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Hello my dear friend 👋🏻 I have two questions ; 1. I'm going to Beverley hills, I was wondering is there any like places where people don't really go or any architecture that's not really seen? 2. Have you been before ? Can you recommend anything to do places to go ? (That last question goes to you followers too holla :) I just really want to explore it, I'm going for a week and I want to go and see places that haven't been seen.

Beverly Hills is well known for two things, Rodeo Drive and mansions. L.A. has more “architecture” to visit and you can see previous posts of that city here. You can see a previous feature on Beverly Hills here.

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I mentioned I made it through to the KC Awards, but I don’t think I said which categories. I’m in for Best Klaus Author; Best Dark Author; and Best Dark Fiction.

I just want to say thank you again for nominating me; this is my third (fourth?) rodeo, and I’ve never won before (and am up against cupcakemolotov this year, so, bye, chances), but it truly does mean a lot to me that you guys keep pushing me through the nominations. I always feel like I don’t have that many readers, and the fact that I keep getting bumped through to multiple categories every year just brings it home that people are still out there paying attention.

GRANRODEO 7/22 Treasure Candy Live Tour

Torekyan Shirt! And stickers ww



I can’t contain my feels. OTL
I suck at blogging like this, so here goes lol

So, first things first, Kiiyan tweeted that morning that since Pokemon Go became available in Japan that day, all of the Rodeo Staff are running around, playing. I think he’s just sourgraping since he doesn’t have a smartphone, and thus, can’t play ww

Backstage, they were doing their usual pep-talk before the live, but instead of the usual “What time is it? Show time fuu!” call, Kiiyan went “POKEMON GO!”… so, they had to re-do it. ww

And thus, all througout the show, it was all “Pokemon Go” ww

During the first MC, Kiiyan told the story of the Rodeo staff running around Odaiba and the Gundam statue, because there seems to be a lot of Pokemon there. He told the audience that though there were no Pokemons on stage, there were 4 “Rodemon” instead ww e-ZUKA introduced himself as GRANRODEO’s guitarist, “ZUKAchu”. And asked the audience if they wanted to catch the 4 “oji-mon” (old men) on stage. ww

In the MC before the acoustic set, Kiiyan asked the audience who would be and won’t be going to the second show for Diver City (7/23). And when he saw the people who raised their hands when he asked who won’t be going, Kiiyan fake cried and accused them of prioritizing Pokemon Go over GRANRODEO, because they would probably just play, instead of going to the live. Dude. ww

Also during the said MC, e-ZUKA’s right hand’s left finger cramped, it looked like it was really painful, so he couldn’t tap the guitar’s fret board well. Kiiyan accused him of showing off too much during the guitar solo part (and boy, e-ZUKA was amazing!!!!), that’s why his finger cramped. ww He did brave it through to play the acoustic set, though it took three tries to play Last Smile’s intro. On the second try, the guitar’s sound gradually became lower and lower and Kiiyan’s “ ちょちょちょっと” and little laugh when he stopped e-ZUKA was so cute. ;w;)b

After the acoustic set, e-ZUKA came back onstage with the Treasure Candy towels wrapped on his arms, and when Kiiyan asked why, he said it was because he was getting cold. ww So, Kiiyan told him that if he moved, the cold would go away wwwww And so, e-ZUKA started dancing the steps for Lovers High ww

Speaking of dancing, e-ZUKA also said that it was unfair that only Kiiyan can dance most of the time and that he wanted to dance as well. So Kiiyan said they should ask the choreographer for that, but e-ZUKA said that if their choreographer made up steps for them and said that “It’s very easy, even Kishou-san can do it”, he (e-ZUKA) would probably would never able to follow because it would be too hard for him. Dude. ww

Another thing that made last night’s show special was Fire Horns!!!!!!! MAN!!!! It was amazing to hear Cannon Ball, Soul Crazy and Bararai with them again~~~~~!!!!!!! Kiiyan asking “人生は何色?!” before starting Bararai was soooooo cute!!!

Go For It call and response was really something… www Takita-san called for the Rodeo Girls to make their “rod-shaped Treasure Candy”… err hard, using their sex appeal…. aaaand of course, Kiiyan’s response was to put the mic on his crotch and stroke it like was fapping. Bruh.

The show was really a lot of fun, mainly because Kiiyan looked like he was really having a lot of fun. He was really happy-bouncy, dancing all around and was all smiles, his energy was amazing. As is all of his hip thrusts and gyrations. Dangerous man, Taniyama Kishou. And his guns!!!!!! His arms were on full display most of the time and daaaaamn son dem guns… ;w;)b

Takita-san was really amaaaaazing, damn those tight, TIGHT white pants… how even did he get them on? lol Never had I wanted to be his bass guitar. w

All in all, it was a really fun show and you could hear people groaning every time one of the band members mention Pokemon Go. ww

Set list:

Trash Candy
No Place Like A Stage
Yokubou Mugendai
Nichijou Horizon
Kiketsusuru Kyouhan-sha
Cannon Ball
Soul Crazy
Punky Funky Love
Lovers High
Last Smile (acoustic)
Rose-Hip Bullet
21st Century Lovers
Modern Strange Cowboy

Once and Forever
Not For Sale
Can Do

W Encore:

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Omg no I have this same problem and let me tell you my friend there is a solution! Make a mixture of borax and sugar water - I don’t remember the exact proportions so you might wanna look that up. The goal is to make it toxic, but not so toxic it kills them on the spot, because you want them to take it back to their nest. Leave little dishes of it around the house within easy reach of the ants, and voila! Your ant problem is cleared within the week. Good luck! ❤

I know you mean well, but hahahahahahaoh gods, I have tried everything. This is not my first ant-apocalypse rodeo, they just keep coming back. I’m one more invasion away from torching my yard X_x