rodney 'darkchild' jerkins


Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins, who produced seven songs with Jackson over a three-year period, says working with the star was “Different. Usualy, seven songs would take me about 20 days to finish. But Michael is a perfectionist. Oh, my goodness, I couldn’t tell you how many sessions we did - so, so many. We worked in LA, we worked in New York, we worked in Miami, we worked in my studio in New Jersy, we worked all over. He’s the kind of artist who doesen’t allow one mistake on his records. He doesen’t belive in putting out anything regular - it has to be above the norm. And this album is just superb, man. It’s just incredible.”


CONCEALED ANGEL: One of the most underrated Brandy tracks, ‘Angel in Disguise’ is one that has certainly been a fan favourite since its release via the 'Never Say Never’ album in 1998.

One of Rodney Jerkins’ most sublime and subtle productions, the track has a surreal, suitably angelic quality to it. Brandy’s vocals are somewhat more restrained on this track, yet there’s no lack of passion transmitted when she sings of comforting a lover previously hurt by 'an angel in disguise’.

One of many classics by one of the modern R'n'B greats.