episode one :: Yuuri Katsuki is the most beautiful disaster that Victor has ever met in his entire life, and Victor has built his empire on beautiful disasters.

Victor isn’t sure he knows what he’s doing anymore by the time casting rolls around for season 22 of The Bachelor.  Okay, he knows what he’s doing, but it’s all autopilot.  He’s got a dossier of Chip Vanderbones and Tad Hardbeefs to look at, but is almost resigned enough to just give into Lilia and Yakov’s suggestion to cast Georgi Popovich, notorious histrionic Bachelorette season 10 runner-up, as this season’s lead out of sheer notgivingafuckness.  At this point Victor isn’t even sure whether he really wants to be in this game at all anymore, but what the hell else he would do besides sleep for a thousand years if he retired before thirty?  

And then Phichit Chulanont comes into his office to distract him during a conference call with Yakov to tell him a story about his friend who just crashed and burned at the Figure Skating Grand Prix Finals, and everything click click clicks into place: redemption narrative.  Twenty young men are going for the gold, but only one can win the heart of Yuuri Katsuki– he can hear the promos, see the character arcs unfold, and the narratives rush through him like they’ve always lived inside him and it feels–exciting.  

“Phichit,” Victor says suddenly, interrupting Phichit and grabbing him from across his desk.  “We have to get him.  He’s our next bachelor.”

“Oh my God,” Phichit replies, eyes widening, and then again, “Oh my God.

“Do you think you could get him?” Victor asks.  He’s seeing figure skating dates, thematic destination shoots in Chile and Finland and Iceland, “The Bachelor: Love on Ice” title screen flashing over two champagne glasses on the lip of an outdoor hot tub.  

“Do I think I can get him,” Phichit repeats dismissively, looking the closest to offended that Victor has ever seen him.  “What do you think you hired me for, Nikiforov.”

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I fell in love with  Britell’s amazing score in Moonlight and wanted to make a tribute video to the one and only Elise Wassermann - one of the two main protagonists in the joint British and French television series The Tunnel.

Footage: The Tunnel (2013)
Score:The Middle of the World by Nicholas Britell
Editing:Cathy Loudi

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captain america is not here to lead the country. i’m here to serve it. if i’m a captain, then i’m a soldier. not of any military branch, but of the people. years ago, in simpler times, this suit and shield were created as a symbol to help make america the land it’s supposed to be. | insp.

Someone should make one of those “Why you should watch [TV Show]”  slide presentations for The Tunnel...

This show deserves to gather more fans.

  • It is a crime/drama thriller and it does not fall into the procedural aspect that usually shows with these premise tend to fall in, oh no, this one is a full fleshed out crime story;
  • It has a great and interesting plot that you don’t even notice how involved you are in it until you take  a step back and are like OH SHIT;
  • There are 2 lead characters, Karl and Elise and you’d think these two would in time become romantically linked because of them both being the male and female lead in a crime show, NOPE! These two are polar opposites of each other and become the weirdest and cutest BFF’s ever and that’s the slow burn of the show, no romantic prospects at all;

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  • In fact Karl is part of an interracial marriage and they have kids, usually we never see interracional relationships long enough to see them with kids, and this show has them and it’s freaking amazing! Also, take it from me, a person who usually finds the male characters pretty uninteresting… Karl is an amazing character!

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  • Elise on the other hand is a neurodivergent character (not confirmed but she seems to have Arperger’s syndrome) OH YEAH, she is also bi/pansexual. Pretty cool, right? And she is the Commander of the French police force, also pretty cool. She is too beautiful and innocent for this world.

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  • It’s a bilingual show since it’s set between England and France;
  • There is no Hollywood gimic and when I say this I mean that people are portrayed as people instead of super models, especially women;
  • Elise Wasserman is played by Clémence Poésy (Fleur Delacou in Harry Potter) aka one of the most beautiful women on this planet, I mean just look at her…
  •  and you know how easily they could have made her into the sexy detective who is basically there to kick ass alongside the middle aged hero and look good but instead they made Elise the closest to reality as a Detective would look like according to the demands of her job and that is a woman who has bags under eyes because she works herself to exhaustion (I am pretty sure that is the few times where they actually use make up on her), her hair isn’t always perfect, she wears baggy comfortable clothing and she does not wear heels, instead she wears confortable shoes.

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As a side note, even with these portrayal of Elise, as a non Hollywood type female lead, and with the actual real portrayal of what women look like on a day to day basis with no designer clothing and make up to the tee’s, Elise is still considered beautiful and sexy therefor normalizing that you don’t need all the make up and fancy clothing to be beautiful. (this isn’t a major thing for the series, it’s just side comments made on the show since Elise is a full fleshed out character and far more intereting than I could ever put into words).

Like I could go one and on and that’s why it needs one of those powerpoint presentation thing because this show it’s freaking amazing and I need more people to watch it and freak out with me!

So, please just watch the show and come thank me after you’re done so we can both fangirl together xp

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Fifteen

Summary: You make your singing debut at Jailbreak, but the performance high doesn’t last long as your hormones start to mess with your relationships.
Words: 3.4k
Jared x Reader x Gen, Jensen, Danneel, JJ
Warnings: angst, aggressive confrontations, physical violence
Beta: @blacksiren

I Know Your Wife - Masterpost

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The rest of the convention ran smoothly. You didn’t have any more solo (or, supposedly solo) panels, and you and Jared got through your duo without raising suspicions.

For some reason, Jared was completely off of everyone’s radar when it came to who might be your baby daddy, but that didn’t mean you could afford to give anybody a reason to suspect him. You still had to be careful.

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