roes art

The group exhibition, “Imaginary Menagerie 5”, is opening this Friday at Arch Enemy Arts Gallery! Included in the show is my piece, “Divine Roe Peryton”. Of course, that means I will be posting only teasers until Friday! 

For purchase inquiries, please contact Arch Enemy Arts at


doodled my fire emblem summoner! His name is Roe. Salmon Roe. He’s a feather hoarder and has gambling issues. Roe wears stupid looking bite proof gloves because FEH bites the crap outta him but they get along like disney princess and animal sidekick. 

ft @bakuonrettou‘s cute small summoner Roux (I hope you dont mind i took liberty with the design of Roux’s outfit haha)


And now for something different.. 

I never knew what to do with this ikea frame I got years ago. And the skull + jaw I got from a forest keeper who found it in the woods he takes care of. Got another set like this too. I cleaned it, but never really got rid of the discoloring. Anyway, got some moss ideas, and finished this this weekend. Just really needed to get my mind off of things.