferret (or weasel)

2. COLOR(S): Orange, Light green, gray 

3. MONTH: November

4. SONG(S):   Muse- Butterflies and Hurricanes

5. NUMBER: 6

6. DAY OR NIGHT: Night

7. PLANT(S): Rue

8. SMELL(S): Cucumber Melon

9. GEMSTONE: Goethite

10. SEASON: Fall

11. PLACE(S): Office space (obvious), but also visually pleasing rocky mountains

12. FOOD(S): Caprese Salads

13. ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: Sagittarius

14. ELEMENT(S): Earth, Metal

15. DRINK(S):  Espresso

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here’s my tattoo i got yesterday

i did model it after another i saw photographs of, but just the template, really, which resonated with me aesthetically 

and served the purpose of simplifying the relationship i see between the two words

which are both in latin, the top meaning something like “soul, breath, or life” and the bottom meaning “body”

i made it out of boredom so someone pls caption it pls i am not creative enough for that

My talk of Gravity Falls is starting to get to my boyfriend.
  • BF: I've been rewatching Arrested Development. It's great because there's so much to look for and dissect in each episode.
  • Me: Yeah! I mean,, all those little clues and allusions and nods to other things in the series.
  • BF: The writing is just fantastic, very well done.
  • Me: I only know two shows like that, Arrested Development and-
  • BF: -If you even say "Gravity Falls" I am walking away from you right now.
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: *opens mouth*
  • BF:
  • Me:
  • BF:
  • Me:
  • BF: Don't
  • Me: Grav-
  • BF: Oh my god *walks away*

Last night I had a dream that me and pocketmoony were making out in an elevator dressed as Sirius and Remus, and it was just heating up when the door went open and Daniel Radcliffe stood there. We just stared at each other in horror for a couple seconds before I cleared my throat and said “well, seems like Harry’s come to join in. So much like his dad.” and pocketmoony slapped my shoulder rofl