I decided to clean up a sketch from a while back, which in turn led to me inking the whole thing and then finishing it. Soooo here it is - the girls engaging in a game of Twister (well, Twisted in this case for branding reasons). I had the idea of having either Evan or the Twins in the background to give commands, but I just wanted to keep it simple for now.

Fran and Sam © me
Katie © @ttothekay


“It’s a simple question. Which will have greater rule over you? Your fear, or your curiosity?”

What if there was a TV series based on The Question? Perhaps the cast would look something like this. This is mainly based on Vic and Renee’s arc in 52. I also added in the Riddler bc I’m in love with this FC.

(Click the images to see who is who)


The Question v1

The Question was originally a Charlton Comics character created by Steve Ditko in 1967. DC Comics bought all of Charlton Comics’ Action Heroes characters (this included the Question) in 1983, 2 years before Charlton Comics decided to close down it’s comic book publishing division.

The Question’s first appearance in the mainstream DCU was during the Crisis on Infinite Earths maxi-series - according to the Crisis, all of the Charlton Action Heroes were inhabitants of Earth-4. After the Crisis, the Question appeared in a few issues of Blue Beetle v2 (Blue Beetle was another DC acquired Action Hero, by the way).

In 1987, the Question received his own self-titled ongoing series thanks to Dennis O'Neil (writer) and Denys Cowan (illustrator). Few people realize that O'Neil used to write for Charlton Comics in the mid-1960s. Actually, Dick Giordano (executive editor at Charlton Comics) brought O'Neil with him to DC when Giordano was offered a job at DC comics in 1968. That would probably explain why Giordano gave O'Neil the first pick at deciding whether to write a new series about Captain Atom or the Question when DC acquired the characters from Charlton in 1983. O'Neil chose the Question over Captain Atom since he enjoyed writing street-level stories (as opposed to stories about demigods).  

For the new ongoing series, O'Neil didn’t stray too far from the original Charlton Comics source material: the Question is still the faceless vigilante alter-ego of Vic Sage (an investigative journalist for Hub City), and still has the assistance of Prof Aristotle Rodor (the inventor of the binary gas that gives the question his blank face). One thing O'Neil did alter, however, is the addition of Richard Dragon and Lady Shiva into the origin of the Question. Both Richard Dragon and Lady Shiva were characters co-created by O'Neil and they first appeared in DC’s Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter (1975 - 1977) - a series also (mostly) written by O'Neil. Lady Shiva would make regular appearances throughout The Question v1.

All of the stories in this series pretty much occur in their own self-contained universe of Hub City* as no other DC heroes (or villains) ever appear to help the Question with his war on crime. (Batman appears as a hallucination in the second issue and in the first annual, Mike Grell’s Green Arrow appears in a few issues and an annual or two, and the Riddler appears in a single issue.) Actually, much like Mike Grell’s Green Arrow v2 ongoing series (1988 - 1993) which was also being published during the same era, I’d consider The Question v1 as a pre-Vertigo title (The Question v1 started sporting a ‘Suggested For Mature Readers’ at issue #8).

I’m having a little bit of trouble describing this series, or rather, the GENIUS of this series**. It begins as a conventional film noire/pulp title but quickly evolves into something much more. There’s a lot of things going on in this series: the theme of redemption and atonement for one’s sins, a few dabs of zen philosophy, the exploration of a multitude of social issues, a tight continuity, the evolution of the main characters and supporting cast, and a sense of modern realism (ex: villain doesn’t always get captured, some questions have no answers). I’m tempted to tell you that this series is as much about the Question’s interpersonal relationship with a supporting character as it is about his battle against the city’s corruption. Let’s not forget the personal touches that O'Neil adds to the story (see if you can spot which character was a homage to Marvel Comics’ Wolverine). The great thing about this series is that things never conclude as you expect them to and the end of the issue always leaves you wanting more. Cowan’s pencils are perfect to set the mood of the grim and gritty urban atmosphere. I actually forgot who how much I enjoyed this series or I was too young/immature to appreciate it the first time I read it all those years ago.

Anyone who has ever questioned why O'Neil is considered one of the best writers in the comics industry needs to read this series. There’s a reason why O'Neil has won numerous industry awards for his writing prowess (this is also the same writer responsible for the acclaimed early 1970s Green Lantern/Green Arrow run, among other things). The entire The Question v1 ongoing series had been reprinted numerous times and has acquired a cult following.

The Question v1 was cancelled in 1990, but continued in 1990’s The Question Quarterly.

*It was theorized that Hub City was based on East St. Louis, Illinois and/or Chicago, Illinois

**O'Neil would later claim that Paul Levitz (high in the DC publishing chain of command) advised him to go nuts and push the envelope as far as uncoventional story-telling was concerned. Levitz reassured O'Neil that The Question did not have to be a financial success and that he was free to take chances.


I know, I don’t post in ages then come back with straight-up fanservice. I’ve still got some other things I need to finish first before I post them, but hopefully that won’t be much longer.

So, have some summer sketches that I did recently, and some fantasy-world sketches that I’m currently working on rendering.

