Eggsy and Merlin’s desperate hunt for answers leads them to a whiskey manufacturer in Kentucky called Statesman, where they discover that all is not quite what it seems, thanks to a shotgun-toting Channing Tatum. This is AGENT TEQUILA, a swaggering member of the Statesman organisation. “He used to be a rodeo clown,” says Vaughn of Tequila. “He’s a good ol’ Southern boy who’s like a pig in shit about being a spy, and having access to as much whiskey as one can drink. He breaks all the rules and is a lot of fun.”

The FX show Baskets stars comedian Zach Galifianakis as a French clown school dropout who has moved back home to Bakersfield, Calif. There, he finds work as a rodeo clown and competes with his twin brother for his mother’s affection.

Galifianakis created Baskets with fellow comic Louis C.K. He tells NPR’s David Greene that the show can be strange and dramatic, but then it’ll undermine that drama with a joke. “It’s just a weird mix,” he says. “It’s not for everybody. … That is the first thing I say to people. Well, firstly I usually say, you know, ‘I’m in it. Don’t watch it.’ And then I say, 'It is an acquired taste.’ And that was the point.”

Zach Galifianakis Says 'Baskets’ Isn’t For Everyone, 'And That Was The Point’

Photo: Frank Ockenfels/FX

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if clowns are weak to cowboys, but strong to wizards, what about rodeo clowns?

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all will be explained, you must wait

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13. stroking hair for Tequila/Eggsy (:

brief tw: discussion of suicide/suicidal thoughts

“What in hell were you thinking?” 

Eggsy turns, nearly spilling the whiskey he’d nicked, but doesn’t hide it behind his back or behind one off the barrels. Tequila’s standing in the doorway, eyes assessing the bandages peeking out from underneath his polo and jacket, the one with the gold stripe down the arm that hadn’t been swallowed up in the flames from Harry’s house. 

“What was I thinking?” Eggsy retorts, tongue steady, despite half the bottle in him. “That’s gratitude for you. Saved your fucking arse from Charlie, didn’t I?”

Tequila takes a deep breath, clenching his fists at his sides tightly before releasing them. “Look. I got to be straight with you.” 

Normally, Eggsy would say something in anticipation for one of Tequila’s thinly veiled innuendos or cocky one-liners, but this time, he finds that he cannot make his lips move. Tequila’s lips are in a tightly-pressed frown, his eyes steady and serious, no trace of laughter in his face. 

“I’ve seen it happen. I’ve felt it myself, especially after V-Day. And…well, Merlin told me a few things. Whiskey, too.” 

“You’re asking me if I’m doing this on purpose, aren’t you?” Eggsy’s temper flares. “Fuck you. No! I have a family—” 

“That doesn’t always stop people,” Tequila interrupts. 

“Well, it fucking stops me,” Eggsy retorts, then immediately snaps his mouth shut, but it’s too late, judging by the expression on Tequila’s face, a flicker of confirmation and guilt, passing quicker than a lighting strike. His chest clenches, stomach dropping because fuck. Fuck. No one knows about it, no one’s hinted anything, no one’s ever confronted him, and maybe someone should have fucking done this earlier, but Eggsy had expected Roxy or Merlin or even his mum to pull it out of him through skilled interrogation or when he just couldn’t take it anymore—not some fucking former rodeo clown turned cowboy secret agent. 

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PTA Sans?

Love me some PTA Sans. Can we bring back PTA Sans?

TBH though I think at the beginning Toriel would handle most of that stuff. If she’s not available, someone else would step in.

Maybe ALL the monsters– they just keep getting rotated out as each one causes their own brand of disaster. Undyne brought charred brownies and made three parents cry. MTT spent more than $10k on a fifth-grade gym dance, and half of that was for a car-sized mirror ball. Asgore chipped five doorways and broke two ceiling fixtures coming in. Papyrus is no longer allowed in the school after “Puzzle Appreciation Day” turned out to have a lot more deadly hazards than most parents expected. Sans set up a candy bar racket with the Kindergartners and didn’t indicate it on his taxes. Alphys was doing great! …Until during a science fair she organized, one of her example box furniture inventions malfunctioned and gave one of the judges a black eye.

Nah, but besides that Sans in my Post-Pacifist is more like the friendly neighbor dispensing life advice at the midpoint of the episode. And he just shows up in random places when life advice is needed. He’s like a lazy, noncommittal Mr. Feeny.

“Aw, this day at the county fair/city park/aquarium was supposed to be fun, but now I’m having a fight with my best friend! Is our friendship ruined??”

“heya kid, you seem kinda down.”

“Sans! I didn’t know you were a rodeo clown/living statue/tropical fish tank cleaner!”

Even in the later years, when I have him latch onto Toriel and Frisk, it would just be moving those gags inside the house. “Sans, where are you going?” “i’ve got a new job as a high school mascot/massage therapist/Alaskan crab fisher today.”

I don’t think I’d have him get too involved with Frisk’s school life.

(Related to PTA Sans is Janitor Sans, which is another thing I love and wish would come back. Sans being this wise and mysterious authority among children and their child drama is funny to me.)