Bittersweet Reminiscence

Far away I see you and yell your name, 
The steps you take bear an amorous glow;
You make me laugh so hard I feel insane,
Just like a river, you make my heart flow.

Your coarse hands fit perfectly into mine,
A tender warm kiss turns me inside out;
And like a lock and key, we intertwine,
My true love for you I would never doubt.

An endless mystery for me to solve,
Your lingering words ring deep in my ear;
A joyful song that makes my head revolve,
I could not imagine a noise more fair.

I open my eyes; it is yet another memory I have dreamed,
For you are long gone, as real as it may have seemed.

HAHA this is the poem I wrote Sophomore year… found it in my tumblr archives

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