rodinal 1 100


Zaha Hadid (1950 - 2016) RIP
The Magazine Restaurant


A friend of mine gave me an exposed roll of C-22 Kodakcolor-X from a box camera he found at a garage sale… upon further research, I found that C-22 was discontinued in the 1970′s! Nonetheless, we persevere and move onwards, I found that I can process this film in Black and White Chemistry, not wanting to ruin the film, I chose to do stand development with Rodinal 1+100, love that developer! It turns out, these are portraits of someone’s (great?) grandmother and I’ve done the best I can with what I have, considering the film has been degrading for the past 50-70 years, I am ok with the results, albeit it will probably take someone much more learned than I to get better results! I hope you enjoy this trip down the rabbit hole, I know I did! 


P.S. If this is your (great?) grandmother, please do let me know, I will send you the negatives or prints (which ever you’d like) that I have! W. 


East Finchley Station
Charles Holden & L H Bucknell


Arne Jacobsen and a Sloane Street Bus
Danmarks Ambassade: Arne Jacobsen, 1977