roeds rock

i caught both of these pretty close together so i like to think they’re orb friends ( ; w;)

the magnemite is called tesla, and the minior is called kirby (after the comic artist not the video game mascot. but i think the video game mascot was actually named after the comic artist so?? w/e it’s a good name)

A Million Roses (Bathed in Rock n’ Roll) by DeLilah

“I’ve just met you,” Louis says, “and I can already tell that you’re an absolute menace.”

au. harry sings in smoky dive bars; louis misses his flight home. they go to coney island in the morning. my current favorite favorite!

so fanfic appreciation is back~ (yay!) and also.. happy birthday Lila :)


PS. i made this as masterpost… start read the comic here :D

chapter 1 : motel 6