roeds rock

With a sound this beautiful, it’s no surprise that Axel Flovent hails from Iceland. Joining the ranks of bands like Sigur Ros and Of Monsters and Men, here is Axel with Forest Fires.

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謎のかけ声〝じゃーんけーんじゃんけんっ!” で決まったチーム分け。 エンリーダーから逃れて(?!)喜ぶケンとヒョギ。 #VIXX #FanMeetingの思い出 #VIXX王子

The teams were decided with a mysterious shout of “Ro~ck-pa~per rock-paper!” Ken and Hyuk were happy to escape(?!) from leader N. #VIXX #FanMeetingMemories #VIXXPrinces

Some pretty Rowans I drew a while ago and never posted. This is just my image of her, she’s a reader character so you can picture her anyhow you want. Very little physical description of her is ever gonna be given in the fic. 

The only thing that is canon is her purple undercut. She let Cam’s lil sister mess with her hair and just… decided to keep it.