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A thing everyone—EVERYONE—gets wrong is the whole Caduceus Vs Rod of Asclepius thing.

Asclepius was healing & doctors. Hermes’ Caduceus was (is) a tool of magic & illusion & the conversion of power.

So every time you have blood taken, laugh & count it as an offering to Hermes, god of magicians, scribes, tricksters, & thieves, who managed to trick everyone into helping him steal Being A God of Health.

That’s SKILL.

  • Jay: I thought it would be fun if we all went around and said our name and a little something about ourselves. I’ll start. My name is Jay and I like to party. Alright. Chad, you’re up.
  • Chad: Uh, hi, uh, my name is Chad, and, uh, I like to party.
  • Jay: Uh, no Chad. I just said that I party so maybe you could do something different from me.
  • Chad: My name is Chad, and I am the son of Jafar.
  • Jay: You know what, let’s move on. Mal, you’re up.
  • Mal: Uh, hello. I’m Mal and I like to party.
  • Jay: Mal, what’d I just say to Chad?
  • Mal: Who?
  • Jay: Chad.
  • Carlos: I like to party, and I’m Jay.
  • Jay: No, you’re Carlos!
  • Carlos: Right. Carlos. I party.
  • Jay: No. No you don’t. Okay, nobody parties but me.
  • Chad: Yes. And we party.
  • Jay: No!
  • Evie: Yeah, just Jay.
  • Jay: Yes!
  • Evie: And me.
  • Jay: No! I’m the only one who parties!
  • Carlos: I’m pretty sure I’ve partied before.
  • Jay: No, Carlos, I know for a fact you don’t party. Okay, you do NOT party!
  • Carlos: You’re right. Eves is the party girl.
  • Evie: Sweet.
  • Jay: Oh my god, shut up! None of you party, right? Got it? Okay. Let’s party.

The Paracas Candelabra, in Peru. It has been dated to about 200 BCE by radiocarbon dating pottery found in the area, believed to belong to the culture that created the candelabra. There are various theories about why it was made. Some think it represents the lightening rod of Viracocha, a local god, others says it’s a cactus, still others say it was a navigational tool since it is right on the ocean.

Signs as Slavic Gods (part 2)

Libra as Lada (Lado, Ladon)
Goddess of joy, love and harmony. It is told that she had dualistic representation as a female version Lada but also a male called Lado. She was responsible for a youth, beauty and keeping harmony. Songs and honey were given to her by people as gifts. Her animal symbol is lark.

Scorpio as Morena (Marzanna, Morana, Mara, Baba Yaga)
Goddess of winter, life and death. She was a symbol of upcoming winter. She could bring nightmares and sleep paralysis. She was also associated with transformation and witchcraft. It is said she had long black hair and a pale face. Her animals were birds and snakes.

Sagittarius as Perun (Piorun, Peron, Prono, Peraun).
God of war and thunder. Perun was the ruler of earth and sky. He was told to always fight with Veles who used to steal from Perun his wife, children and cattle. Perun is considered one of the supreme gods. He is associated with weapons, fire, mountains and wind. His animal is an eagle.

Capricorn as Triglav (Triglau, Triglaf, Tryglaw, Triglov)
One of the most mysterious gods. He is associated with the past, present and the future. He had three heads which represented three worlds: Heaven, Earth and the Underworld and it is said that he ruled all three of them. He was riding a black horse, wore a golden bands over his eyes and was said to be very fond of humans. He was a warrior god and people used to bring him gold, silver and weapons.

Aquarius as Rod (Rid, Prabóg, Hrodo, Sud)
God of  creation. It is said he is the first supreme god who created the universe. He is associated with birth and kinship. He is known as the Judge and is associated with three goddesses of destiny. He created all gods, nature and celestial bodies. He was present in the universe he created but it was told he didn’t directly intervene but rather helped others behind the scene. He was protector of the nation and brotherhood.

Pisces as Breksta (Brėkšta, Brekszta)
Goddess of the night. She is very mysterious goddess and not many things are known about her. She was a goddess of the night, twilight and dreams. She is said to protect people during the night until the dawn. She was associated with magic, dream walking and memories.


Dowsing establishes exactly where a crystal should go in a layout or space, or on a map. It also helps select the right  crystals. If you are looking for an energy line in a space, dowsing rods will twitch and cross as you find the line. You can also ‘body dowse’ with your palm chakras or the bottom of your feet- your body tingles as though a current is running up your arms or legs. Dowsing has many other uses but these are the basics of how it is done.


