rodrigo's pokemon adventure


Am I a huge jerk because I’m walking around with six pokemon? Why does every other trainer have one to three? Is there some unspoken rule I don’t know about? Am I a huge jerk for walking around with a full compliment? Are the other trainers having conversations with each other like.

“Can you believe that guy?”

“Well, technically he IS allowed to have six.”

“Yeah, and you’re technically allowed to check the ball in a pick up basketball game by bouncing it off someone’s head while they’re not looking, but that’s still a jerk move.”

Well, I’m doing the Omega Ruby thing.

But I’m being a total cheatypants about it. Rather than trudge through the first third of the game saying “gee, I wish I could catch a good [X] type” I just bred a pretty decent party in Y and transferred it in. It’s working pretty well, except of course that I’m always dangerously close to my pokeys acting up because they level up faster than I collect badges. I went with Torchick because I’ve never picked a fire starter (wicked firestarter) before and fighting/fire will cover me well along with the water/dark, grass/poison, flying/dragon and ice/ground crew I brought in.

We’ll see how this goes.


Well, I got my ass kicked a lot, but after a rigorous training montage and bringing that cabbage monster out of the bench (I don’t know why I thought I could do it without her) I finally became POKEMON CHAMPION!

I know what you’re thinking. Rodrigo, you are now the most amazing pokemon champion in all the region AND you stopped a giant terrorist organization from obliterating all life on earth. How do you stay so humble?

Well for one I found out my mom didn’t go to my parade, she watched it on TV. I’m gonna see if Prof. Sycamore wants to adopt me.

So things have been a little stressful (don’t worry, they’re fine now) and I was sick for a while (don’t worry, I’m fine now). So I thought to myself “I need to blow off some steam. I know, I’ll pick up that Pokemony game I keep hearing so much about.”

That may have been a mistake. Now I’m sitting around like:

*checks online*

Oh man, that robin bird turns into a fire guy? I should have trained him up!

*checks online*

“Wait, he gets none of the good fire moves? What the heck Pokemony!”

*checks online*

“There are fairy types now?*

*Checks online*

"Oh, GREAT! They interact with the psychic/fighting/dark triangle which I can never remember which direction it goes!”

I’m even stressing out because now that you get xp even if you catch a pokemon (instead of defeating it) my guys are rapidly approaching too-rowdy-to-control levels. I ONLY HAVE ONE BADGE!


Ever since Marill and family got transmogrified over to fairy types they’ve become a lot more appealing for me. Going into this team magma base was a great opportunity to use mine. The fact that most fights include Mightyenas and Numels mean Fishbunny just steamrolls grunts.

Ok, this team is working pretty well for me right now, I haven’t met anything I can’t deal with so far, We’ll see how the next few levels go.

I will say that Loudred gets a weird collection of powers (basically anything that is a scream or loud noise) and apparently there’s an ability called “Soundproof” that specifically wards against those abilities. So there’s a handful of pokemon out there that are almost completely immune to that guy.

It’s pretty rare, though, so I’m not too worried about it.


I just really don’t like Pokemon that look and act like people. I can be ok with it if they just look like vaguely anthropomorphic monsters, but fighting types usually just look like dudes.

Also in a game about cute monsters that FIGHT EACH OTHER it seems crazy to have a “fighting type”. It’s like playing a first person shooter and having your guns labeled: Pistol, Semi-Automatic Rifle, Shotgun, For Killing Badguys Gun, Sniper Rifle, Grenade Launcher.

That said, I’ve played 4 Pokemon games (Red, Gold, White 2 and Y) and fighting types aren’t going anywhere so it’s probably time that I get used to the idea of their existence.