Well here he is…I finally drew Rusty out nicely and gave him some color..

But now that he is here I am wondering if I made him too attractive!!

He is here all thanks to the inspiration from @bishopinblue @pen-pantomime @ghost-oakes

and of course @thatalliegator99 you mentioned that Scruffy and Rusty may be friends since then both Texan clowns. COME BE HIS FRIEND…he lonely in his nasty hole.

[petalverse reserve] log 12 - harris 

a small teacup mime/rodeo mix. harris is extremely energetic and charismatic. she’s capable within rodeo performances and uses her size to an advantage, because of her costume we can guess she was born under a professional breeder from two very domesticated examples of those two species. her previous caretaker had mistaken her for a party breed only to have harris trash the house when play wrestling their dog. 

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Bye Bye Rodeo Clown

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Female!Reader, Unnamed OC

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 1097 (I tried my best to keep it at drabble length, I guess I failed!)

Warnings: None, Jealous!Dean… 

A/N: This is my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing Hiatus Writing Challenge Week 8 

Prompt: ‘Where the fuck did that clown come from?’

Thanks to @getyourrocksalt and @nadiandreu7 for the read over!

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Bye Bye Rodeo Clown

With attentive eyes Dean watches her every move, as Y/N pushes her way through the crowded saloon to get to the counter. He hates how every single man around her turns their head to see her as she walks by, wheels revolting in their minds imagining the things they could do to her. Dean sighs again in annoyance since there’s nothing else he can do. She offered herself to go get this next round and she’s perfectly capable of defend herself.

Next to him in the little booth Sam scoffs, causing Dean’s sentinel’s watch on Y/N to decay. “What is your problem?” His tone is somewhat blunt. Which only causes Sam grin to widen.

“You should go over there and get her before he does.” Sam’s eyebrows signal forwards, towards the counter and his mouth gets occupied by the lips of his bottle. His eyes close as he tips it up to finish the contents.  

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Here’s Dusty <3 He’s a pretty clown my twin @thecircusanomaly adopted from @ghost-oakes <3 Then she decided to give em’ to me <3  I had fun working on the sketch she had given me to work with. He was a lot of fun to mold into character c: 

Dusty is your stereotypical southern rodeo clown with an open heart and loves hugs. like, loves them is an understatement. He enjoys the company of others and his looks may sometimes drive others away from him. He lives in “Clown Town” with many other clowns of every breed, shape, and size, including his close friend, Bigs the Stilt-Walker. He has a stern side to himself, as well. When he says he’s gonna do something he’s gonna do it, and if he has to lay down the facts, he’ll give em’ right to you without a second thought, though he never would intentionally hurt someone’s feelings. He’s an older clown, standing at 5′7″ and close to middle age.

He’s had many run ins with bulls and Stallions, tis why he’s missing his eye and covered in the scars of his past. He will participate in many rodeos but not too many, cus his one good eye’s all he’s got left.

art by @thecircusanomaly and me. Please do not repost.

Dusty is ours.

adopted from @ghost-oakes


Eggsy and Merlin’s desperate hunt for answers leads them to a whiskey manufacturer in Kentucky called Statesman, where they discover that all is not quite what it seems, thanks to a shotgun-toting Channing Tatum. This is AGENT TEQUILA, a swaggering member of the Statesman organisation. “He used to be a rodeo clown,” says Vaughn of Tequila. “He’s a good ol’ Southern boy who’s like a pig in shit about being a spy, and having access to as much whiskey as one can drink. He breaks all the rules and is a lot of fun.”

listen up guys this one is important!!

ok so with the knew “it” movie out, i think its important to dispel some media perpetrated clown myths and explain how to properly handle clown husbandry and diet.  the media really likes to portray clowns as threatening and cruel which is not true! clowns can be excellent companions  if you treat them right!  they’re difficult to care for but when you watch them romping around, beeping noses and making balloon animals freely, you’ll understand why the clown keeping hobby is so popular


 clowns do NOT live in sewers and they will not live long at all in those stupid clown starter kits, ive seen a lot of posts about those already but it can always be reminded.  clowns need lots of space to play!  exact measurement depends on what kind of clown(s)  you are looking to keep, but all of them need more than these stupid things.  EVEN JESTERS (which ill get back to later)  NEED the space of a full tent, this is even more important if you have yourself  a Bunch of clowns.  Clowns often do a lot better in Bunches than alone.


 clowns dont eat children!!!!! clowns eat a variety of foods including corn dogs, candy floss, candy apples, pop corn and hot dogs.  some recent breeds also enjoy pizza and hamburgers.  nearly all clowns love to eat treats like deep fried oreos and mac n cheese balls but its very important to limit those as TREATS.  its unhealthy to feed your clown only treats!  not only can their coat and markings fade, but they’ll often feel ill and wont play, clown, hula hoop or even blow a regular balloon (let alone bend balloon animals).  they can also develop behavioral problems if not fed the right diet.  IT IS WIDELY POPULARIZED that pellets are a complete diet and thats absolutely not true.  pellets do not offer the full spectrum of nutrients that clowns require and the boring texture makes them sad :(.  for proper care, ensure your clown gets a good variety of fresh foods! buying your own candy floss machine is an excellent idea if youre planning to stay in the hobby.


