Week 13 – A Fresh Start – Ilford HP5+ 400iso

So you all out there in internet land won’t know this until I tell you. But this roll was shot almost 4 weeks (or more) since last week’s update. 

I sorta have been kinda vague about it unless you are very close to me, but I lost my day job at the end of March and its been a rough few weeks of job searching and little else. As of this moment (as I write this, not as it is posted) I am still looking for something to take up the slack, and hopefully I will have more rolls after this. It’s been hard trying to get the motivation to pick up my camera, but I am not ready to “give up” on this project yet.

But to digress, this roll was a little funny. Normally HP5+ and I get along pretty well, but this roll just did not want to get on the reel to be developed. As you can see I was able to get everything on, and only “lost” about 3 frames due to curling. 

Development Notes:
Rodinal 1:25 Dilution
6 Minutes @ 70º F
Agitation 5 Seconds every 30 Seconds.
Standard Fix.

Maritime Smile

I had a great time visiting Oregon.  Everything looked beautiful to me.  I noticed things in my old neighborhood I had never noticed before. I shot 12 rolls of film, mostly just in my old neighborhood of NW Portland.

I noticed on some of my photos from this trip that the left side is more exposed so I think I am getting some light through my lower shutter curtain. In some photos I like the effect but I might need to consider a photo editor in the future.  Maybe I’ll learn how to use the Gimp.  That, or just keep the lenscap on inbetween shots..

© 2015 Jordi Vollom

Week 12b&c – Jackie – Arista EDU 100

Current roll count 23. At this rate I really am going to be at 52 before I know it. 

Originally this was going to be two different posts. Both were shot on the same day as the previous update. However, after much consideration I decided to place both of these rolls together since they are the same film stock and were shot at pretty much the same time. Some of the later images could be considered NSFW (even though nothing really is visible. Just be mindful).

Officially this is the 12th week of the project and after this post I will begin collecting my favorite images so far into a special gallery on my website.  What have been your favorite posts or photos so far? Anything you would like to see different? Anything you would like to see more of? I’m always open to suggestions.

Development Notes:
3.5 Minutes
Rodinol 1:25 Dilution
Standard Fix Time

Week 11e – Mr and Mrs Jones (Part 2) – Kodak 400 TX (+2 Stops)

I couldn’t visit the land of Kodak without shooting a roll. I actually picked it up in the gift shop of the Eastman house (from a few updates ago). I haven’t actively shot TX or Tmax since college, and I remember it not being a very pleasant experience then. 

Short of some development issues (which were totally my fault, see the dev notes below) I thought things came out pretty well. I loved being a fly on the wall for the after-after party. 

Development Notes:
Rodinal 1:100 Dilution
120 Minute Semi Stand Dev
4 inversion every 30 minutes
Very Thin Negatives. I’m pretty sure its because I used the leftover batch of developer from doing the previous 2 rolls. Probably didn’t have enough developer. However everything seemed to be scanned correctly.

Week 4 – Rodinol and Robots – Arista EDU 100

Its been cold here in Atlanta. I know, Laugh all you want. Comparatively speaking our “cold” isn’t nearly as cold as some other places around the world. And I’ll admit after living in Montana for several years I am still mostly comfortable walking around without a jacket. However its still cold enough that I don’t want to go outside in the windy-wetness-of-misery. 

This week was all about experimentation. I tried to use all of the various lenses that came with the manual 35mm camera that I have been primarily shooting on. Not everything worked out exactly as planned, and it probably didn’t help that I was trying to shoot indoors on 100 iso film mostly without a flash. But I still think I did ok for the most part, save for a few focus opportunities. 

This was also my first time processing with Rodinol, and I have to say “where have you been all my life?”. This is so much faster and easier than the caffenol process I am used to. I love it!

But without further ado, here are the images from this week. As always Tumblr/Wordpress users may need to visit to see the gallery. 

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