ok but for real where would bucky go at the end of cap2. he’s just a dude, a very conspicuous dude, with a metal arm, all dressed in armor, soaking wet, wandering around the bank of the potomac. not only that, but he’s only regained any semblance of autonomy like THAT DAY, so how’s he going to function without orders? how will he eat? does he need to eat? where’s he gonna sleep? where’s he GOING that steve will have to chase him to?? like people write him ending up all over the world and i’m just like, who let this fucker on a plane 

thinking about simon’s empathizing as a means of bringing people into the ULA with hauntedmusain

simon is a great speaker and he’s good at relating to people– so far as it gets him what he wants. what really gets me is when he showed kieren his scars. it didn’t feel like a genuine moment of vulnerability and connection. it was to get kieren to see that simon was like him, so kieren would change his mind about the ULA and make it easier for simon to figure out who was the first risen. we see a vulnerable simon later in the series– and that wasn’t it.

he leads amy on not because he doesn’t want to hurt her, but because a hurt amy is less useful to him than an amy who hangs on his every word. and then when he’s actually interested in someone (kieren) he moves like a predator catching prey, kisses kieren to convince him to be with him (you can check out a gifset here).

what’s great about kieren is that he shuts him down immediately because kieren sees through all of his bullshit. kieren sees through the charm and cadence of the missionary simon’s trying to be. kieren calls simon out on brainwashing, and while you might think simon’s right, kieren isn’t wrong.

simon doesn’t empathize– he evangelizes. simon plays with a motive up until the last episode, when he decides that while “there’s what he believes, and then there’s kieren,” the latter may be more important to him.

hey its been a looong time since i’ve asked this, but i’ve gotten a bunch of new followers recently and in between so i wanna say: if there is anything i’m not tagging that you’d like me to be tagging, no matter what it is i will definitely put my best effort forward to tag it for you!!! so go ahead and tell me, it can be on anon if you want. i just want you to feel safe and comfortable with me on your dash, followers. you’re worth a lot and i love you! i hope you have a really good day. treat yourself right. but tell me if there something you want me to tag i dont wanna be a jerk

it just struck me how weird that episode of recess was where there was a secret agent dude who was like 40 but he was posing as an elementary schooler WHAT THE FUCK. did i dream this? was this really on the show??

“thats just how they were raised” is never a valid excuse for oppressive behavior because its our job to adapt to our roles in different social systems. it is your responsibility to change your behavior, and if youre in the same social system as people with your statuses and privileges who dont perpetuate oppressive behavior, clearly they learned how to adapt, and so can you.

im all for remaining courteous on april fools day and certainly the warnings about potential photosensitivity issues are necessary (tumblr staff is notoriously awful w that) but cmon guys its just a hat. why are we so jaded on this day of jokes? YOU GOT A HAT ON YOUR ICON. IT’S CUTE. you get the hat after a lil fluffy video that looks like an ad that’s trying too hard to sell an abstract product. anyway.