53 Mercury Monterey by Greg Gjerdingen
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Minnesota Street Rod Association 39th Annual “Back to the Fifties” June 2012 Minnesota State Fairgrounds St. Paul MN Click below for more Car pictures:…


63 Ford Fairlane Sports Coupe by Greg Gjerdingen
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Minnesota Street Rod Association 39th Annual “Back to the Fifties” June 2012 Minnesota State Fairgrounds St. Paul MN

Daily Monster 158: Rods

Region of origin: Worldwide

Largely acknowledged as a trick of exposure and light affecting airborne particles or insects, some believe these luminous artifacts, invisible to the naked eye but appearing when captured on photographic film, are in fact creatures speculated to be of extraterrestrial or even extra-dimensional origins.


A much overlooked cryptid, rods are believed to be extradimensional creatures. Some believe these undulating, serpent-like creatures move at a rate that is faster than the “framerate” of the human eye, but are sometimes captured on film. Rods have been known to measure from just a few centimetres, to over a mile in length. The largest of rods are believed to be connected to UFOs and alien life. 

Rods are widely discredited as being regular flying insects that appear strange on-camera due to motionblur. However, some sightings are not so easily explained. 


You may all remember that hilarious video that I posted of Meghan Connolly doing an absolutely fantastic Vanishing Lake. What I forgot to mention is that Meghan has suffered from scoliosis for years and when I posted that video it hadn’t even been a year since her surgery for it. Well today she’s celebrating her one year anniversary since the surgery, or in her words, one year of being “Straight”. Meghan has always been the most dedicated dancer I know. For a few years now, she’s been doing two-a-days at the gym, and going to dance class, and helping out at our dance school. I don’t know a lot of 14-16 year olds who do that.

Dancing with scoliosis is a big challenge, and then on top of that going through painful surgery, taking months off because of it, and then coming back and recovering from it, is so, so painful. It’s always so sad to see someone have to go through an injury or surgery, but to see one of the most dedicated dancers you know have to go through it is heartbreaking.

The surgery went well, and her spine went from a 56 degree curve to a 12 degree curve. She had a pretty good recovery too, but that was due in part to her being such a fighter. She pushed the nurses to help her start doing things sooner than most. When she was able to dance again and came back to class, we all tried to tell her to take it easy, and she did for a little bit, somewhat. There were definitely a lot of days when she was in pain, but she hid her pain well and would hide in the bathroom if she had to cry (sorry Meg for telling). She told me she never wanted to take it easy because she didn’t want to seem like she was making excuses.

To this day, she is still the hardest worker I know. She’s back into her full gym and dance routine, she still helps out all the time, and still has some of the highest clicks and lifts in our dance school. There are one or two little things she’s still working on regaining, but she’ll get them back soon. She gets better and better every week and I know she’s only going to keep getting better and is going to reach all of her goals. I can’t wait to see her on the Worlds stage, where she belongs.

She may be 5 years younger than I am, but Meghan is absolutely my biggest inspiration. She is the definition of hard work. She is without a doubt THE funniest person I know, and can be absolutely ridiculously crazy sometimes, but you can also have the most mature conversations with her. When I transferred schools, she was the most welcoming person to me. She will very clearly joke about being cocky, but she is such a humble dancer.

So happy 1 year to Meghan Connolly! And to all “curvy girls” dealing with scoliosis and dancing, I am in awe of you and your dedication.