Since I’m almost done with the current requests for the palette meme (3 left!) I decided to open more slots for the ones I haven’t done yet. (Only doing 1 of each this time around,sorry!)

Palette: All claimed! Thank you!

I’ll update this post every time a palette is claimed until none are left.

*Emoji B4 is out of stock, sorry!

Obligatory doodle… go… (I don’t like drawing on paper anymore)
Shadowhunters & Beyond Season Premiere Combo Promo
The Institute is in upheaval after Jace's departure with Valentine in "This Guilty Blood," the season two premiere of "Shadowhunters," airing MONDAY, JANUARY...

To see this special bond between two people makes my heart ache!!! Because they are so close and their relationship seems so intimate! It just shows raw-pure love in a non-romantic way!!!!