rodinal 1 25

I can’t believe how nice the weather was today. Sunny and 70 degrees F in February? Not normal but I can’t argue it wasn’t nice. I’m glad I got out of the house though, to be honest, it was a struggle to do so. Once I got myself out I made the rounds of the two big local parks and made a couple of images at each. This was the keeper for the day. The other scene ended up just not saying anything to me once I got home and processed the film. I’m pretty happy with this one though. What caught my eye first is the slight “S” curve through the lower third as the hill traverses the scene. I also like the near, middle, and far groupings of the trees as well as how the tree tops mimic the pointed roof of the partially obscured rotunda.

Ella Sharp Park, Jackson, Michigan.

HP5+ 400 (@IE320), 4x5, processed in Rodinal 1:25 for 6 minutes @ 68F.

Intrepid Camera V2, 210mm @f/32, 1/30 second.