rods of god

A thing everyone—EVERYONE—gets wrong is the whole Caduceus Vs Rod of Asclepius thing.

Asclepius was healing & doctors. Hermes’ Caduceus was (is) a tool of magic & illusion & the conversion of power.

So every time you have blood taken, laugh & count it as an offering to Hermes, god of magicians, scribes, tricksters, & thieves, who managed to trick everyone into helping him steal Being A God of Health.

That’s SKILL.


Dowsing establishes exactly where a crystal should go in a layout or space, or on a map. It also helps select the right  crystals. If you are looking for an energy line in a space, dowsing rods will twitch and cross as you find the line. You can also ‘body dowse’ with your palm chakras or the bottom of your feet- your body tingles as though a current is running up your arms or legs. Dowsing has many other uses but these are the basics of how it is done.


- Hold your pendulum with the chain wrapped loosely around your hand and about a hand’s breadth of chain hanging down

- To establish ‘yes’ and ‘no’ hold the pendulum over your knee and ask “Is (state your name) my name?” The pendulum swings in a circle (not direction of swing) or backward and forward. This is your yes, repeat using a false name and this is your no. For a maybe the pendulum may shimmy a little or move sluggishly.

- Once you have established yes and no, ask “Is this the right crystal?” or “is this the correct place?” or whatever question is suitable for your task


- Loop the thumb and first finger of one hand together

- Place the thumb and finger of the other hand through the closed loop

- Ask your question and pull firmly, if the loop holds your answer is yes, if it pulls apart the answer is no


- Hold the rods loosely, one in each hand pointing forward. Step forward slowly. The rods swing inwards and cross over or outward as you reach a vortex energy line. With practise, you can use your yes and no movements to establish whether you have reached an earth energy or a water line, and so on.

Fanon Link: I’m the reincarnation of the hero. I’m doomed to forever fight Demise. My life is an endless cycle of suffering. 

Canon Link: I’m the legendary Hero? BADASS! So long, guys! I’m gonna go take down Cia myself! *gets surrounded by Shadow Links* … my excitement and overconfidence was my undoing. 

Fanon OoT Link: I am eternally bitter at the fact that I was never considered a hero. Also my lover died, my kingdom abandoned me, I died in the lost woods, my cat exploded, Epona ate my flesh and I cry myself to sleep every night from my Skeleton Eyes.

Canon OoT Link: I am eternally bitter… heh, but actually, I’m kind of having fun now… I legitimately enjoy training this youngster who may or may not be my son! Alright, now that I’ve taught you how to stab a fucker, I’m going off to the Afterlife happily now. I am so proud of you.

Fanon TP Link: Brooding sexily is my favorite thing to do. Being an ass to Ilia, who is AWFUL and in NO WAY MY FRIEND, is my second favorite thing to do. I’m in love with the Twilight Princess and Zelda, but I can never have either because I look too sexy frowning. Sympathize with my many faults, my many and sexy faults…

Canon TP Link: I found fifty rupees in a chest? Cool! But no time to express my happiness because I have to go travel across the kingdom to save my BEST FRIEND and perhaps LOVER Ilia. After that I’ll defeat Ganon with mainly the fishing rod my FRIEND AND POSSIBLE GOD-SON MADE FOR ME BECAUSE I’M LOVED BY DOZENS OF PEOPLE. Maybe once this adventure is over I’ll do some travelling with Epona, a horse that I love and can literally speak to. Did I mention I like smiling at the smallest things and petting cats?

(No, seriously, you can actually defeat Ganon using a fishing rod strategy which is both hilarious and adorable)


It’s so good that The Sun has taken the time to point out that the rise of the Far Right is A Bad Thing. Thank goodness we have a responsible press that wouldn’t dream of feeding a poisonous atmosphere of racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic hate over a period of months and years because like I said, that would be A Bad Thing.

This still from footage shot by “John Bro” Wilkie shows a disquietlingly large example of a “rod,” a phenomenon in the overlapping fields of ufology and cryptozoology.  On the other hand, it could just be a bug flying close to the camera.

This file was saved from the website of Jose Escamilla, discoverer of rods, which doesn’t feature it anymore.  Escamilla and Wilkie had a falling-out.  The former champions the notion that this and similar images show atmospheric life forms that normally fly too quickly to be seen by the human eye, while the latter is convinced that his footage shows an advanced alien spacecraft that merely resembles a living thing.

Google “John Bro” Wilkie some time if you really want to go down a rabbit hole.

Andrei Shishkin - Perun

While the exact pantheon characterization differed between the Slavic tribes, Perun is generally believed to have been considered as the supreme god by the majority, or perhaps nearly all Slavs, at least towards the end of Slavic paganism. The earliest supreme god was probably Rod; it is unclear precisely how and why his worship as the head of pantheon evolved into the worship of Perun. Another candidate for supreme deity among at least some Slavs is Svarog.

As a thunder deity, all manner of rain-related phenomenon were associated with him. Perun’s family all had roles in the coming of rain. His sons would make the thunder and cause the lightning to strike. His daughters and wife would sift the rain. Together, they brought the moisture, thus making the land fertile so crops would grow. This would have been very important to the agricultural societies which worshipped Perun. To invoke Perun’s favor or call upon him to bring the rains, worshippers would give food offerings to the god. It is considered unlikely that human sacrifices were made to Perun.

Prayer for The LGBT Martyrs in Chechnya

Compassionate and Merciful God, You who lifted the Suffering Servant, Your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ, from the grave of death into new life in the Resurrection…

You hear the cries of your people in desperation and weakness. You know their struggles. Listen now to our plea for the suffering LGBT people all over the world, but especially in this time in Chechnya, Russia. Be with them in their turmoil and despair, and console them with the cloak of your perseverance and dignity. Affirm their value and worth, and protect them with your rod and staff.

Oh God who leads nations into the way of righteousness, lead also Russia into peace and acceptance of the LGBT community; lead them into love and fraternal affection and acceptance as you so desire for all your Children;

Be with those as well, Father, who lead in your holy Church: guide them to confront, admonish and decry all the abuse, torture, violence and hatred against their LGBT flock, most especially in this area of Chechnya, that they might be given the change of heart and courage necessary to stand up against this grave evil. Give grace as well to your servant, Francis our Pope and Sheperd, that he might as well lead the cause of peace and social change in this nation, truly serving and witnessing to an end of all violence and hatred, especially to LGBT people.

And comfort and succour all them, Father, who are so distressed, wearied and exhausted by this traumatic and Satanic violence, that they may be comforted and affirmed in faith by your loving presence.

Lead us all, we pray, out of death and into Life: through your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ, with your All Holy, Good and Life-Giving Spirit.. for to you be the glory, now and forever and to the ages of ages.


Mother of Sorrows, pray for us all.

All saints in heaven, especially those of Russian descent and those related to the victims and survivors, pray for us all.

All holy saints and angels who have pleased God throughout the ages, the whole heavenly family, we entrust this cause into your loving hands.

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.