The Order of the Great Moons

So @ttothekay and I came up with a fantasy world concept quiet some time ago - either being an alternate reality or the result of a D&D game in-universe since either works. Why that name? Look at any previous artwork of these characters and take a guess :)

It’d be pretty fun to draw more of them in these outfits at some point.


Straight up fan service here. I still can’t quite decide on which of the ribbon sketches I like the most.

As for the Fran sketches, I just had to get all that fan service out of my system, and it’s been a while since I’ve drawn her living up to the pun in her name.

Also, this is my last upload as a 31 year old since it’s my birthday tomorrow - something I realise I forgot to mention at all ^^’

Bi The Way

It’s Bisexual Awareness Week, so have a thing! I actually had this idea last year but I missed out by a few days. Not missing out twice, though.

So yeah, in case it wasn’t apparent that Sam also likes girls, well, now it is. :)


A collection of all the stuff I’ve been neglecting to post recently.

I’ll, uh… I’ll have to try and keep on top of actually posting what I draw, rather than hoarding it like some kind of art dragon.

Anyway! Here we have G.K and Felicia from White Shadow, a bunch of random sketches of poses, random gift sketches, and random flower fights, and the sketches from the last two stream sessions, including fanart, cosplay, cute mouse girls, and special effects design.


Occasionally, on the bus to and from work, I sketch up some outfit designs based on people I see along the way. Sketching on a moving bus is hard, but kinda fun in a weird way - it forces me to lay down my sketch lines quickly and sometimes many times over, so it’s good an interesting roughness to it.

These are the Fran designs that came from those journeys. I just threw some colour on them to make them look better.


Sam sketches 2 (and a short comic)

Totally forgot to upload these from last month.
Another collection of sketches for Sam since she’s kinda fun to draw. :)

Also a short message from Sam herself, since there is occasionally some confusion as to her biological gender. (Just a disclaimer: her anger about all of this is purely hers. I’m more amused than anything, so don’t take this as me being annoyed or anything. I just have that kinda humour. :) )


Previews - costume set 1

A themed set of images that I’m hoping to get done as prints this year, featuring my Fran and Sam, and ttothekay‘s Katie. I’m about ready to start inking them all, though I’ll need to work into that pirate background some more. Parts aren’t really making sense on it (aside from the position of that cannon) so I’ll have to play about with it some more before I’m totally happy there.


Merlin Arts Fest – three words: “Enchanting. Running. Flying

N e m e t h // A kingdom of Albion now allied with Camelot. Ruled over by King Rodor and his heir Princess Mithian. With its fertile lands and cathedral-like interior of its buildings, towering with dome ceilings, Nemeth is one of the most breathtaking and magical settings of its universe.

The Midnight Walker (1/3)

Description: Rose squeezed her eyes shut, trying to hide her tears. She wanted so badly to be strong, to put on a brave for the Doctor, who was clearly terrified, but she was scared to death. She didn't want to die. She’d fought too hard to get this far, to get her Doctor, her happy ending. And now she was going to lose it all?

Rating: Teen

Warnings: Death, Blood and Gun Violence.

Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort

Pairing: Tentoo/Rose Tyler

Notes: My first ever collaboration fic, written with my partner in crime, thexlostxgirlx

“It’s gone,” the Doctor gasped as his eyes flew open. He immediately sat up in the bed, grasping the sheets as his breathing slowed down. Images from a big space truck in a different universe swirled in his head, the voices from that day still whispering, shouting, crying in the back of his mind. He reached out a hand to the other side of the bed, but it was void of its usual occupant.

The Doctor stumbled into the bathroom and took a quick shower before joining the Tyler family in having breakfast. Seeing young Tony Tyler play drums with his overturned cereal bowl and spoon certainly helped take his mind off of the nightmare he had.

As well as seeing Rose Tyler.

“Mornin’, Doctor,” Rose mumbled, giving him a peck on the cheek. Her golden hair looked like it had just encountered a ball of static, and her normally bright eyes were droopy with exhaustion. She gave him a small, weary smile as she sat back down and returned to her coffee. The Doctor gave her the brightest smile he could in return and prepared a cup of coffee for himself, then sat down across from Rose, marveling that she was still so beautiful even though it seemed that she had just woken up.

Pete Tyler, who had walked out on his phone as the Doctor entered the kitchen, finally returned as Jackie finished cleaning Tony’s mess.

“Sorry to ruin the weekend you two, but there’s been some sort of crash and they want Torchwood to investigate,” Pete told the Doctor and Rose. “They’ve already requested that you go as part of the team because of your expertise with these things.

“When do we have to leave?” Rose yawned as the Doctor brought her another cup of coffee.

“In about…four hours,” Pete replied. The Doctor and Rose moved to get up and start packing.

“You two be careful, alright?” Jackie called out to them as they trudged back to their bedroom.

“Nah, we’ll be fine, Jackie. As long as I’ve got Rose, what could possibly go wrong?” the Doctor called back.

“Famous last words,” Rose teased as they made their way up the stairs. The Doctor grinned as he leaned in, kissing the blonde lightly.

“The only kind I would ever use.”

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