sitting in the airport waiting for our flight back 2 Dublin… i never, ever feel like this after trips, but im friggin exhausted and i can’t wait to be home. one more night and then im back to normal life with the boyfriend in our home w our plants and the cat at the convenience store and my BED. then on Friday its back to school w all my friends and. im ready for it.

lmk if u want to see more pics from my adventures! i took 2 many

i am #tired of my grandma talking shit and expecting me to take her side. like no??? u were the one being rude??? and I told her she wasn’t even trying to understand and sympathize w our cousins and she whips out “oh and how long have you known them?” like!!! Christ. gonna be a lonely last few days of vacation.

ok but for real where would bucky go at the end of cap2. he’s just a dude, a very conspicuous dude, with a metal arm, all dressed in armor, soaking wet, wandering around the bank of the potomac. not only that, but he’s only regained any semblance of autonomy like THAT DAY, so how’s he going to function without orders? how will he eat? does he need to eat? where’s he gonna sleep? where’s he GOING that steve will have to chase him to?? like people write him ending up all over the world and i’m just like, who let this fucker on a plane 

hey its been a looong time since i’ve asked this, but i’ve gotten a bunch of new followers recently and in between so i wanna say: if there is anything i’m not tagging that you’d like me to be tagging, no matter what it is i will definitely put my best effort forward to tag it for you!!! so go ahead and tell me, it can be on anon if you want. i just want you to feel safe and comfortable with me on your dash, followers. you’re worth a lot and i love you! i hope you have a really good day. treat yourself right. but tell me if there something you want me to tag i dont wanna be a jerk