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I really don’t know the time in New York. I’m home I don’t really care for that city right now.

I’ve been ghost. With no explanation. Honestly I’m sorry 😁😘 Can I just pop in to say happy holidays and shit? Seriously everyone in London is mad moody right now. I got cussed for this jumper, I don’t know what's up with these guys. Jokes on them though because guess who’s blasting christmas songs at six in the morning on the 25th? 🤓Tell me you guys are excited? Please I need this 😫😫

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BoB + Pacific boys and their secret hobby / guilty pleasure?

Richard Winters: He enjoys knitting. It’s something he keeps to himself for a long time, but it’s a great form of stress relief for him. He gives his friends and family, scarves, hats, and even sweaters; for the longest time he claimed he bought them, but Nix is the one who finally catches Dick knitting and figures out his secret.

Lewis Nixon: He freaking loves mini-golf, okay? Real golf is pretty lame, but golf with obstacle courses, flashing lights, and swimming pools? Hole in one, baby. He’s a pro. He especially loves really detailed little courses – he gets to outsmart them and they’re so much fun. He’s basically a big kid on the mini golf course.

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Autumn taste of Hokkaido, Harakomeshi (Ikura salmon roe on rice cooked in an earthenware pot with salmon) by Ippei & Janine Naoi
Via Flickr:
Homemade Harakomeshi (Fresh ikura salmon roe on rice cooked in an earthenware pot with fresh Hokkaido salmon)