Kira Roessler, bassist for Black Flag, backstage circa 1984.

From her wikipedia page:

“While sitting in with L.A. punk group DC3, members of Black Flag heard her playing, which led to her being asked to join Black Flag to replace founding member Chuck Dukowski. Roessler was majoring in applied engineering at UCLA, and Black Flag’s subsequent tours were worked around her school schedule, which was a condition for her to join the band. Her bass playing was featured on five of Black Flag’s studio albums. She remained in the band until completing touring behind their album In My Head in the autumn of 1985, then graduated UCLA in 1986.”


I can be one of the guys, but it was still kind of weird being a girl on tour. I got accused of sleeping with the whole town a couple of times. I still hear stories of what an amazing nymphomaniac I am! All I had to do was sit in the van and smoke a joint with a guy and all of a sudden I was sleeping with him.

Kira Roessler (bassist, Black Flag) as quoted in We Owe You Nothing.