- Hold your pendulum with the chain wrapped loosely around your hand and about a hand’s breadth of chain hanging down

- To establish ‘yes’ and ‘no’ hold the pendulum over your knee and ask “Is (state your name) my name?” The pendulum swings in a circle (not direction of swing) or backward and forward. This is your yes, repeat using a false name and this is your no. For a maybe the pendulum may shimmy a little or move sluggishly.

- Once you have established yes and no, ask “Is this the right crystal?” or “is this the correct place?” or whatever question is suitable for your task


- Loop the thumb and first finger of one hand together

- Place the thumb and finger of the other hand through the closed loop

- Ask your question and pull firmly, if the loop holds your answer is yes, if it pulls apart the answer is no


- Hold the rods loosely, one in each hand pointing forward. Step forward slowly. The rods swing inwards and cross over or outward as you reach a vortex energy line. With practise, you can use your yes and no movements to establish whether you have reached an earth energy or a water line, and so on.


A while back, I came up with an idea for a sequel to Godzilla (2014) centering around an offbeat take on Mothra. Some of you might remember me carrying on about it in group chats. Well, I was never able to set aside the time to hammer out a complete script, but I hope this 3,000-word outline proves entertaining. I started working on it before Kong: Skull Island came out, then reworked it into something that would align with that movie in a couple of marathon writing sessions.

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Fanon Link: I’m the reincarnation of the hero. I’m doomed to forever fight Demise. My life is an endless cycle of suffering. 

Canon Link: I’m the legendary Hero? BADASS! So long, guys! I’m gonna go take down Cia myself! *gets surrounded by Shadow Links* … my excitement and overconfidence was my undoing. 

Fanon OoT Link: I am eternally bitter at the fact that I was never considered a hero. Also my lover died, my kingdom abandoned me, I died in the lost woods, my cat exploded, Epona ate my flesh and I cry myself to sleep every night from my Skeleton Eyes.

Canon OoT Link: I am eternally bitter… heh, but actually, I’m kind of having fun now… I legitimately enjoy training this youngster who may or may not be my son! Alright, now that I’ve taught you how to stab a fucker, I’m going off to the Afterlife happily now. I am so proud of you.

Fanon TP Link: Brooding sexily is my favorite thing to do. Being an ass to Ilia, who is AWFUL and in NO WAY MY FRIEND, is my second favorite thing to do. I’m in love with the Twilight Princess and Zelda, but I can never have either because I look too sexy frowning. Sympathize with my many faults, my many and sexy faults…

Canon TP Link: I found fifty rupees in a chest? Cool! But no time to express my happiness because I have to go travel across the kingdom to save my BEST FRIEND and perhaps LOVER Ilia. After that I’ll defeat Ganon with mainly the fishing rod my FRIEND AND POSSIBLE GOD-SON MADE FOR ME BECAUSE I’M LOVED BY DOZENS OF PEOPLE. Maybe once this adventure is over I’ll do some travelling with Epona, a horse that I love and can literally speak to. Did I mention I like smiling at the smallest things and petting cats?

(No, seriously, you can actually defeat Ganon using a fishing rod strategy which is both hilarious and adorable)


The Zbruch Idol is a 9th century batwan and one of the few surviving monuments depicting pre-Christian Slavic beliefs. Found at the bottom of dried riverbed in Poland during a drought, it is thought the batwan was buried in the ground sometime around 966, when Kievan Rus was baptised and Christianity was formally adopted in the country.

The idol is carved from grey limestone, and measures 2.6 meters tall. It has four sides, and each side is divided into 3 separate tiers. It is thought that there may have been a fourth tier, and that a lower layer of the monument was broken off at some point and lost.

After centuries in a riverbed, it’s no surprise that the relief carvings are in poor condition, and this is likely part of the reason why there has been so much controversy about what—or who—the batwan is depicting. Current thought describes the batwan as a depiction of 4 different Slavic gods, two female and two male: Perun, the God of Lightning; Mokosh, the Goddess of women’s destiny; Lada, the Goddess of youth and love; and Dazbog, one of the major Gods in Slavic mythology who was likely the Sun God. In addition it’s thought the phallic shape of the idol is meant to signify unity amongst these four gods, and combine them into the supreme divine being in Slavic mythology: Rod. (And no, that’s not a typo.)

List of Slavic gods and goddesses

As a fellow Slavic person (more specifically Slovak) I’d like to introduce you to the beauty of Slavic history. I see loads of rps that are based on mythology but let’s be real: 99.9% of your mythology rps or mythology plots are about Greek mythology and even though I completely love the fact any kind of mythology is getting more and more recognition it sucks to see other cultures forgotten and overlooked. So I thought I would list the gods and goddesses for you to use instead of overusing Greek ones.

Note: Slavs are members of a group of people in central and eastern Europe speaking Slavic languages and Slavic countries are Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro.

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