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[Installation view of Marcel Broodthaers: A Retrospective. The Museum of Modern Art, New York, February 14–May 15, 2016. © 2016 The Museum of Modern Art. Photo: Martin Seck]

Ranger’s Apprentice Day Care Centre AU

I work in a day care centre, and it’s a lot of fun and I can totally see fresh out of high school best friends Halt and Crowley doing it to save up money for university.

Duncan’s the single politician with a little girl who recently lost his wife.

Rodney’s the foster dad with Horace, who is very cranky and a little rebellious. He has a problem with violence but little Cassie is his friend and they play together.

Will’s parents are old high school friends with Halt and he secretly pays the tuition fees for them since he knows they’re struggling.

Arald and Sandra are Alyss’s god parents and take care of her after her parents died, Crowley adores her to bits.

George’s parents fight a lot so he’s very quiet and it takes forever for Crowley and Halt, who work in the toddler room, to get him to talk some days.

And Jenny is glued to the  kitchen play area and forces Will and George to eat her “pies”. Halt has to keep an eye on that or the pair will actually eat mud.

Liam, Nick and Stuart are the newest editions to the centre and Halt works in the babies room to switch out with Berrigan, their army vet part timer who’s got a prosthetic leg that the toddlers find fascinating. Pritchard is the Director of the Centre with his assistant Director Leandre.

Pauline’s the Kindergarten Teacher from across the road and she comes over on her lunch break to check up on Alyss since she was close with her parents as well and she, Halt and Crowley gossip about their classes and she complains that they’re teaching the kids bad habits before she gets them since she caught Gilan eating glue that morning.

And if you’ve ever tried to have a conversation while watching small children it goes something like this:

“So how are your parents? I heard they went- WILL STOP HITTING THE CHICKEN PEN WITH A SHOVEL -on holiday this weekend? A cruise I think you- WILLIAM TREATY I THOUGHT I SAID TO PUT THE SHOVEL DOWN - mentioned on friday?”