rodrik cassel

  • Theon Greyjoy: Okay, good – you think the plan is terrible. Now, at one point in my life, you saying a plan that I carefully crafted is terrible might’ve hurt my feelings, but not anymore. Because one day, I decided that instead of being hurt and upset by your disapproval, I’m gonna be amused. I’m gonna find it funny. I’m even going to take a little bit of pleasure in it.
  • Rodrik Cassel: You take pleasure in my disapproval?
  • Theon Greyjoy: I encourage it sometimes just for a laugh.

Day 09 ~ Least favourite character.

*sigh* Due to the inordinate amount of hate in this fandom, I’m just not going to answer this one. Cuz I just don’t even want negativity on my blog right now tbh.

INSTEAD. Since this blog is largely dedicated to underappreciated minor characters from the North, I would like to discuss one family in particular that I’ve been thinking about lately:


Basically, the Cassels are awesome, and underappreciated.

Jory Cassel: Awesome. Nice. Dead sexy in the show. There’s a super cute moment in 1x02 where Sansa is crying because Ned has to kill Lady and Jory just comes over and puts his arm around her and I DIE OF CUTENESS.

(yes that screencap was blurry, I’m sorry.)

And then of course poor Jory is killed by Lannister men. I wish he’d been developed more as a character before he got killed off…I miss you, Jory. I will always love you.

Rodrik Cassel:

I find his devotion to Catelyn adorable and awesome for some reason. Especially when she like…arrests Tyrion based on almost no evidence. (If there’s any non-Mormont who should have “Here We Stand” as their motto, it’s Rodrik Cassel.)

External image

(Note the “here I stand, bitch” look on his face.)

He doesn’t put up with Theon’s BS in the show, and in the book he dies for the Starks too. One of the better added show lines: “Hush child, I’m off to see your father.” HEART. BROKEN. FOREVER.

Beth Cassel: I don’t remember much about her but she SOUNDED CUTE, OKAY.



* show!winterfell arc, theon asks for more ravens and luwin calmly answers “you killed all the ravens”
* that time when theon confronts rodrik cassel, realises that it serves nothing to help him so he broods and remembers that time he fought with robb in the whispering woods
* mocked roose bolton with robb during counsels.
* he chose his horse because it tried to eat his ear.
* fond of silk and velvet. VERY FOND of it. (so much so that damned roose bolton remembers that) (i mean…) (why…? there are more important things)
* slept with a married woman… honey seriously.
* he is as dandy as you can be in westeros, don’t tell me that in some AU he wouldn’t read Wilde.
* he named his horse SMILER (and then ramsay burnt it alive, thank you ramsay, f*cking thank you)
* as nightmare fuel as it is, the prince of winterfell arc with theon trying so hard to be in charge and … not realising…that “reek” guy is shady af….
* he has nightmares about robb murdering him…….sTOP….(and creepy children as well).
* he wears dark colours when he is feeling bad, because his clothes need to fit his mood.
* he took winterfell with like 20 men and fought with the BLACKFISH, pleASE. 
* once, he killed an ironborn because the guy was drunk.
* the ironborn way of pillaging makes him uneasy and reminds him of Eddard Stark’s morals.
* (that same “”father figure”” that could have executed him any time. yeah, his life is fucked up). 
* he thinks. of the whispering woods battle. all. the. time.
* he can’t hold his wine. 
“whenever he imagined his homecoming…” he pictured coming home. often.
*  Theon had his bow; he needed nothing else.