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Autumn taste of Hokkaido, Harakomeshi (Ikura salmon roe on rice cooked in an earthenware pot with salmon) by Ippei & Janine Naoi
Via Flickr:
Homemade Harakomeshi (Fresh ikura salmon roe on rice cooked in an earthenware pot with fresh Hokkaido salmon)

Bleach Facts

So I got the Official Character Book 2, Masked like last summer but I just read it the other day, but here are so fact that I thought were cool, some you may know, some you might not!

  • Rukia and Orihime both like to climb up to high places.
  • Byakuya likes spicy food but hates sweets
  • Renji dislikes spicy food
  • Rukia and Jushiro has no dislikes for food
  • Toshiro and Rangiku hobby is napping.
  • Ichigo favorite food are chocolate and Karashi mentaiko(spicy fish roe)
  • Shuhei likes to cook.
  • Shinji is quite fashion-conscious, he is very particular about his accessories.
  • Lisa has trouble purchasing her porn magazines because of the school uniform she wears, so usually Shinji or Rose buys them for her
  • Love always gives away spoilers.
  • Love wants to write a manga but he can’t draw.
  • Rose mainly listens to northern European heavy metal.
  • Before Grimmjow became an Espada, his rank was number 12.
  • Yammy has the second hardest Hierro after Nnoitora
  • Mayuri skilld are human experimentation.
  • Kenpachi has no food faves
  • Nel is always worried about her next meal.
  • Kensei mostly cooks manly food so his seasoning is a haphazard.
  • Cats love Hachigen do to his gentle nature and large physique.
  • Mashiro does not cook and when does cooking duties she will buy store lunches.

That is just a few! There are a lot of facts but here are some that I thought were nice.