It took maybe, one minute of sitting in the ass aching plastic office chair before Hot Rod started to grow impatient, and another two before his knee started to subconsciously bounce up and down.

It was hot, and the air conditioner had stopped its blessedly cold flow of air after one of the office workers mumbled something about fresh air, and peeled open a window.

A stupid idea, considering usually when they opened windows Sideswipe had a habit of throwing things through them.

But, the student himself was sitting next to him, equally impatient, and probably waiting for his turn with the principal too.

Hot Rod vaguely wondered what he had done this time, and if it involved him tying long grass strands together so he could watch students trip over as they ran through them.

Or throwing rotten fruit over the heads of people sitting against walls so it splattered all over them.

His personal favourite had been the time he climbed to the top of the rope climb in gym, flipped off the teacher, before unconnecting the mechanism that held it up.

I mean, he fell and broke his arm, but it was still fantastic.

Lockdown was furious, but the rest of them had gotten a free ticket out of gym that day.

Hot air trickled in through the window, not at all a pleasant breeze like the lady had promised, and Hot Rod grit his teeth at the humidity that was beginning to stick at his skin.

His irritation only fuelled his leg jiggling, jostling the chairs together and earning him an annoyed glare from Sideswipe, before a hand rested gently over his knee.

Brown eyes shot an impatient look to his left, but his leg slowed somewhat.

Drift had unravelled his fingers from their nervous nail picking to cast him a worried look, and Hot Rod felt another twinge of lingering guilt burrow deeper into his gut.

His friend really shouldn’t have been in trouble with him; it was hardly his fault, if at all, but he couldn’t have exactly vouched for him when Sentinel was busy yelling at them.

Or maybe he just didn’t want to get in trouble alone this time.

Even if Drift had been trying hard to keep his heavily tarnished record clean.

And was probably worried over what Wing would think when he arrived to pick him up.

Wing was nice though, Kup on the other hand..

Hot Rod would be cleaning the house for /weeks/ after this.

A smol thing


64 Pontiac Parisienne by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
Minnesota Street Rod Association “Back to the Fifties” June 2012 Minnesota State Fairgrounds St. Paul MN

Daily Monster 158: Rods

Region of origin: Worldwide

Largely acknowledged as a trick of exposure and light affecting airborne particles or insects, some believe these luminous artifacts, invisible to the naked eye but appearing when captured on photographic film, are in fact creatures speculated to be of extraterrestrial or even extra-dimensional origins.