Plant of the Day
Sunday 31 August 2014

Rodgersia pinnata is providing the red tinges of autumn colour in this border. These form a visual link at this time of year with the purple foliage Berberis beyond. As a large leafed rhizomatous herbaceous perennial Rodgersia requires humus-rich soil in full sun or partial shade, and due to the large leaves it needs to be sheltered from the wind. It has erect sprays of cream or pink flowers in summer.

Jill Raggett


Shade gardening, where the odd bloom is often an ephemeral accent, derives it’s lasting interest from foliar and textural contrast.  Plants like Rodgersia and Ligularia offer the added benefit of longer lasting structural flower forms.  While Rodgersia blooms early and not always abundantly, its seed heads remain  upright and beautiful for many weeks as they age in shades of dusky red and pink.  While Ligularia dentata pictured here will provide a welcomed burst of orange-gold from August to early September (beloved by Monarchs) and cocoa puff seed heads into November.


Rodgersia aesculifolia.  Fingerleaf Rodgersia.  An unusual tan cream color from a distance up close you see the pink, orange and white elements that give it that distinctive shade.  It has become my favorite Rodgersia in flower.  A refined and elegant flower on such a bold plant.