I’m such a sucker for this. Just slam dunk me in the trash can. Inspired by this and continuing my blood pact with all of your dentists to give you cavities from how sweet this fluff is.

Set in the six skipped weeks because seriously what the hell went on in Storybrooke then???

killian after the dentist

She’s not a huge medical advocate.

Maybe it’s because she had years and years of shitty doctors and dentists and ophthalmologists while growing up and didn’t even get a taste of what decent care could be like until prison. Maybe it’s because she had better things to spend her money and time on than endless appointments to fix whatever had gotten fucked up in the past.

But that’s her. It’s different for everyone else.

In her false memories, Emma knows that she was the type to drag Henry to the doctor for sniffles. In their year in New York, Emma remembers stubbornly working through a bad cold, but making Henry stay in bed for a week when he caught it. She’d brushed off food poisoning as nothing (damn Walsh and his damn raw foods-slash-vegan-slash-gluten-free restaurants), but took Henry to urgent care when she thought he had appendicitis (which turned out to just be a bad stomachache).

She should have expected this would extend to her boyfriend.

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Thunderbirds are Go episodes
S1E10 Tunnels of Time

Professor Harold: They’re lost in the pyramid!
Scott: Why didn’t you call it in?!
Professor Harold: The other one said they’d blast the pyramid wide open, and I couldn’t allow this unique discovery to be destroyed! Ugh, I’m sorry, but people are just for a lifetime, history, is forever!