rodrigo's pokemon adventure


Am I a huge jerk because I’m walking around with six pokemon? Why does every other trainer have one to three? Is there some unspoken rule I don’t know about? Am I a huge jerk for walking around with a full compliment? Are the other trainers having conversations with each other like.

“Can you believe that guy?”

“Well, technically he IS allowed to have six.”

“Yeah, and you’re technically allowed to check the ball in a pick up basketball game by bouncing it off someone’s head while they’re not looking, but that’s still a jerk move.”


Ever since Marill and family got transmogrified over to fairy types they’ve become a lot more appealing for me. Going into this team magma base was a great opportunity to use mine. The fact that most fights include Mightyenas and Numels mean Fishbunny just steamrolls grunts.