first of all know that there is probably an underlying issue with husbandry (especially with circus clowns but we’ll get to that later) heating, enrichment or socialization.  do they have enough space?  is the sediment in their arena clean?  do they have an array of toys, juggling items and balls?  do they need to go to the Honk Park to meet some friends?  those are issues you need to review to permanently resolve the issue, but some clowns really are just picky, if you need to get a clown to eat, a really solid method is to pretend the food item is an airplane! if that doesn’t work try a land vehicle like a  car or train that might be more recognizable.  its most important you figure out whats causing the issue in the first place above all else.


 clowns can be bought from breeders, clown stores, clown shelters, or clown rescues and each have different aspects that need to be considered.  

clown stores sell clowns, but often those clowns come from clown mills which dont offer any enrichment, proper footwear, cars, party supplies or feed for them. most agree that clown stores are not a good place to get yourself a clown, the fact they have been mistreated can also often affect how they interact, such as a fear of humans or children. it may be tempting to buy that sad looking boingo, but know that by doing so you are supporting that industry even if your heart is in the right place.

if buying a clown from a breeder you can fully ensure that clown comes from a good line that carries the qualities you need (good with children, expert in impressions etc.)  you can also find very interesting purebreds of rarer species like mimes!  this is often a good choice for your first clown.

a clown shelter is also a good place to get a starter clown, although you cant often find the clowns lineage or pedigree, it can often be assumed from their markings what sort of a clown they are, a lot of people like shelter clowns because its getting a clown off the street and into a nice warm tent with proper enrichment so they can lead a fuller happier life.  in a clown sanctuary you can also observe clown behaviors to see which fits your home best.  just know if you go to get one, you’ll probably leave with three, they like being in family groupings and theyre just so cute!!

clown rescues are an important business to support, but its important to know rescue clowns often have behavioral issues that can make them more difficult to care for.  some clowns after being tormented by children do not like them and may act aggressively.  some rodeo clowns may have an appetite for destruction.  some clowns may have been picked on and dont like staying in Bunches with other clowns, some may have irrational fears of natural clowning behaviors like playing in tiny cars, balloons popping and of course pies.  most rescue clowns are afraid of pies.  just because its funny doesnt mean its good for the clown.  if youre thinking about adopting a rescue clown, make sure you’re prepared for the special rehabilitation they need.


 there is no real true “starter clown”  all clowns require detailed care.  some clowns are more forgiving though.  Some common clowns you should know about (and probably already know some about) include

circus clowns:  everybody knows a circus clown when they see them, theyre robust, entertaining and very skillful, theyre one of the only clowns which can properly use a party cannon! (note, no other clown should be offered use of a party cannon.  circus clowns have special shock absorbers that allow them to safely use them, other clowns do not and can become seriously injured.) due to this, and their recognizable markings, many breeders recommend these as starter clowns.  THIS IS VERY FOOLISH.  circus clowns are very picky about  husbandry and can even go off feed if they arent given the proper requirements!  they NEED at least two other clowns to properly thrive as well as a large arena to romp in, a small car is also highly recommended.  they often go through a bale of candy floss a day!!!

jesters: the common misconception about jesters is that they only need a very small space (clown starter kit ugh) to thrive.  this is absolutely a lie.  in the wild jesters DO sometimes take refuge in small places during the night, but during the day they are provided an entire courtyard to play in.  clown shops often perpetuate this myth so they can sell you cheaper more breakable clown supplies as well as decreasing the lifespan of your jester so you’ll need to get a new one.  it is true jesters take comfort in small private spaces, but that means its important to provide them with hides amidst their enclosure, when cared for properly they are an extremely beautiful species and Bunches of them often perform gentle acrobatics.  be cautious though!  theyre feisty, they love physical humor and will not hesitate to throw objects at handlers, maybe not a good choice for small children.

lastly, party clowns:  these little guys are probably the closest thing to a starter clown you can get.  they arent very picky with food, their needs for space arent too enormous, they only require a medium or small tent (unless you have a Bunch) and they can be kept alone! solo party clowns often bond very closely with their families!  but the more the merrier!  theyre often very mild mannered and gentle with children.  it is important to allow them time to recuperate so they need about 12 hours of sleep on average.  they come in a variety of different styles and as long as they’re provided with proper footwear they are usually quite long lived.

hopefully that helped clear up the mystery of clown keeping! remember to do your research and take care of your clown!  if you can no longer take care of your clown or your Bunch, please contact a local shelter so that they can find a new home!  clowns do well moving on to new places!  take care everybody happy clowning!

[petalverse reserve] log 04 - harlam

here’s a big big guy, a circus/rodeo mix. we don’t know if his size is breed thing or some sort of mutation. He was passed off to us from an old troupe who kept him locked up in a cage for weeks, deeming him to be too dangerous. this treatment has clearly affected his behaviour. he has a warbled honk due to injuries and a few other scrapes. he’s stoic, boisterous and playful. occasionally violent. he is learning to be more gentle recently and even enjoys receiving chin scratches and play wrestling now instead of attacking approaching people.